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Welcome Back Day Designer..It’s Nice To Meet You Again


I was on the Chapters/Indigo website searching my favourite keyword ‘planner’, and I came across the  June 2016- May 2017 Day Designers on sale for $3.00!!! I obviously knew the reason they were so cheap; they only have 3 ‘usable’ months left in them. This wasn’t the first time I had come across them on sale. Not only do I like to search planners on the chapters/indigo site, but I do so every few days. I know it sounds a bit crazy, but I enjoy looking at planners. I like seeing if there is anything new, or if anything has drastically dropped in price. I love looking through all the sale notebooks and office supplies. It’s like my version of window shopping but I can do it from my home, or anywhere else when I have a few minutes to spare.

Anyhow back to the planner. So the day I saw this planner for three bucks, was the same day I was getting annoyed with my use of the Orange Circle Studio Planner (which is my work planner..see more about that planner here). I know when I stop using a planner, the planner is no longer working for me. If it isn’t working for me, it’s working against me. And when a planner isn’t working for me, I can’t force myself to use it. Planners to me are like relationships; I don’t force them. When they don’t work, I may try to make some improvements to see if I can make it work, but if it ain’t working, it ain’t working 🙂

So as I was looking at the regular size Day Designer, I saw a design that I loved (Painterly Floral), and I almost bought it. UNTIL I thought back to my last Day Designer which was regular size and thought about why I chose to stop using it. The regular size DD was too big for me, not in bulk, but in page size. I didn’t need all the space and was feeling like I was being wasteful. So instead I chose the mini DD. Now, believe me it was a bit difficult to say no to the pretty design I loved, and pick the more practical option, in a design that didn’t absolutely love, but I did it, and after two days of using it, I couldn’t be more happy.

I don’t regret trying the Orange Circle Studio planner. I loved the two weeks in one layout, but I learned that I am a vertical gal. I should have know with my love of vertical to-do lists that I wouldn’t be able to love horizontal, but hey I gave it a try. And I will either pass on the planner, or find another use for it.

So lets talk mini DD.

Overall Dimensions:  6.625” wide x 8.3” tall with the pages being 6” wide x 8.125” tall (just for comparison the large size DD is 9″ wide x 9.75″ tall and pages 7.3″ wide x 9.5″ tall)
Depth:  1.5″ (Including the binding) and it weights in at 1.5 lbs (ps. this is taken from the website, I don’t weigh my planners)


I love the bright mint colour when you open the planner. I love how the cover is neutral but when you open it up, you have a splash of colour. I love how sophisticated it is with the gold large coil and gold corner protectors. This planner is hefty but feels solidly constructed and I knew from my last DD that the paper quality was fantastic.


You open the planner to a welcome page and then a page explaining how to use the DD. Next you have a 12 month vision tracker with the alternate page being a place for notes for your vision. Next you have a goals chart and a goal tracker. See flip through below. (I will be doing a separate post coming soon on these extra pages and how to best use them)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Regular vs Mini




The monthly layout is the exact same just on a smaller page. I really like how clean and professional the boxes are.






The daily pages are almost exactly the same, except for the size being smaller and the today time listings. In the regular is is 5am-9pm and in the mini it is 7am-7pm. Which for work, is just perfect for me. The layout is the same with the today’s top three, due, dinner, dollars, don’t forget, the hourly listing with the to-do list across.  Under that you have space for notes and a daily gratitude. There is a also a quote on each page top.


Some other pages included in the planner are: A full calendar for the months of the planner and note pages that are sprinkled throughout. The note pages are cool because they are divided into three sections, with a space for a heading at the top, so each note page could be three running lists ( and you know I love my lists)

The New Planners

So today (February 22) the Day Designer Instagram page was releasing images of all their new covers that will be releasing for their midyear edition. They do a release for January that are 12 months and then they do another 12 month release mid year. Now if you read my last post on Mambi flooding the market mid-year with planners (read more here), you know I have some issues with companies releasing planners all year long. However I think Whitney English is smart in their releases, as they release 12 months again, not 18 months that overlap with current planners. In their mid-year release they have the opportunity to pick up new customers.  I do think the June to May is a strange choice, but some how I have gotten back on that train with this current planner (My large DD was the same months)

I do have plans right now to continue to use this planner until December. Even though it is dated for 2016 I think with very little adjustments I can make it work. Then if I am still loving this as my work planner, I can get back to the January to December planner I prefer. And what is more exciting then that? They made a mini of the Painterly Floral ❤

So I think I will leave you to look over all the pretty new cover releases below 🙂 Comment below and let me know your favourite cover and if you have tried the Day Designer before.

The Original ‘Black Stripe’
‘Black Spotty’
‘Tile Blue’
‘Painterly Floral’ This is the one I will be getting!!
‘Jungle Out There’ Wow…just Wow
‘Desk Bliss’ Excuse me while I go daydream about the day this becomes available in Mini
‘Bloom Where You’re Planted’
‘White Marble’
‘Mint Lizard’





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