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Using an Erin Condren Monthly Kit in a Happy Planner

February Monthly Kit from SimplyGingerCo. Thank you Melissa for sending me this photo. She also sent me a photo of her using this kit in her Erin Condren (see end of post)

I had been planning to do this post for a while. Every time I use a monthly kit that is formatted for the Erin Condren, I think of photographing and doing this post, but usually I am planning my month last minute and trying to get it finished. This month I was (as usual) last minute, but I did take the time to take the photos and want to finally get this post up. So keep reading if you want to know my tips and tricks for fitting a Erin Condren monthly sticker kit into a Happy Planner.

I have used monthly Erin Condren sticker kits from a few different shops, and depending on the set up of the kit, I make modifications to make it fit in my Happy Planner. This is my second time using a monthly kit from SimplyGingerCo. Her stickers are really nice and her designs are always beautiful.

First lets go over the main differences between the layout of the Happy Planner monthly and the Erin Condren.

  1. The header is smaller in the Happy Planner- the space between the top of the page and where the monthly boxes start is bigger in the Erin Condren.
  2. The day boxes in the Happy Planner are completely square (1-9/16″ square) making them shorter then the Erin Condren(1- 3/8″ high), and the EC is just the tiniest bit wider
  3. Side bar is wider in the Happy Planner and always stays on the left side, the Erin Condren is always on the right.
  4. With the change of the sidebar side, HP have three days of the week on the first page, and four on the second, while EC planners have the opposite.


I always start my monthly planning with the same tools. I always have scissors on hand for when I need to trim stickers or washi. I also can’t plan without my cutting tool, it gives such a good clean edge. Finally, I also need a ruler. When making a EC kit fit, I sometimes double check how it will fit using my ruler. Also the ruler makes a great tool for cutting washi.


Next I want to explain my process for laying down the monthly kit and my tips along the way. (Obviously you could choose to lay down the stickers in whatever order you want, this is just how I plan)

First I lay down the monthly header. Because I like the header to line up with the boxes, I usually have to trim a little bit off the edge of the sticker. Also note that because the header of the EC is larger then the HP, the header does cover a bit of the top boxes. (This doesn’t bother me, but for some people I could understand how it could be a deal breaker. With the weekly bar and the top bar you loose about 5/16 of an inch of your box)

Tip: When picking a monthly kit- select one that you can trim a bit off the edge of without effecting the design. I also look at the header to decide what side I want to cut from.

Next I lay down the strip that covers the days of the week. This requires modification as well. Since the EC has four boxes on the first page (Sunday- Wednesday) I have to trim off the Wednesday header. I  line up the start of the weekday banner with the edge of the start of the weekly boxes, and then cut off the Wednesday. (Note: When I am cutting stickers off I try to make sure they don’t touch down too much on the page, that way they come up easier) When I put down the week day banner on the opposite page, I always go from Saturday to the Wednesday. I line up the Saturday with the side of the box and continue to Thursday. I then put down the Wednesday strip. I do this because the Wednesday piece you cut off from the other side will have some extra on it, which I just trim off after it is down. I then take the piece that I cut off from the end of Saturday, and put it back at the beginning of the week to cover across the sidebar.


Tip: When picking a monthly kit- I select ones that have the day of the week cover up as a separate sticker, or one where the image doesn’t run into the week bar. If the image or the name of the month dips down into that weekly bar, when you cut it off to adjust the bar to fit, it will not match up.If you choose one where the weekdays are connected, I suggest using a paper trimmer to cut off the days.

Next I put down the cover ups for the days that aren’t in the month (some kits come with these, others don’t) This kit did. However since the full box stickers are meant for the EC they are not tall enough to cover the whole box. So I used some of the washi strip that came with it to fill in the space. I have used kits that don’t come with washi strips and I just pick my own washi to use.


When I went to put the top cover up boxes in, I realized that because the headers already came down into the box, I had to lift up the days of the week and put them on top of the boxes.



Tip: When choosing a kit, look to see what is included in the kit and pre-plan a bit of what modifications you can make it make it fit. If the full boxes had quotes or a design that wouldn’t allow me to cover the top of them, then I would have to make modifications differently. Planning a head will make sure you don’t waste your money and the kit not fit the way you imagined.

