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How I Plan My Week Using Multiple Planners


Last week I introduced your to my multi-planner system and talked about why I choose to use multiple planners. In that post (Multiple Planners- Can It Work For You?) I mentioned that I would be doing this post on how I use my planners to plan out my week. I am going to go through my planning process and how I try to keep myself organized and productive throughout the week.

First things first, my planning process starts with a cup of coffee or tea. Usually most my planning happens on a Sunday afternoon. I like to take time to myself, sit down reflection on the past week and think about the week to come. I like to give myself enough time to do the majority of my planning, and planner set up on one day. It may take a little longer doing it all at once, but it makes me feel more productive and ready for the week.

Notepad Process

You will notice I changed to a Valentines notepad after this photo

I like to sit down with my drink, a notepad (preferably seasonal) and write out anything I know that needs to happen in the upcoming week. It may be an appointment, a lunch date, or even something on my to-do list that I really need to get done. I like listing out Monday to Friday and organizing my thoughts that way. I have been on the search for a weekly desk pad, but I haven’t found one I really like yet. Plus I like using seasonal notepads. I look back at my prior week, see anything that I have accomplished, and see if I need to put in on this upcoming week, and try to plan out how I will accomplish it. I also at this time look at anything I have put in my calendar app on my phone and write that information down to go into my planners.

Fitness Planner

img_0643Next I choose the tasks that will take the least amount of time. So that is the set up of my fitness planner. This is not so much a set up but a reflection of the last week. Since I don’t do any decorating, just colour coding in my fitness planner, this doesn’t take me much time. I use my monthly spread to record my calories, steps, and glasses of water for each day. I also total them for the week, and write them in the sidebar. Once I have this info in, I am done in my fitness planner. My goal for January is to improve my eating habits. Next month I will be focusing more on fitness, and when I do this, I will be writing in the weekly pages my plans for exercise that day, until then I am just using the weekly as a food journal. I want to start using this planner to plan my fitness and meals, not just record them.

Recollections A5 Planner

img_0640I wasn’t going to include this planner, because I do use it as a planner, but it is part of my weekly planning session, so I decided to keep it in. I use my Recollections Planner to record my daily devotional reflections. During this planning session, I get this planner ready for the week by putting washi tape across the bottom box that I use for reflection, and fill in the date since this planner is undated. I will be doing a review on this planner and show how I use it for devotional sometime in February.

A note on prepping planners

I know I could just prep these two planners on the Monday when I go to use them, but by prepping them when I have my planner supplies out and am in my planning mode, makes it much less time consuming, then having to do each planner at an individual time.

Work Planner


Next I move onto my work planner. I do this because it is another quick planner. I write in my hours for the week, any appointments I have for work, or plans that I know I have. Since I use this planner as a daily planner, it gets filled up day by day. I usually fill it out the day before for most of my daily to dos. I like filling out my standing appointments, ahead of time, but I plan better day by day for my to-dos at work.

Happy Planner

Finally on to the fun planner. This planner is the one I most enjoy to plan in. If you read my previous post, you know I use my Happy Planner for one of my personal planners, and is my most decorative planner. I like to keep it productive but decorative. So my planning process in this planner starts with me deciding whether I am using a planning kit or not. If I decide on using a planning kit, then I go through my box of new sticker kits, and decide which one to you. I am a sucker for holiday kits, so usually I use one or two of those a month depending if there is a holiday. So this week I actually chose my first ever Happy Planner kit (I usually have to adjust Erin Condren kits to fit my HP. ps. I am hoping to have a blog post up soon on my tips of fitting EC kits into HP) Once I pick my kit, I usually will start by laying down the stickers that stay in the same placement most weeks, the washi bottom strips, the to do lists. Then I will decide if I want to grab a washi tape out of my collection to add with it. This week I used a pink sparkle washi tape. I wish I was organized to pull out all the corresponding stickers, and washi I would need for the whole spread, but fullsizerender-57I’m not, so my desk usually looks like a mess after I am done, from grabbing from boxes of stickers, books, washi, etc. I only plan half a week at a time, unless I know of specific appointments or events happening later in the week. I add new stuff in daily when it comes up. I think this is why I have a hard time using my sidebar, because I don’t plan far enough in advance. My sidebar by the way is usually the last stickers I will put down. I have come to find that white space planning makes me more productive, I like being able to clearly see all my tasks and to-do lists, and although I do like decorative, I like a balance. Once I have the fullsizerender-61stickers down to frame the outline of my spread, I then go in and put in my plans for the week, pulling cute stickers from my collection when I think they fit and don’t crowd out my plans. I also will pull corresponding coloured stickers from my collection and have them in my Happy Planner Deluxe Cover pocket, to use for the week. I am a colour coding and colour coordinating freak. so I like have matching stickers ready to go. Then it is onto the next planner.

