Sticker Haul & My Favourite Canadian Sticker Shops

Hi all, So this week I am back with a planner related post. I had been trying to decide for a while now whether or not to upload a sticker haul to Youtube. I want to start a Youtube channel for sticker hauls, plan with me videos, as well as other planner related topics. However… Continue reading Sticker Haul & My Favourite Canadian Sticker Shops


Planning My Skincare Routine

I am finally getting a post up on this side of the blog. I had been struggling to pick the ‘right’ first topic, when I was inspired by my friend┬áKristen (@planningwithkristen @withkristen) who has been talking about skincare in her streams. She has been talking about the importance of investing in your skincare, which I… Continue reading Planning My Skincare Routine

Planning · Productivity

5 Time Wasting Habits That Interfere With Productivity

It is very fitting that in writing this post that I have deleted the first sentence over five times now, because one of my bad habits is my perfectionism. I sometimes find it hard to get started because I want everything to be perfect from the start. You would think I was writing this in… Continue reading 5 Time Wasting Habits That Interfere With Productivity

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Reflection, Reflection, Reflection

Remember those resolutions you made back in the beginning of January? The ones where maybe you said you would eat better, or get more organized, or clean more often. Remember those resolutions or goals you threw out into the universe, either by writing them down, saying them out loud, or maybe you just said them… Continue reading Reflection, Reflection, Reflection