2017 Planner Line Up


I have been posting first impressions on the majority of the planners I have ready to use for 2017 but I wanted to go more into detail on what planners I have in my line up, why I chose them, what planners I decided against, and of course, what I will be using them for.  For me, some of these planners I consider planners I need, and others I have because I want them.

fullsizerender-17If you have read my first blog posts, you know I was using the Whitney English Day Designer when I started 2016. That is when I found the planner community, and soon I had switched to a Happy Planner. Reasons I made this switch can be found here –>Cheating On My Day Designer

I had switched to the Happy Planner but continued to keep work and personal all in one, while making it decorative. As much as I love my Happy Planner,  I was struggling with it in the beginning and  continued to struggle with it till the end of the year. I loved the layout of the planner but having work mixed with personal and decorative wasn’t working. I wanted my spreads to look pretty, but when I took it to work I had to quickly write things in and didn’t have time to choose a pretty box or anything decorative, so I started to backtrack plan, which wasn’t helping me stay productive at work. I was getting frustrated and trying to figure out how to divide my planners. It was clear that I needed a place just for work, and although I was having good results with my notebook system (Mastering The ‘To Do’ List), I still needed a dated planner.

fullsizerender-18The Orange Circle Studio

When choosing a work planner, I did consider the Day Designer It was nice to have all the space to write down everything I had to do at work, but I found I wasn’t really using the meal planner portion, or the gratitude space. The hourly format didn’t work great for me either, since my day isn’t planner by the hour. Also I found only seeing one day at a time, didn’t really work for me, I really like being able to see a whole week at a time. Which is what really lead me into the planner I will be using this year for work. The Orange Studio Circle 2017 Planner. If you want to see my first impression on this planner, check out here –>Adding In Another Planner

But a quick review of the reasons I choose this planner:

  • You can see two full weeks at the same time–really great for me at work, since I always need to be looking at the next week when planning my days out.
  • It has a space for contacts at the back. This is great for me at work since I share my cellphone as both a work phone and a personal phone, I don’t like to clutter up my cellphone contacts with work contacts.
  • Notes- not only does it have lots of note pages in the back, it has a space for notes for the next year divided by month.
  • Negatives- It is huge. It is pretty much an 8-1/2″x 11″ but because of it being this large, it is very thin making it easy to throw in my laptop bag.

fullsizerender-23Happy Planner- This Is Your Year with Deluxe Cover

When I decided to move my work into its own planner it brought up the question of what I was going to use my Happy Planner for. This is when it need/want comes into play. I need a work planner. I can not function at work, and keep myself organized and organize everyone else without a planner. I however don’t need a planner for home. I don’t need to write down when to do laundry or clean the house, or anything else I do at home, mainly because I don’t tend to plan those things. I just do those tasks when I feel like it. I don’t have kids so I don’t have to organize anyone besides myself. However after finding this planning community, I have fallen in love with the decorative side of planning, and really enjoy it. Also I am trying to be more productive at home. I want to organize my time better. I want to have a better cleaning schedule so I don’t spend three hours cleaning on my day off and I want a place to see my appointments. Plus even though I am going to have my work planner to plan the day, I want to have some of my work stuff in my personal planner so I know what I am doing that day. I feel guilty sometimes buying stickers for my planner, it can be expensive, and after a planner is done, it sits on a shelf. However I enjoy planning, so I am trying to feel worth in my enjoyment instead of thinking of the cost.

So why did I choose to continue with the Happy Planner

  • I like the vertical layout
  • I love the stickers both the EC and HP stickers
  • I like being able to add things into the planner with the disc bound system. Also being able to take the pages out when placing stickers down is really helpful.
  • I want to see if taking out my work will allow me to enjoy the planner more
  • I chose the HP over the Erin Condren because I am Canadian and can by the planner and accessories from Michaels for much less than the EC.
  • The paper quality is amazing
  • I choose the This Is Your Year planner because of its neutral layout. See more about that here –>This Is Your Year- Neutral Happy Planner Review & Comparison

fullsizerender-20The Mini Fitness Planner

The next planner I have chosen for the year is both a need/want. It is the Mini Fitness Planner by Mambi. I did a first impression of this planner and talk about my fitness/health journey so far here–>MAMBI- MINI FITNESS PLANNER FIRST IMPRESSION

