Changing Plans

I have hit my six month planning anniversary! Even though I have been using planners and planning for much longer than that, six months ago was when I used my first monthly planning kit. The way time passes for me (or maybe you too), some days I feel like I have  been doing this for years (mainly because planning is often on my mind), and some days it feels like I am still brand new to this planning community.

I think also because in the short/long six months I have been part of the planning community, my planning style has changed so many times. The search for planner peace is still on. Every week when I sit down to plan I try new methods to see if this week will be the week that I feel like my planner is working for me. Switching from my Day Designer to my Happy Planner felt like the right decision at the time, but now at work I am missing the space for my daily to do list. The five or six spaces in a ombre heart checklist just doesn’t give me the space I need. Yet having a full white space spread, which is helpful for work, doesn’t make my heart as happy.

Last week I decided to try making two spreads. One I made of pretty much no white space with a kit from Blank Slate Sticker and then the other spread I used just washi tape to give some colour. On the white space spread I didn’t worry about my handwriting, I just wrote whatever was needed to be done for the day. On the planner kit pages, I used it more like a memory keeper and filled in a couple of my main tasks for the day, and then what events happened. Honestly, it felt like a much more productive planning week for me. The only issue I had is feeling like it was wasteful to have two spreads on the go. I watch these YouTube planners who have more than one planner on the go and do mock plan with me videos and I think of the wastefulness of it all. I understand some of them are running a business, and therefore to have people see their stickers, they need to showcase them but for me if I use a sticker kit and then don’t use my planner for a couple of days, or use it more to fill in activities, I feel so wasteful.

I have taken inspiration from @planningwithkristen who makes awesome planner spreads that seem so functional. She doesn’t seem to get wrapped up in the perfect handwriting calligraphy, or planning kits. You can tell she is planning for real life. I love watching her videos on YouTube and seeing her weekly spreads. She also has a blog where she has reviewed a bunch of planners if you are new to the planning community,so go check her out:

This week I have used no stickers, no kit, just washi and looking at it makes me extremely happy and calm. I know I am going to be able to keep organized with my week at work. Am I going to miss having a pretty week with all the stickers to look at…yes, but can I make a pretty spread next week…yes. I think in my mind I thought planner peace looked like picking one distinct planning style and sticking with it, but maybe that is wrong. Maybe I can find planner peace in many methods of planning. Maybe planner peace is in finding the useful parts of each type of planning and using whatever method works best for each week.

Top Left: Planner Spread from last week using Blank Slate Sticker Kit

Bottom Left: My very white space spread with a bunch of work to-do lists

Right: Planning session from this week using only washi tapes



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