One Week Down…

So I finished off my first week in the Happy Planner..well my photocopied version of the Happy Planner. Did I like it? Yes. Did I love it? No. Am I trying it again? Sure Why Not.

Since I am on the search for planner peace, I am giving the Happy Planner another shot and seeing if it will bring me there. I even committed to the point of buying the six month extension pack from MAMBI rather than photocopying on paper again.

What I liked about my week in the Happy Planner:

  • I could see the whole week at a glance and didn’t have to worry about flipping back and forth.
  • It looked so pretty. I used full boxes and covered a lot of the page with washi and deco stickers.
  • It was super easy to plan the week because I was looking at the whole week as one, rather than day by day.

What I didn’t like about my week:

  • I love the prettiness I really, really do..but it can be distracting when I just want to see what is on for the day.
  • I didn’t find myself using my planner as much as I use my Day Designer. The DD is at my side all day at work, I didn’t feel the need to take the HP with me because it didn’t really have every detail of my day in it.
  • I missed having space for the long to do lists.

So I just finished planning week two of the Happy Planner. Instead of using a full kit for the week, I pulled from pieces of a leftover kit I had. It is actually a Valentine’s Day kit from Planning Roses that I didn’t use all in my DD.  This week instead of trying to go by the no white space planning routine, I left lots of white space. I used TO DO headers at the top of the weekdays like I did last time. I switched up the place of the TODAY and put it in the middle which I think I will like much better this time. having the ODDS & ENDS in the middle last week felt strange. I don’t know if I am in love with the bottom, it feels super heavy in compared to the rest of the page, but we will see how it comes together.

I have learned that I really don’t use the sidebar. I really tried in last week spread but I found myself filling it in more at the end of the week, and most of the stuff on it doesn’t seem to get done. This week I have used it for more of a running to-do list, and a place to put important things for the week.

I watch a lot of YouTube videos on planning, and really am striving to find planner peace, so lets see what this week brings.






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