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Spring Into Planning

Flat Lay Photo Created by Kristen @ Pastelspaper

I know January is when most people choose to start a new planner. Something about the new year that makes people want to get organized and work on their resolutions and plans. I love starting a new planner for the new year, but season changes for me are when I get back on track, especially spring.

Flat Lay by Kristen @Pastelspaper

Something about spring makes me feel renewed and ready for change. It may be because of the 4 months of  Canadian winter I have to get through to make it to spring. Spring is always the time I want make change. It’s the time I get the itch to re-paint, re-decorate, and re-organize my life. Spring makes me want to sit in my office with my coffee, open windows, let the fresh spring air & sunshine in and plan.

If you didn’t start a planner in January, Spring is the perfect season to start one. Although many planners have a January start date, there are still really good options that you can start now. Of course Mid-year planners are great but most of those don’t start until July.

So what do you do if you have the urge to get organized but it isn’t January or July?

Happy Planner

18 Month Happy Planner 

No surprise I am suggesting the Happy Planner. If you follow me on Instagram or have read some of my past posts, you know I really like my Happy Planner. When I purchased my first Happy Planner, it didn’t start until July. I was planning on holding off and waiting to start it, but once I had it, I couldn’t wait. So the first spread I did was actually on photocopied Happy Planner paper (see that post here) After that I learned that you could buy an extension pack that includes the planner pages and stickers to date the pages.  So I purchased those from Amazon (here).


Undated Happy Planner

You could also purchase an undated Happy Planner. It comes with stickers with the names of the months so you can start it whenever you want. This option is perfect for someone who didn’t start a planner at the beginning of the year and doesn’t want to wait for the next planner to start. It is also 12 months, which I prefer over 18. If you use stickers in your planners, you’ll know that is doesn’t take long for your planner to become bulky.

Discount Planners

Spring is a good time to get a yearly planner at a discount. Since those planners started in January, most planners are on clear out prices. This is another option that I have done more then once. My first Day Designer planner was purchased on discount, and I actually just purchased my latest one on discount too. You can either use the planner for the rest of the months left, or you can start back at the begin by getting a bit crafty and re-dating with washi.

There are many planners on clearance right now on the Indigo/Chapters site, and I am sure everywhere planners are sold.

Ring Bound Planners

I am in love with my ring bound planners at the moment. I have become obsessed with my Websters Pages Planner and cannot wait to start in my Filofax. I love the versatility of the planners, and how easily things can be added. I do love the Happy Planner system but rings are so much easier to put new papers in and take out of, compared to the discs. A ring bound system is a perfect mid-season planner. Again you can either get discounted planner pages for it, or there are many options for printables, whether you choose to make your own or purchase. I am at the moment using the pages that came with my WP but I have been looking on Etsy for customs. There are many ring bound planner for all budgets. If you are just getting into planning I think Webster’s Pages are a good start, or even the Recollections (at Michaels + you can you coupons). The higher end planners like Filofax, Kikki K, and Kate Spade are beautiful choices.

For me spring is a time to start again. Whether you are in the middle of your planning journey, or just starting out, Spring is a time to feel renewed. We are now 1/4 of the way through the year, so spring is the perfect time to reflect on the year thus far and if needed begin again.

Happy Spring Everyone!!!





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