This Is Your Year- Neutral Happy Planner Review & Comparison

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If you saw the Periscope a couple months ago from Mambi you know they came out with new planners in October. I know there are probably a few reviews of these new planners floating around already, but I thought I would add mine just in case you have found your way here and were interested. Plus I wanted to do a comparison between neutral and the colourful for those trying to decide.

Last year when I purchased my first Happy Planner I didn’t think about the colours on the inside of the planner. It wasn’t until I started to use weekly planner sticker kits from Etsy that I realized how limiting the colours on the weekend and dates were. Especially for someone who loves colour coding and colour coordination. Try planning with black and orange for Halloween with a pink weekend.


If you are new to the Happy Planner, they come in many, many colours and designs but have a pretty standard layout throughout all of them.

Size & Layout: If you have never used an original Happy Planner, it measures about 7.75″ x 9.75″ which makes it just a tiny bigger then the Erin Condren (7×9). You can now also get large and mini version of the Happy Planners as well.  The new Happy Planners are the same size and mostly same layout of the older planners. If you are familiar with the Happy Planners then this planner is the same size and layout as the regular Happy Planners.

It is a twelve month planner. I still don’t quite understand the Happy Planner release dates. They release 18 month planners in January but released 12 month planners in October. I much prefer a 12 month planner, it feels more complete to me.

The planner, like all their planners, opens up to a welcome page where you can put your name. This is a page I never end up filling in.

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Next you have the year at a glance for 2017 & 2018  (Can we talk about how gorgeous the black with gold dots are?) I love how clean and professional this neutral planner is. I unfortunately didn’t notice when I purchased it, that the first few pages were creased 😦


The Happy Planner doesn’t, like some other planners have a lot of extra pages inserted for yearly planning and goal planning, it does however start each month with a page I call the Currently Page. Each of these pages has three calendars going across the top (last month, current month, next month). It has a space for that month’s birthdays. In comparison to previous planners that space is much smaller. They have made a larger notes section, and made the space for your currently much larger by taking away some of the currently lists.


Previous- loving, eating, drinking, watching, going, reading, texting, playing, celebrating, listening, buying, pinning, planning, visiting.

Now- reading, watching, cooking, eating, loving, dreaming, feeling, listening, celebrating, going, crafting.

Although this is not a page I tend to use, I tend to use my inspiration journal/planner for that info, I still like that they have taken out some of the list.

Across from the currently page is the divider for that month.


I am in love with the dividers in this planner. I only wish they weren’t backed with the monthly layout. I know some people like to take out the dividers and use them for wall art after they are done with the planner, but I would hate taking my monthly layout with it. I enjoy looking back in my planners, much like reading old journals or looking at old yearbooks.



Monthly Overview: I love how clean and well…neutral the monthly layout is. I can’t wait to put down stickers without worry of colours. However I do notice that the month’a name is written really close to the end of the paper and under the plastic of the tab so it might be difficult to use sticker kits for the top of the month.


The weekly layout has some changes as well. The boxes have no black band dividing them horizontally across the column. The numbers of the days don’t have colours around them, making them look clean and professional. The designs on the bottom page of black dots and some pages with quotes, give it a fun element without being whimsical.



Final Thoughts: I am excited for this planner. I can’t wait to have the neutral layout that I can add my own colour choices to, without being limited by the planner’s colours. I would recommend this planner to anyone who is like me and wants to get away from the colour limitations of the original planners, or just likes the neutral layout. Also this planner would work well for someone who needs to have  a professional looking planner, when you open it at staff meetings, etc. It is the perfect mix of chic, with the monthly dividers, but very professional and neutral monthly & weekly pages.



The only concerns I have is the paper quality, it feels like a bit lighter of a paper but I guess I will put that to the test once I start to fill it in ( I will come back and update when I do)










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