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Goal Planning

I have never really been the type of person to think about my goals. Don’t get me wrong I have things I want in life. I have also achieved many of the things I have wanted in my life such as education, careers, and what not but I have never been one to sit down and think, ‘what are my goals for the next year..five years…life..etc’ Honestly until I started buying  in them I really didn’t think about putting my goals down on paper. The first planner I purchased that had such pages was my Day Designer and honestly I never filled out the pages. Something about sitting down and thinking about my goals and actually writing them down freaked me out. I think part of that is me being afraid of failure. Besides a math class in high school, and an economics class in university (which technically I dropped) I have never failed at anything. Anything I attempt I succeed, and I usually am determined enough to do well at it. Is this because I don’t try things I know I will fail at? Maybe. I have never wanted to commit goals to paper, because in my mind paper is permanent and paper is serious. Paper means it is going to be done and done well. I didn’t want goals on paper, to look back at later in the year or later in life and see goals that I didn’t follow through on.

In past few weeks I have been thinking more and more about goals for the future. A few things have lead to this topic being on my mind. One of them being that I am soon turning 31, which to me feels more freaky then 30. I will now be in my thirties and to me that means figuring out what my entire life is going to look like (perhaps a tad dramatic). Another reasons goals and future plans are on the forefront of my mind, I just go married. To me marriage is again another step into the future. The final reason I have been thinking of goals more often is career related. I work in a career that is not what I have my university degree in, and often times I am questioning what I want my career goals to be. So with all that information on my brain I decided to start focusing a bit more on the goals in my life.

Going from no goal planner to planning for the big goals of my future was terrifying. So I decided that a good place to start would be with some of the goals I want to track in my everyday life. Pair that with the fact that I purchased a Recollections Planner at Michaels when they first were released, yet hadn’t been able to find what I determined as a ‘good’ and ‘practical’ use for it, and my Goal Planner was born a.k.a created.

WOW. I think that was the longest, babbling intro yet.

So far I have created four sections in my goal planner.

  1. Inspiration
  2. Fitness
  3. Sleep
  4. Social

In the first section I have the Inspiration Journal that came out from Recollections at the same time as their personal planners (well at least they were merchandised together). Originally I purchased this notebook (journal) because Michaels did a great job on their merchandising and made me want one, and after looking through all of them, the inspiration one was the only one that interested me. Also don’t judge but I may have also bought it because it was pink and my planner was mint, and mint and pink make my heart happy.  However now after using it, I really am liking it. I has a space for monthly insights, a place to list what you want to do that month, what you challenge yourself to do, what you can improve on, what you are grateful for, reasons to be Happy, Excited, Thoughtful, Energized, Healthy, Imaginative, and Compassionate. There is also a space for what you learned that month.Although this is my first month using it, and I haven’t filled out all the spaces and topics, I am liking it. I haven’t been journaling in a while so I feel like this is a way to quickly reflect.

The second section I am going to be using it for a fitness goal planner/tracker. Notice I said going to be. This is the section I haven’t started to use yet. I was doing well with fitness tracking it on my phone and then summer parties happened. But I do plan to get back in the swing of things and will use this section to do so. I had made a tracker for the 21 Day Fix on graph paper that came with the planner.

The third section of the planner is my sleep goal tracker. I have really been focused on getting better sleep lately. I may do a whole other blog post on this, because I have been really getting into sleep goals, and I think sleep is one of the most important goals you should have in order to be living your life to the fullest. However the short of it is, I don’t sleep well. I normally get my 7-8 hours but I don’t sleep well when I am asleep. I have bought a sleep/fitness tracker and have been really trying to improve the quality of my sleep. So I made my own tracker again on graph paper and have been keeping track of my light and deep sleep to try an improve my quality of sleep.

The fourth section of the planner is my social media goals and tracker. When I found the planning community, I knew I had found what would be an important part of my life. I haven’t yet figured out what I want to contribute to the planning community,but it has lead me to start my Instagram account and this blog. When I found Etsy planner sticker shops I fell in love and thought that maybe some day I would start one of my own. I have always wanted to have my own business. However I haven’t decided if that is the right path for me or not. So I am going to continue the planning journey through my IG account and this blog and see where life decides to take me.

That thought leads me to what is going to be either a fifth section of my planner or may end up being it’s own planner, and that is a spirituality planner. I want a space to explore my spirituality and write quotes, and thoughts. This may even get moved into the inspiration portion of the planner. I think with goal planning and tracking it is important to reflect on life, and I really want a space to do so.

So that is what is currently making up my Goal Planner. It is my starting place and hopefully it will inspire me to continue to not only make goals for myself but to commit them to paper and hold myself a bit more accountable to them.

“A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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