Recollections Personal Size Planner

fullsizerender-56This is my last planner I plan in but it is one of the most important, because it is my on the go planner. You can see more details of how I use this planner here –>Multiple Planners- Can It Work For You? and here —>2017 Planner Line Up. But the quick summary is that I use this planner for goal tracking, blog post planning, and daily to do lists/ shopping list. This planner is the go between planner for every other planner. Since it is on the go with me, if I think of an idea for blog I have it to write in. If I am going shopping and next a  list, it goes in there. If I am out an about and remember something I have to do that I want to put in my weekly planner, it goes in this planner. Since I don’t use weekly spread inserts for my to-do lists in this planner, it is  more like a notebook. However I choose to use this planner instead of a notebook because of it’s rings, I can move things around and add more to the planner when necessary. I like that I can add my to-do list to the front if I want it there that day.

img_0642So how do I set this planner up for the week. I will write in my blog plans for the week. Since I post on Thursday, I am mid week through a blog post by my Sunday planning session. So I check in to see where I am at, and adjust the schedule as needed. I then will go to my to do list section, and write in any of my to-dos or information from my HP or work that I will need on the go with me. This might be appointment times ( I have a really bad, and I mean bad memory, especially when it comes to time. I can look at my Happy Planner in the morning and know I have an appointment at 1:45pm that day and fullsizerender-24I won’t be able to remember what time my appointment is a couple hours later. Once I am done transferring any info I need into my personal planner. I will take a look at the goals I tracked the past week, see where I am at for those, and decide if I want to add in new goals to track for this week.



It seems like a long process, and it can be. But for me, I really enjoy the time to takes to prep and plan my week. I find it makes me more productive throughout the week. Plus because I really enjoy planning, it doesn’t feel like work to sit down and plan. It is time to myself, with my thoughts and reflections and my cup of coffee. I really see my planning session as a self care session, and it makes it very enjoyable.

Let me know how you plan your week. Have you created a planning session for yourself, or do you quickly plan throughout the week ?














6 thoughts on “How I Plan My Week Using Multiple Planners

  1. I kind of take all day to do my planning on the weekend, doing a bit of planning, then other stuff, then back to planning… I have multiple planners, too, and doing it all at once is just too much for me. lol. I have 2 bullet journals, so they take some time to set up, a Happy Planner and the downloadable Passion Planner. Well, and a fitness planner, but I don’t set it up for each week, just a tracker for the month right now plus daily entries. I do still need to plan throughout the week as part of my weekend planning is putting scheduled items in and doing brain dumps. Then each day, I pick what I will (hopefully) do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would love to try bullet journaling, but it looks like they take a lot of time to set up. I always look at them on instagram. I think because I love colour coding, I am really drawn to them. It sounds like you have a good planning schedule that works well for you!


      1. Bullet journals don’t have to take a long time to set up. I’m just a bit of a perfectionist, use a ruler, etc. And I don’t necessarily do the same thing each week, so part of the time is looking at ideas of things to do or just deciding on the aesthetic part of it (washi? if so, which one and where? if not, what will I attempt to draw?…). I actually don’t colour code at all except for trackers. And red ink for really important stuff!


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