Planning Slump

I posted a photo on my IG account showing my frustration with creating this spread. I can say I am very happy for removable stickers and washi tape because this spread looks nothing like it started.

I think the confidence of last week, pulling together a spread I thought was really pretty out of a few stickers, made me think I could do the same this week. I even pulled out washi tape and accessories a couple hours before I started because I was excited for this week’s planning.

Ten minutes in and I was ready to give up. An hour in and I was considering just skipping the week. When I finished the spread (before the pen) I didn’t even bother to post it because it had so much white space.

As I said in my previous week of planning, I really do like white space planning. I think it gives space for the stickers to really show off. But before I put pen to paper I was really worried for the outcome of this one.

I did however like a couple of the white space elements I threw in. The bottom stickers are actually the left over outline of a washi strip. Also the boxes in the side bar are the left over outline from boxes for a monthly kit. I love how they create just an edged outline for white space.

This week I really questioned whether or not planning with decor was going to work for me. Because I didn’t like where the spread was going I didn’t find myself wanting to use the planner, and in my life I need a planner. I am also struggling with making sure everything is cohesive and by that I mean, in my old planner because not every page was made pretty I didn’t worry about if my handwritting was perfect or if the spacing was just right. Now I find myself not wanting to write in it until I know all my plans so it comes out looking right.

I think that is going to be my next challenge to myself. Make sure you I don’t get caught up in the pretty and stop being practical. But I think that has been my goal all along.



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