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Webster’s Pages Color Crush Planner- First Impression


5I have had my eye on Webster’s Pages Planners for a while now. After I tried out the Recollections Personal Planner, and fell for the binder system and its functionality, I knew I wanted to try out other similar planners. I really want a Kikki-K but the price has always held me off, because I don’t use my binder type planners as my main planner, and living in Canada the shipping and cost of the planners are even more expensive. That led to me to looking at the Webster’s Pages. However I soon found out, that although easier to acquire (Chapters/Indigo) the Webster’s Pages wasn’t that much cheaper with the personal size at $5o and the A5 at $75. But like most annual planners, they go on sale, and lucky for me the personal size was 50% off. As I am writing this post Chapters still has many different colours in both sizes still on sale (anywhere between 50%-75% off with the personal size in different colours only $12.50 CAD). Check them out here. In this first impression, I will go through my thoughts and opinions on this planner. I will be doing a second post on a comparison between the Webster’s & the Recollections, just because I think this post will be long enough on it’s own. Once I write that post, I will come back and link it.

Below is a slide show of the planner from opening the box to the back of the planner. Watch it to see photos of the whole planner including inserts, and then continue below to read my first impressions.

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Let’s start with the measurements. The Websters is 5.25” wide and 7.85” high. For those with other personal size planners, here are some size comparisons:

Recollections –> 5.5″ x 7.85″

Kikki-K (taken from website) –>  5.11″ x 7.48″

Filofax Personal (taken from website) –> 5.31″ x 7.40″



So as I said I purchased my Webster’s Pages from Indigo/Chapters, so it came within a few days. The packaging was nice. It comes in a box, which makes it feel a bit more lux. When you open the box, there is their welcome sheet which has gold foiling that says Hello and the company information. I like the packaging. I think the grey bottom box with the blush and gold polka dots top is cute, but isn’t over the top so it could be professional. I like when companies take the extra time with packaging. In the box is the planner on top, with the calendar inserts packages separately underneath.

After looking at the Websters Pages website, I saw that you can order the planner alone, or it with the calendar pack and that would be why they have them packaged separately. Note: At Chapters/Indigo I only see the option to buy the whole kit, and not the binder separate.

The Outside

6I love how vivid the colour is. The pink (they call it fushia) is very saturated and beautiful. The binder is plush and soft to the touch. The website calls it PU (Faux Leather) and although you can tell it is not real leather it does feel nice. The material is very easy to clean and feels like it is going to hold up well.  I like that the threading is done in white. I think it accents the planner very well. The one thing I would like to see different with the look, is binding has wp written in gold, and the chain holding on the planner tag is gold, yet the snap is accented in silver. I would have liked to see this all in gold. Although I do find with the pink in the snap that the silver does blend in and maybe this is why it was chosen. Speaking of the snap, it is very well done. It comes apart easily, but also feels very secure. The planner tag is held on by a snap chain and this one is 4engraved with XOXO which is really cute. Unfortunately I did experience some issues with the exterior of my planner. I had stitching that was broken and my planner tag was picked which showed orange underneath. However Indigo was great and will be sending me a replacement. I understand how small issues like this can get pass quality control. I debated whether to keep it, but with the broken stitching, I was worried it would come apart further. Although I could have paid up to $50 Canadian for the planner, I understand that in the US they are much less expensive, so I don’t expect it to be a top of the line planner, however I do expect it to be in excellent condition when I receive it.

The Inside

I love the inside of this planner. I love the contrast of solid navy blue and white in the front, then the white and navy stripe in the back. It has four card pockets in the front with one of them having a see-through cover, great for decorative pocket cards. It also has a pocket that is great for receipts. This planner would be great for someone who wanted to use a planner as their wallet also. The card pockets are well made with the leather like material only being on the top, and canvas type material on the inside, which makes cards easy to put in and take out.  The back on the planner has two pockets, one that would fit a notepad and a pocket that is the length of the planner. The pockets aren’t meant to hold much, but I do like the decorative element of them. The front of the planner and the back of the planner advertises Webster’s Pages. The front inside cover has the words Webster’s Pages which I don’t mind, but the back of the planner has the website, which I think is a bit unnecessary. I understand they are trying to promote their brand, but seeing a website on the back of a planner, when we know most companies these days have a website, doesn’t make me anymore likely to visit their webpage. The rings are 1″-1.25″ and they feel very secure and I believe that if you use them properly, using the buttons to open, they will last longer. The pen holder is made of elastic and holds onto pens well. Bigger pens fit down inside perfectly, since it will stretch to fit.