I need to get healthy in 2017. I have very unhealthy  habits. Lets get real honest here. I have gained approximately 40lbs in the past 5 years. About 20lbs ago I had taken it all off, only too put double back on. I have horrible eating habits, coffee for breakfast, high fat energy bars mid morning, microwave meal for lunch with a side of chocolate or chips, usually a half decent dinner, but then junk food. Add that to the fact that I never drink water, and only consume pop (soda) and also add that to the fact that I don’t exercise, and I should count myself lucky that I have only piled on 40lbs. I also have a love for candy, which I usually have if not once a day, probably at least 4 times a week. I am now over 30 so taking it off is a bit more difficult. So I consider the Mini Fitness/Health planner a need and that is why it got added to the planner list for 2017.


fullsizerender-19Recollections Personal Planner

A few months ago I began using the personal size Recollections Planner as a goal planner. I was using the mint green planner at the time but have switched to the blue for the winter. You can also read about that planner here —Goal Planning Although I haven’t been using it as much this past month. I am going to be using it again with similar purpose in mind. I like having a place to record my goals for the month, and also reflect on the month past. I do find this planner is small for the amount of writing I do, so I haven’t decided if I am going to switch into the A5 size. I have the Inspiration booklet for Recollections as well, and it fits in the personal size, so I will continue to use this size at least until I am finished with that booklet. I was trying to plan out my Instagram posts as well, but I wasn’t keeping up with it.When I first started using this planner it was going to be goals, fitness,and social media. Now that I have moved my fitness out of it,  it be mainly goals but I also want to use it on the go. I find when I go shopping I forget things, or I am out and about and I get an idea for a blog post, or get in the mood to write a quote or an idea, so I think paring this as my goals and creative planner for on the go will work. I chose the recollections planner over planners like Kikki K mainly again because of the price and availability through Michaels. The blue planner I got for less then $10 CAD. If I was using the personal planner as a main planner, I may decide to purchase a Kikki K. I have also looked at the Websters Pages Planner, and there is a bright pink one that is on my radar at the moment.

fullsizerender-22Recollections Planner A5

My final planner in my 2017 planner line up is the A5 Recollections Planner. I just did a first impression of this planner –> Recollections A5 Rose Gold- First Impression and in that review I do talk about how it was a gift and I was unsure of what I was going to use this planner for, but I have been thinking about my goals or resolutions of 2016..yes 2016, I wanted to think back to what I wanted for this past year and what I didn’t accomplish and whether this planner could help me accomplish it. Last Christmas my mom gave me a bible and I ended up purchasing a Daily Devotional a few months after and I was using a notebook to write my thoughts on the daily devotional. A month or so into that I really got really busy wedding planning, I let the daily devotional go, and since then I have wanted to go back to it. I don’t want to turn this post into a religious post, but I really find benefit in daily reflection, whether it is religious or not. I have always gone back and forth on daily journaling. I love to journal. So yes I don’t need a planner to do that, I could use a notebook, but if you look at the set up of the Recollection Planner, I love the daily boxes, I love that there are to-do list, note pages, and graph papers and that it is ring bound so I can add into it. I think all these will definitely help me create what I see in my mind as my devotional planner. I want to do a full blog post on how I am going to set up that ‘planner’ and why I chose it over a notebook.

So that’s my planner line up for 2017…so far. We all know that how we start the year isn’t necessarily how we end the year. I know many Planner girls just have one planner and some girls have ten. It can be hard to understand, if you are a person who uses the one planner, how someone could want/need more than one. I fall somewhere between the one and ten, but I also fall in between the need and want. Some of the planners I mentioned are planners I feel are necessary for me, others I have more out of a want. But whether you have one or ten or even more, and whether they are a need or a want, we are all here for the same reason…we love to plan.




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