Sticker Haul & My Favourite Canadian Sticker Shops


Hi all,

So this week I am back with a planner related post. I had been trying to decide for a while now whether or not to upload a sticker haul to Youtube. I want to start a Youtube channel for sticker hauls, plan with me videos, as well as other planner related topics. However at the moment I don’t have the time to commit to doing it well. I really believe anything you do in life you should give it your all, whatever the task is. So instead of posting a video, I decided I would blog my sticker haul. I also want to give a list of my favourite Canadian Sticker Shops. This post coincides well with a sale that is happening this weekend called ‘Great Canadian Planner Sale’ since a lot of my favourite shops are participating.

Let me first start with the shops that are not part of the sale.

Firstly this kit from My Own Island. I bought this kit for the week that me and my husband are going down south and it is gorgeous. My photos don’t even do the quality of this kit justice. The colours are so bright and vibrant. This company is based out of Indiana , US. See their Etsy shop here.

These full boxes are gorgeous & using the same patterns in their page flags ❤


Allycatsshop – as far as I know she is not participating in the sale but she has an awesome Friday sale called Free Kit Friday. If you spend $20 after coupons and before shipping you receive a full kit for free. She often does flash sales as well. I order this cat kit and it is so adorable. I also ordered a St. Patrick’s day kit but that is already in my planner. I have ordered many times from her shop and have never been disappointed with the stickers. A A lot of my icon stickers are from her shop.  See their Etsy shop here.

How cute is this cat kit. It is my favourite kit from her so far.


Another one of my favourite Canadian shops is Itsjustpaperco. I order many sticker kits from this shop but these stickers are from a Oops Bag. I don’t often buy many oops bags from sticker shops, mainly because you don’t know what you are going to get. But knowing the great quality of Sonya’s shop, I trusted I would get stuff I liked. It is a great pack of stickers, and although I haven’t tried to use them yet, I don’t know how they got into a oops bag. I peeled some of them up and they came up great. Usually oops bags are made of miscuts or bad printer quality, but these stickers look awesome for being part of an oops bag. See their Etsy shop here



Ok now onto the shops that are participating:

Next is one of my favourite Canadian shops. If you read my post on how to fit an Erin Condren Sticker Kit into a Happy Planner (here) than you know I love SimplyGingerCo stickers. I bought during one of her sales and got these three weekly kits and two month kits, which came with the Easter freebie. One of the monthly kits (March) is already in my planner.

Then I also bought her February Mystery Kit. It is beautiful and that lemon clip makes me smile every time I see it. I cannot wait to put this kit in my planner. I usually don’t buy mystery kits because they come with all the pages of the kit, and as you can see from the kits above, I like to choose only the sheets I use. This week she is having 25% off everything with a large freebie sampler with orders over $20. Also there will be a exclusive weekend kit. The sneak peak on her IG is pink, beachy, and gorgeous. See their Etsy shop here

This kit is gorgeous. Navy, Pink and, Gold is my favourite!!
These feathers are so vibrant and pretty. I cannot wait to get this kit in my planner.
This kit is as light and pretty as it is photographed. It is a beauty washed out pink and grey
I also purchased her April Kit. Her kits work perfectly in the Happy Planner.
This lemonade kit is so cute. It makes me wish summer was here. The Lemon Clip is adorable and the sampler page from Pretty on Paper Co is a great add on.
I love when shops do deluxe freebies. This Easter one is definitely going to get used.

So those are all my stickers from my main haul. The shops below are Canadian Etsy shops that I love and are participating in the sticker sale. I have thrown in photos of kits that I haven’t used yet from the shops, or stock photos if I don’t have any of their kits at the moment.

Sprinkle Of Glitter Co- I am obsessed with this shop. She has gorgeous stickers and the quality is crazy. I used her Grinch kit at Christmas time, and although I don’t love no white space spreads, the Grinch was so cute. This time with these kits, I will split up the stickers and us them in different spreads, so I can keep my white space. I haven’t seen what her discount is going to be for the sale, but she often has 20-30% off sales, so I assume it will be somewhere in that range. See their Etsy shop here (UPDATE: 40% off for this sale!!!! Amazing deal for her stickers!!)

I am waiting till we go camping this summer to use this kit. Those decorative stickers are sooo cute.

Olivia & Norra- This is my first kit from Olivia & Norra but it is adorable. Her icon stickers are so cute. Her shop is definitely on my list for the sale. She is having 45% off with $10 min. Plus if you spend over $40 you will recieve a Deluxe Sampler. See their Etsy shop here

How cute is that laundry sticker!

The Studyholic- Another one of my favourite shops. She just reformatted her kits and includes glitter headers in every kit. I don’t have any unused kits from her shop at the moment but will soon be getting some more. I am on her PR team and she is not only doing 35% off no min. during this weekends’ sale but she is also giving a freebie to anyone who uses one of the PR teams name in the notes section. When she isn’t running a sale you can always use PBD15 for 15% off. See their Etsy shop here

This is one of her new kits and I am obsessed with the cactus

Planning Roses-  Jenna’s shop was one of the first shops I ordered from. I have used many of her weekly and monthly kits. I also love watching her youtube videos and her stickers are great quality. She is great at making designs that are mature and pretty. She loves geometric and always has unique designs. She also hardly ever has sales for the fact that she is doing 30% off $20 min.  See their Etsy shop here


Her shop is full of floral prints which I love.

Let me know down below in the comments, you favourite sticker shops and if any of them are participating in the sale this weekend.


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