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Tips To Easing The Monday Dread– And Making A Productive And Positive Start To Your Week


We have probably all been’s finally Friday (#Fridayay)!!! and you don’t work the weekend so you are in a great mood, making plans, excited to spend the whole weekend doing fun things or doing nothing (but doing whatever you want)…Saturday comes around and you are having a great day… then you wake up and it’s Sunday, have some brunch and are feeling good. Then it hits. The day has gone by and it is now the dreaded ‘Sunday Evening’ which means Monday is approaching like a freight train. Choo Choo  ‘all aboard the train to Monday morning’ And hey maybe you are are morning person, and maybe you love your job, but even you sometimes get caught up in that feeling of ‘how is it Monday already?!’

If you saw my IG post from this past Sunday you would have seen this photo:

Flat Lay Photo: Pastelspaper

That quote along with a book I am reading (more on that in at a later date) is what inspired me to write this post.

I enjoy my job, but would I rather it be the weekend every day of the week? ummm ya! This Monday I particularly dreaded just because I was away on vacation for a week prior.

So below are my tips to easing the Monday dread and making a productive and positive start to your week:


  1. You see I said productive and POSITIVE…heavy on the positive. Attitude plays a big part in how productive your week will be. Yes, you may be going to a job you despise on Monday but spending Sunday evening thinking about how much Monday is going to suck is not going to make Monday any better. Now obviously thinking Monday is going to be full of rainbows and butterflies isn’t realistic either. Instead of repeating to yourself how great Monday is going to be, repeat ‘Monday whether good or bad things come my way, I CAN handle it all’
  2. This leads me to my next tip. Have a toolbox full of awesome positive quotes. It may sound silly but just reading positive quotes can make you feel better and feel like you can handle anything that comes your way. That is what made me search for quotes like the one in my IG post. Here are a few more to help you but just google searching positive quotes or I can handle it quotes will bring up a ton of good ones.
  3. IMG_2484Get yourself organized for the week ahead. Obviously this is a blog based off planning so ya’ll knew a planner would be in this list. But even before a planner I suggest making a weekly list. This weekly list pad has helped me organize my thoughts for the week before committing pen to planner. It gives me the chance to think of all the tasks I need to do and preplan how I am going to organize the tasks through the week. (I plan to do a whole blog post on this soon) Having a plan for your week will make you feel in control and make you realize you can handle the week ahead of you.
  4. Plan something productive for Monday morning. Starting the week out on a productive note will make you feel like you can accomplish anything. Put an attainable productive tasks on for Monday morning. Something you know you will be able to complete so you start your week off well. If I can cross off a task first thing Monday morning, it always puts me in a positive mood.
  5. IMG_3116(1).JPGOrganize you Monday morning on Sunday night. If your Sunday nights are anything like mine, you are wanting to savour that last little bit of the weekend but if you can force yourself to spend a few minutes getting ready for Monday, you will feel the relief and ease on Monday morning. I make sure my planner and laptop are packed for work. I have my bag waiting for me to grab and go. I am working on meal prep to help make my mornings easier as well. Also if you pick out an outfit the night before you will not only save yourself time in the morning but it will make your day start off well.
  6. IMG_3115Think of those easy mornings where you get up on the first alarm, you have a great hair day, your outfit looks awesome, you have time to stop for your favourite coffee, your favourite song is playing on the radio etc. Those days start you off in a great mood. What we don’t realize is that with a little planning you can make all of those things happen for you on Monday morning or any morning. Figure out what makes you feel great in the morning and make the plan to create it. I love having great Monday morning music so I made a playlist for my Monday morning drive. Work at home? Put the playlist on when you get up. Anything you can prep ahead to create a great morning routine will start your week off better.
  7. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAfter you have planned and prepped for your Monday morning take time to enjoy your Sunday night. Plan time in your Sunday routine to do something you want to do. Whether this is family time playing board games or cozying up with a glass of wine and a book. Whatever it is pick something you enjoy that way when Monday does come your most recent memory of the weekend was something enjoyable and doesn’t make you feel like you have to wait another five days before you get to do something for you. I would much rather think back on Sunday night knowing I did some prepping for Monday and then relaxed then spending Sunday night cleaning the toilet.
  8. That leads to my next Sunday tip. Try not to put off household tasks on to Sunday. I am often guilty of doing this. I get busy during the week and don’t want to ‘waste’ Saturday cleaning so I leave it for Sunday. But nothing will make Monday feel like it is coming faster and feel like your weekend wasn’t enjoyable as cleaning all day Sunday. At least that is how I feel. Spreading out household tasks throughout the week will make Sunday and in turn Monday much more enjoyable.
 I hope that some of these tips will help you create a great Sunday routine and will maybe help ease the Sunday night blues. Let me know in the comments below if you have a Sunday routine and if you have any tips for the Monday morning struggle.

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