Cheating On My Day Designer


I get so attached to my planners, that I feel like I am cheating on them if I switch to a different brand.

Lets start at the beginning. Almost five years ago when I started a new job I was working as an HR Manager between two business and found I needed a planner to keep track of work. I had used planners in school but then had taken a detour from them to using notebooks for a while, as they worked better for me at the time. I like to write down a lot of information and planners never seemed to have the space. I used a couple different planners and then found the Orange Circle Planner (which I now know is a spin off of the Erin Condren style planner..or who ever came up with the vertical column layout planners with stickers first). I used the OC Planner for a couple years and it worked ok for me. The columns were small but I liked the weekly view.

I then moved into a horizontal planner that I picked up at Chapters. I didn’t like this layout as much because I like to read to-do lists, and for me lists are vertical. This is when I found the planner community and fell in love with Plan With Me’s and all the decorative parts of planning. I tried to decorate the vertical and I love to now look back and see where I started. I think all #planneraddicts have their old planners where they can see the start to their love of design planning. At the same time I was struggling with the planner because of the space. I love the pretty planning but I need it to be functional for work. Luckily my personality paired with a pretty artistically relaxed work environment, when I stroll in with my planner decked out in stickers besides some ‘you really spend time doing that’ type of comments, I don’t get much reaction. Wow I can get off topic fast.

Anyhow, at this time I found the Day Designer by the lovely Whitney English. It was midway through the year so I got it half price from Chapters (which was still double what I had paid for planners in the past). I was more excited then on Christmas Day when it came. I still have all the photos of the unboxing of it (I was planning to start a blog even back then). Blank paper makes me so happy. All the possibilities. I have been using the Day Designer for the past seven months and some days the huge day per page space is great. I have space to write down my to-dos, my schedule for the day, if I have any appointments, notes at the bottom etc. I don’t seem to be using the top of the page with the top three, meals, dollars, etc. and that has started to make my feel wasteful.

Another reason I have been itching for a change, like many people I am a weekly planner. I have a super busy workday and most days things get moved from one day to the next. I know I can always turn the pages and look at the week, but I miss having a full week view. Another reasons I am considering jumping ship on the Day Designer (I can’t even say that without a panic feeling), I find it difficult to use the design elements (stickers, washi, inserts, etc) that I have fallen in love with. I have decorated the monthly views, and some weekends, and important dates (see my instagram account for photos), but to decorate everyday with stickers on such a large page, to make it look good is hard and expensive. I want to find the balance between pretty and practical planning.

I have taken the plunge and purchased the Happy Planner. I know a lot of people in the planning community have the Erin Condren Life Planner, but to be honest, being Canadian and with the dollar exchange at the moment, and shipping I wasn’t ready to take the plunge. Plus I like the functionality of being able to add and remove pages of the Happy Planner.

So…I guess we will see. The Happy Planner doesn’t start until July, however I have considered using inserts to try it out. That way if I like it, I will know and if I don’t I could pass the planner on to someone else. I also HATE the idea of wasting the three months that are left in my Day Designer. I am not a wasteful person, especially when it comes to pretty paper.

Will I find planner peace and find the balance between pretty and practical? Stay tuned




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