Attempting “The Happy Planner”



Since I can’t commit to the idea of leaving behind my Day Designer, I did the practical but crafty thing and took two April pages of the Happy Planner to work, photocopied them, manually cut out the punch holes, and decorated ‘next week’. I didn’t want to use the actual pages just in case I don’t like it and want to pass it on to someone else.

The minute I started to decorate I started to panic over the size of the columns. There is no way my daily to do list is going to fit in this planner! Especially if I want to use the decorative elements I love.

My to-do list is more then a to-do list, it is pretty much a brain dump of everything in my mind that needs to be done that day. Sometimes the lists look crazy, mostly because I have the memory capacity of a fish. I have everything on the list from phone calls I need to make, meetings, to reminding myself to tell someone something that I know I will never remember if I don’t write down. At work I am in charge of up to thirty people’s schedules for the day, so I need lots of space for reminders.

Although I am not nearly finished planning the week, this is where I started:

So for my first attempt at the Happy Planner and  weekly decorative planning, I decided to put the to-do list at the top of the page, since that tends to be where I look at the beginning of my day. A lot of the time I am planning these the night before, or in the morning when I get to work. My day can change quickly so planning too far in advance is pointless for me.

In the middle section I decided to put the decorative boxes that I see many people put in here. They look pretty but I decided to header them with Odds & Ends, since I plan to put in stickers with things like meetings or household stuff like laundry. Again these are sometimes things that are planned last minute for. When I watch people plan their whole week out, I am always amazing how they can plan every detail.

I used the bottom section for Today (which now I am unsure about) I wanted to put my schedule for work in and I figured if something changes for work I can have the space to put it in here. I used the half boxes for my work schedule, and then have used page flags at the bottom ( I love the look of the half box stacked on top of the flags). I am in the middle of planning my wedding and everyday am trying to complete one wedding task, so I wanted to put the flag to remind me of this. I didn’t put one on the Wednesday because I am off from work that day and will probably spend the day working on Wedding.

On my sidebar I stacked Next Week, Goals, Important, To Buy, and hand drew hearts to use as check boxes. I think this section is going to be really helpful for me in comparison to the Day Designer, because I would always think of things that needed to be completed for next week but didn’t have a specific day and I had to write the list in a notebook or on a post it to later transfer to the day I decided to do it on. I think this will be the part of the Happy Planner that I will really like and will suit my needs. Since my workday is constantly changing and being rearranged, tasks and meetings get moved from one day to the next, and with the Day Designer if something didn’t get completed that day I would have to re-write it for the next day, and the next day, and so forth until I completed it. The Happy Planner gives me the weekly view that I can see what hasn’t been completed and work on it throughout the week.

The week I have started to plan is for next week, so I am going to go with it, and try it.  Since I photocopied on regular weight paper there are creases from putting down the stickers, but I am happy with the overall look of it. I am just hoping that it is going to be functional for my week.

Do you have a Happy Planner? Are you the Master of Long To-Do Lists like me? Have you found the balance between practical and pretty? I would love any suggestions you have!

Ps. Sticker Kit is from the shop Planning Roses





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