The monthly layout for the Erin Condren (for February) has days of March split on two pages, three on the right hand page and one of the left (the HP has all four on the same page) So this kit had three conjoined boxes and one separate box. Since the separate box didn’t match up in print to the three boxes, I choose not to use it next to each other, instead I created my own box out of washi from the kit and my own washi.


Tip: Pick out a few washi tapes from your collection to fill in any white space you may want. I also do this when kits come with extra boxes to put on special days of the month. I put washi on the top and bottom to fill in white space behind them.

Next I put down the ddatesate cover-ups. These cover over the dates of the the Happy Planner numbers well. I used to spend a lot of time making sure they were put down even, but because the stickers are so small and hard to maneuver, I just am happy to get them down.

Tip: Because making a Erin Condren kit fit into a Happy Planner does take a bit of time, and sometimes you have to put down and take up stickers, I find it best to select a kit that is removable matte. If you do choose a glossy kit, I would make sure to really plan before laying down the stickers.

Next I move on to the sidebar. The side bar in the Erin Condren is on the right side and the one in the Happy Planner is on the left. The Erin Condren has a thinner side bar, so when the side bar stickers go down in the Erin Condren they leave no white space between the day boxes and the side bar stickers. In an EC the four sidebar stickers will perfectly fit down the side of the page.



Although I didn’t use the four sidebar stickers, they do fit down the Happy Planner side bar (as I have used all four in past spreads). If you use all four side bar stickers you have about 5/8″ of  inch of space left. In the past I have put another sticker in or used washi. This time  I just used three of the sidebar stickers, putting washi in between to pull in the washi tape I used in the spread. I also wanted to use the extra decorative box (the one left over), so I put it at the bottom of my sidebar.

The sidebar stickers do leave a white strip between the sidebar and the day boxes in the Happy Planner. I actually like having the white stripe dividing the two spaces. I like the look of it.

Tip: Depending on how many boxes you want in your sidebar, you may want to pick kits that have the sidebar boxes separately, some kits have the sidebar sticker all in one.



The last thing I do is put in my plans. The appointment labels fit well in the boxes because the width of the EC and HP are similar. I find the appointment labels are just a smidge big for the boxes, but I only notice when I put them in the box next to each other. Also I think it is because I lined up the edge of the box instead of centering it. Either way I am not bothered by it.


This is how the spread turned out:


Melissa (SimplyGingerCo) was awesome and sent me a photo of her February kit in her Erin Condren. I wanted to include it here, so you can see what the kit looks like when put in the Erin Condren. Her spreads are always beautifully done.


I also wanted to put in a photo of the planners side by side, so you can see a better comparison of how the stickers fit.

I love it. Although you have to make a few modifications to make a EC kit fit, I feel that it is worth the time and I love making them work. I have actually never used a Happy Planner monthly kit, because I find the EC ones are easily adaptable.

If you want to see more of my monthly spreads using EC kits, check out my instagram 

Those are my tips. If you have any tips for how you make a Erin Condren kit fit into the Happy Planner monthly spread, please share in the comments.

Also below are a summary of the tips I suggested above. I wanted to include them again just in case you want to reference back when picking a kit, that way you don’t have to look through the entire post.

  1. Pick a kit that has a header that you can cut down a bit from the sides (avoid headers that have quotes that go all the way to the end of designs that you don’t want to cut off)
  2. Pick a kit that has the days of the week banner separately or one that can easily be trimmed to be separate.
  3. Pre-plan before purchasing the kit, look at what is included and plan how it will fit in your planner.
  4. Check your washi collection and see if you have anything that would work with the kit, just in case you want to fill in spaces or add to the kit.
  5. Pick a kit that is matte or on removable paper, so that if you do need to take stickers up and move them around, you aren’t going to ruin your planner or the sticker. (SimplyGingerCo has amazing paper, and I can take up and put down her stickers without any issues, and they stick perfectly the second time)
  6. Decide whether you care if the sidebar sticker is all one or if you prefer to have separate boxes.



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