Choosing Between Personal & A5

Flat Lay from Kristen @pastelspaper

So if you read my Webster’s Pages Personal Planner First Impression (here) you know I have moved into the world of personal planners. The first personal planner I bought was one of the Recollections ones from Michaels, and although I picked up another colour after that I wasn’t completely in love, until the WPs. I bought one and then fell down the rabbit hole and all of sudden I had four and an Filofax on order.  In the beginning I had no intentions of using stickers and decorating in the planner pages. I was going to use it as a throw in my purse, messy writing, notes on the go planner. At most I thought I would maybe throw in some washi. BUT THEN…

It was February and the month of February gives me more even more of an excuse to use the excessive amounts of pink washi tape I have. So I thought I will throw in some washi tape and then I ended up with this…


That was all it took. The next week I did another spread and then another and this week marks my 6th week in it and I absolutely love it. I have even abandoned my Happy Planner a couple weeks because I didn’t have enough on the go to do the two spreads and felt like I was just repeating myself in both.

Here are some of my personal planner spreads:

This week I planned in both my personal and my Happy Planner because I have a few days with long to-do lists.  That is the only negative for me with the personal planner; lack of space. I would like to find a way these two planners could work together, because I do find that  what one lacks the other makes up for. The personal planner is small on space which for most days works for me now that I have my Day Designer for work. But on weeks, like this week, when I have a longer to do list, I feel like the the personal just doesn’t give me the space I need. So I am still searching for the perfect way to use this planners together.

Have you tried a personal planner? Ask yourself the questions below and see if you should try one out.






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