Valentine’s Kit in May?!


I am not a wasteful person. I hate throwing out anything that can be reused (no I am not a hoarder…well not yet lol). I am that person who saves bubble wrap out of parcels. I WILL use it again, if and when I can find where I put it. So for me to throw away the left over parts of a Valentines Sticker Kit just because valentines is over…not happening. And I also know myself too well that if I were to save it, next Valentines there would be a brand new shiny kit that I would play the ‘let’s put it in the etsy cart and stare at it for days’ game. Which I would eventually end up hitting the button to buy. Since I know myself that well and I hate to be wasteful I have found myself in May using left over parts of a kit made for February. Who says we should only celebrate love once a year right?

So for my second week in my Happy Planner (and yes I bought the extension kit so I could try it out without ‘wasting’ the planner) I pulled together bits and bobs and made er work’

I think the teal really off sets the pink and keeps it from looking too much like a Valentines kit. I had enough To-Do headers to do the weekdays, which was all I really needed anyhow, since my weekends are usually a bit more relaxed and after spending the week looking at to-do lists, it is nice to have a break. I however did not have enough Today and Odd & Ends stickers to do the full week like I would have wanted. So I had to make it work by using some coloured pieces from the kit. I think I cut down washi strips for the red, and for the pink I used boxes with the *.

What I loved about this spread:

  1. I am really liking white space planning. I like the room it gives for me to be a bit more creative with lettering, and decor.
  2. The Happy Mail Sticker on Tuesday is pure love! The colour is off from the rest of the spread and I don’t even care.

What I would change about the spread:

  1. I wish I would have found a weekend banner, or did the one I quickly fashioned differently. Which leads me into 1.b the Washi combo with the weekend banner part, not my fav either. (This new week’s spread I haven’t even used a weekend banner. I know it is the weekend, so why do I need a banner across it? I work in retail…weekends sometimes do not mean time off)

When planning this spread and trying to make bits and pieces work together, I was looking at all the half empty sheets of stickers, ones with one or two stickers on them and trying to figure out what to do with them. Do I cut the sheets down so I have bits and pieces of little stickers that are left. I like to carry some stickers with me in the back of the planner just in case I want to put something in on the go, and carrying sheets of stickers with just one or two stickers on them seems crazy. So while pondering sticker organization and storage, I was staring at a page flag (see Wednesday bottom Odds & Ends) and noticing how the page flag I used in another spread had left a negative space flag. So I grabbed my scissors and started to trim out the left over outline of the page flag. I really like the way it turned out. So much that I turned one sideways on Sunday and used it to flag Mother’s Day.

I liked my Valentines in May spread mainly because I think it is putting me on track for what I want my planning and spreads to look like. But we will see what next weeks bring.






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