Recollections A5 Rose Gold- First Impression

I definitely didn’t ‘need’ another planner, so when I saw the new Recollections A5 planners buzzing around the net, I didn’t initially think, ‘I need one of those.’ But then I saw the Rose Gold one…well saw Kristen from Planningwithkristen unbox hers and I knew it was a planner I wanted to add to my collection. The only reason I don’t own every piece of planning supplies that comes to Michaels is only because the closest one to me is over an hour away. Also since it was close to Christmas I was trying to hold out. However my friend was shopping and it ended up being gifted to me, along with the rose gold insert pack as a Christmas/Thank you gift.

I know there are already a few (many) first impressions up on these already, but I wanted to add mine in because when I was looking for information on the inserts and wanted to see the inside of the planner, I couldn’t find many posts.

Firstly as you already know from the title, I have the colour Rose Gold and also have what people are calling the Rose Gold Marble inserts, although the only name on the package is Creative Year 12 Month Calendar Pack. I will start with the Planner itself

Size A5- 9-5/16 high by 7-3/4″ wide (thickness all is determined by how much you put in it, but with the full calendar pack, and a few pieces of note paper, and to-do list paper, it is 1-1/2″)

A5 compared to Personal Size

Cost- Planner Binder $29.99 USD and the Inserts $14.99 USD  ( Sorry I don’t know the Canadian prices, my friend purchased these as a gift, and the Canadian website doesn’t have prices, so I had to use the US one)

Colours-  The binder comes in eight different colours at the moment (Lime, White, Teal, Black, Purple, Rose Gold, Royal Blue, Turquoise) plus there are a few patterns, the two I have seen is a flamingo and a floral. The insert calendar packs come in a few different themes as well (Tropical and a Bright Pack that I have seen so far)

Includes- The binder comes with three thick plastic dividers with gold foil designs on the front of them. (if you have the personal planner- they are the same) It also has three different types of paper include (to-do list, graph, lined) 10 sheets of each. It also comes with what I believe is the best inclusion, a fold out calendar. I think the calendar is awesome because you can write in birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. If you only put events that happen every year, you could transfer this year to year with your planners. Very similar to the Erin Condren calendar that can move from their planners.

Pockets- This planner has pockets galore, for those who like to decorate up their planner by putting clips and post-it notes, etc will really like this planner. In the front it has 6 card slots with a small wide pocket at the bottom. It also has a big folder pocket in the front. In the back it has a secretary pocket and another folder pocket.

That is all the comes with these planner itself. It is very similar to the personal size planner, in the way that they (Recollections) give you a couple pieces of their different papers, but then plan on you buying inserts (the booklets they sell) or the calendar packs to put in the planner. They want you to buy more of their stuff to put inside.

fullsizerender-15Obviously their plan worked on me, since had I not been gifted the calendar pack, it was on my to buy list. I think Recollections did an amazing job on their calendar pack. I can’t compare it to the personal size calendar pack since I did not purchase one for my personal size, but this pack is gorgeous. The marble rose gold is beautiful and all the dividers are beautiful. I also love the fact that the pack is undated so it doesn’t pressure me to start in January.

The calendar pack comes with a velum divider in the front that says Calendar in beautiful rose gold.

The monthly dividers as I said before are beautiful, with a space on the back of them for notes. Each monthly divider says the name of the month both on the tab and on the front of the divider. Not only does the back of the divider have a space for notes, but the page adjacent from it also has a place for notes & thoughts. I love this planner gives lots of space for notes.


Monthly Spread- because this calendar pack is undated, the spread is very clean. It even gives you a space at the top to write the name of the month. Each box gives you a space to write in the day of the month. Down the side of the right hand page is a box that you could write in any monthly notes.


fullsizerender-11Weekly Spread- I have for the most part always used vertical spreads. I suppose you would call this horizontal but unlike many planners that are horizontal where the one day goes across the page, with the next day underneath, this spread is done in boxes. I have been looking at a few planners this way, and I think it really lends itself well to those who like to work off of to-do lists, or those who plan to use this planner for more writing. The weekly spread also has a blank box  at the end of the week. I think this would be good for writing in weekly events or plans that you don’t have tied to one day, a weekly thought, a weekly goal, or even a gratitude list. I also think this planner spread is great for another who likes to doodle or draw, especially that extra box. The box sizes are 3-7/16″ high by 2-7/16″ wide, but with the day of the week at the top you really have closer to 3″ of writing space. Like the monthly spread where you get to write in the month, this also gives you a place to write in what week it is. Every month of weekly pages ends with another page of notes & thoughts.

Paper- Although I had heard the paper was thicker than the personal size planner paper, I don’t think it is. It feels a bit heavier but I think that is just because of the size of the paper and not the thickness. It seems to have the same shadowing as the paper that comes in the personal sized version.

Set Up- Although I haven’t completely decided what I am going to use this planner for, I did put the inserts in it. I put the full calendar pack, the perpetual calendar, two of the velum/plastic dividers, and a few sheets of the to-do list and note paper. Those pretty much filled the planner up. One thing I do find with the Recollections binder planners is that if I am using the planner and shut it, it leaves paper stuck under the rings, which makes it curl. I try to remember to pull the paper out so it closes without bending the paper. You however get this with most ring bound planners.

Final Thoughts- I think this binder part of the planner is beautiful. I am in love with the rose gold colouring. I have heard of problems with the rose gold Kikki K flaking, but since this is not real leather, I don’t see that being an issue for this planner. I think the inserts are equally as beautiful, and definitely recommend the rose gold and marble combination. I think the weekly page spreads are interesting and they definitely have my intrigued on how to use them for my planning. I think the cost of these planners are great. In Canada they are a bit more expensive in the states, but in Michaels you can use coupons, which definitely helps.

I will definitely do an update after I start using the planner. If you have any questions or want more info on the planner, please contact me.







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