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Mambi New Releases

So I figured the Mambi New Releases announcements justified a second posting for the week. ( I will be posting my regular Thursday post–so watch for that) but until Thursday I thought I would open up some discussion on the new releases that are suppose to drop March 1st.

If you are anything like me, I get excited to see what Mambi dreams up for the Releases, but I can’t sit through hours worth of periscopes of people asking the same questions over and over just to see the products. There were three periscopes and one Facebook live!! Because yes, they are releasing that many ‘new’ products. So instead I waited till they are over and watch the replays so I could scan to see if anything interested me.

The first three videos were products that are mainly going to be available in their online store and in Hobby Lobby. The Facebook Live was for the Michaels exclusives. So if you are Canadian you might not want to waste much time on the first three videos and stick to the Michaels exclusive.

So first I want to talk about some of the products I am interested in (even though some are not available in Canadian stores yet).
img_12751. Pencil Case/ pouch that attaches by clipping into the discs. I like how big they are, as I throw everything in the one I have now. I have pens, post it notes, money, USB drives, notes, tampons, etc. If I am in a hurry at the end of the day at work, everything on my desk gets thrown in. The one I currently have has the elastic band but the clips would be helpful. BUT I think the clip is ugly if you aren’t using it on the HP.


img_12822. Line Templates- so these I am really interested in. Again they clip in. They even have a tab at the top to easily find it. I love making my own to-do lists in my planner and having a template to draw through to make straight lines. Plus the perfectly line up with the columns of the planner.

3. New Designs- Everyday Essentials Classic size (also comes in mini) This is a beautiful planner.It is part of the Michaels drop that comes out March 24th.  I love the seasonal touches.  I love seasonal living so I really like the designs in this one. It also has black discs which I love. Two other planners that caught my eye were the marble cover and Choose Joy Everyday planner but there were parts of each of those planners I didn’t like. Such as coloured weekends.


There are so many new designs for the planners.Which leads me into…. (this next part is me ranting about excessive Planner releases, so if you want to just see some photos of planners, skip to the the bottom)

Why is Mambi releasing so many new planners??? I love variety. I really do. But why did you just release all new planners in October (12 month planners) and now are releasing a TON more planners in March (18 month). I would love to know who all these people are who are using the 18 month planners. I truly believe the majority of the people who are buying the 18 month planners are people who are buying them just for their new designs, and haven’t finished their current planners. Now I am not judging anyone who loves a new design and decides to jump ship on their current planner because they love the new one better. I understand that feeling. And how can you not feel that way when you see beautiful new designs every few months.

However I don’t believe Mambi should be putting out New designed planners every few months. I wish they would spend more time creating accessories or maybe making notes books or something they don’t already have. Invest their time on new products instead of spending time releasing the same planner just with different designs. I believe they are capitalizing on the fact that many of us in the planning community love planners and have a hard time saying no to all the new designs. Caitlyn (mintfoxmeadows) has a YouTube video on this topic and she brings up the point that many will buy more than one planner to  have the cover or the dividers or certain part of each that they like to create their own planner, and how successful Mambi could be if they were to allow you to customize. I believe that Mambi is hoping that’s you want more then one planner, they want you to buy more and that is why they are creating more and more designs. I am sure there are people who are faithful to the 18 month design but in the periscopes I don’t get the feeling that Mambi has spent their time creating these planners for those people, I feel they are creating them in hoping (knowing) it will entice people to jump ship on their current planner.

I also wish that instead of just putting more planners out with different designs that they would consider changing up the planner itself. I know their planners all have the same classic parts, the hello page, the monthly calendar, the currently page, weekly, etc. Maybe the could create something different. Maybe do note pages, or goal setting pages, or something different, but because they sell separate note pages, I think they want you to have to buy the extras. Mambi knows their customers. They know they will buy more and more planners. There were some people in the comments talking about buying 4-5 planners when they already have many. Now you all know that I use a variety of planners but I am worried we are moving past the days where you get excited each year to pick out a new planner or 2..or 3 🙂 and are just buying planners every couple months because they are new and pretty.

With all that said, I don’t want to come across that I dislike Mambi and their products. I think the quality of the majority of their products are fantastic. I love that they are creative and want to develop products for their planning customers. I love my Happy Planner and don’t see myself switching to another brand. I just truly wish they would stop enticing me with new designs so often and let me enjoy my current planner for a while 🙂

So if you are still with me, I wanted to share some screenshots from the videos that are time stamped just in case you wanted to look at a certain planner. These photos of the planners were from the video on 17th and the accessories 18th. I didn’t take photos of everything just a variety.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the new releases so definitely comment below if there are certain products you are excited for or maybe products you wish were being released!


New Stamp Sets
List Pages
Sticker Pages (note there are no new books in this release)
New Covers
More Dashboards
Sticky Notes
Sticker Book
Pages in the sticker books you can adhere any stickers too but it only comes with 10 of these 



3 thoughts on “Mambi New Releases

  1. I completely agree with you on the points you made about focusing on different releases aside from just new planners. I love mambi and their products, but I’ve ventured out into other planner styles more recently for this reason. I would have loved a horizontal classic planner, but the only one up until these new releases was only in HL, in the U.S.! I too love their products, but I am hoping that they continue to innovate on the planners they release and offer more inserts for different things other than the weekly, monthly, etc. pages. Great article, thanks for writing about this!


    1. Thanks for the comment Shar. I am hoping that maybe if enough people feel the same way about the new releases, Mambi might look at their business structure and design team and start focusing on other products, like you mentioned inserts. I think they could definitely profit on making more planner inserts, packs of cover options, etc, that would entice their customers to purchase add-ons, and then maybe only release half as many new planners.

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