The Inserts


The first thing you see when you open the planner is the snap in plastic see through ruler that has gold polka-dots. The ruler, like many planner rulers, has a tab on the top that says right now. It is great to hold your place for whatever pages you want to reference. Next is a plastic sheet overtop of a gold embossed velum sheet that says Live, Create, Enjoy. I think it is really pretty. I am not sure though if you are supposed to keep the plastic on or if that is just to protect it from the ruler. You can see through the velum sheet to the next paper which is a cardstock like sheet with a beautiful feather on it. This is my favourite out of all the inserts. On the opposite side of the paper there is a place for your name and information. Again they advertise the WP website and that they have more products available. Next there are five dividers, three which have paper inserts behind them. Honestly I am not a huge fan of the designs of the dividers, but that is personal preference. They are made on cardstock paper and feel like they would last ok, but definitely better if they were laminated. (See the slide show at the beginning of this post, for more photos of all the inserts and dividers)

47In behind the first divider are six sheets of paper. On the first side of the paper it is divided into three for Thoughts, Ideas and Dreams. The backside of this paper is lined, with a space for the date at the top. Behind the second divider are six more sheets of paper, this time with one side having a list from Day 1 to Day 31 and title A Day In The Life, and the backside has a place for Project Sketches, a place to track quotes, and a memory keeping space. Behind the third divider is six more pieces of paper. The first side is divided into three, the top is a listing space titled ‘Close Your Eyes & Imagine Unlimited Possibilities”, the middle section is for Monthly Goals, and the bottom section is a Plan and Do space, with a space for a checklist with due dates. The back of these papers has a place to track a weekly menu and grocery list.

I like that the planner comes with such an assortment of papers that are lighted decorated, however I don’t like the way they have chosen to back each paper with a different design then what they have on the front. I don’t like what they have paired together. I don’t see why I would want a goal planner and a menu planner on opposite sides. The first insert with the backing of lined paper makes sense to me. I wish they were all like this. I haven’t been on the website to see if you can buy these pages separately, and maybe this is just their way of advertising.


The planner also includes 8 pieces of decorative paper, with four different designs (different on front and back) These could be used to make dashboards if you wanted. Again they are not my style but I may end up using them at some point.

The Calendar Inserts


The calendar insert packs were at the bottom of the box wrapped separately. The calendar inserts are stacked so the monthly layouts are all together and then all of the weekly pages together. I quickly changed it so that the each monthly calendar started ahead of its corresponding weekly pages.

I think the dividers for the monthly are done well. They are not on thicker paper then the rest of pages but the tab is laminated. I like that they are very plain with just gold foiled name of the month in really nice font. On the back side of the divider is the monthly calendar which is divided onto two pages.

The Monthly

The monthly boxes have lines in them, which gives it a professional feel to it. On the right hand side there is a space called Quick List. I like this but I find it strange how they still have it divided into boxes. Unless it is meant to be a quick list for the corresponding week of that row, I don’t understand why it is boxed out that way.  The monthly layout also uses two boxes for the previous month’s calendar, and two boxes for the next month’s calendar.  The back of the right side of the monthly page has a lined page that is titled ‘this & that- little notes and daily memories for a well planned life. There is also fake washi tape on the page to give it a bit of design. Honestly I could do without that, I just find the placement of it distracting, but I do like that there is a place for notes for the month. All the months have the space quote, and same fake washi.

The Weekly


The weekly pages are basic horizontal weekly pages. With three days plus a blank space on one page and the other four days on the opposite page. The top of the first page has a place for weekly notes, titled ‘This Week’. The weekly pages start on Monday and unlike some planners, Saturday and Sunday each have a space and are not shared.

The pages for both the monthly and the weekly are branded on the bottom with WP, it isn’t so big to be distracting, but again I think this planner is very heavily branded.

I do think the paper quality on the other inserts are a higher quality then the calendar inserts. From just moving pages around to take photos of them, there are creases in the pages, and I wasn’t being rough with them.

Overall Opinions

I think the Binder part of the planner is worth the price. I think it is pretty well made (once I see my new one they send in the mail, I will be able to judge if this is just a one-off with my stitching issues). I love the size of the planner. I think in comparison to other personal size planners, this one just feels nice in the hands. It is the perfect purse size, and aesthetically I think it is nice to look at. My first impression of it is good. Since all personal size planners are just a bit different in size, it will all be personal preference if you like how your other inserts fit in. I don’t mind my Recollections inserts in this planner. They stick out a bit, but not enough to bother me. From my first impression, I don’t believe I would purchase the calendar pack again. I don’t find the quality is there. I have not tried Sew Much Crafting Inserts, but I do hear they are great quality. So if I end up using this planner as more of a weekly planner, I may consider purchasing some of those. I find the calendar inserts for this, really thin. I have done a pen test (see below) and wasn’t impressed. Also when writing on the paper, it felt scratchy, like it would easily tear with some harder point pens, or pencils. I wish the quality of the paper in the calendar pack as like the inserts that came with the planner. I would suggest if you can buy the binder separate, and find a better calendar pack.

Here are my Recollections inserts in the planner: The inserts slightly stick out, but not to the point that it bothers me, or gets in the way, and they don’t rub up against the closure strap. The only thing to be careful of is because the the height of the Recollection’s inserts, they can get stuck behind the pop button for the rings. I tend to adjust my pages before closing my binder type planners anyhow, but if you close it quickly, pages can get stuck behind.


Here is the pen test: Notice that most the pens have some sort of



Thank you for checking out my first impressions of this planner. I have since ordering this planner, purchased three more colours. They were on sale for $12.50 CAD each, so I couldn’t resist. Once I get those I will do a blog post, showing them and their inserts, which I expect may be different. If you use a personal size planner, let me know below which one, and if you have suggestions for weekly inserts let me know! With these planner coming, I may be trying weekly planning in this size.


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