White Space Planning

The above photo is the reason I am not longer planning in my Day Designer. I am a Happy Planner convert. I really did plan to go back to the Day Designer after I tested out the Happy but literally the HP makes me happy. I am loving planner stickers and think I am finding a way to really make it functional.

This week (this was a couple weeks ago. I am a bit behind on the blogging) I wanted to use the headers I bought from The Studyholic on Etsy. I loved the water colours and they are just so pretty. Unforuntely I had no other stickers to go with them (meaning checklists, half boxes, full boxes, etc) So instead I decided to put together what I could and make a white space spread.

I cut washi tape in half to make a sort of checklist. I am loving the thin washi I bought off Amazon so I doubled it and used it for the top. Luckily I did have some icon stickers and a few other cute stickers to make the spread come together.

This week was also the first week where I found the sidebar worked for me. I may at some point try to use it as a running to-do list because I think that would be even more helpful.

All in all I think this week turned out beautiful and it has made me want to stay in The Happy Planner.


Ps. That cute flag with the cupcake I made the flag and have a video in the previous post.


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