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Spring Etsy Sticker Haul

I went on a little bit of a spending spree on Etsy stickers so I thought I would do a sticker haul. I love seeing what other people are loving for sticker kits. I tend to stick to my favourite Canadian sticker shops, so if you have any shops you love, I would love for you to comment them down below, for my next spending spree šŸ™‚ I have a mix of monthly kits, weekly, and even purchased some mini and personal size kits.

Simply Ginger Co

IMG_3734No surprise I have stickers from Simply Ginger Co. I absolutely love her stickers. I purchased her monthly kit for May. It is gorgeous pastels, sparkles, and floral which are all my favourites. Every month I say I am going to stop buying monthly kits because I have been neglecting my monthly planning pages, but every month she makes me fall in love with another one of her monthly kits.

IMG_3733I had been looking at a few shops with this birthday print. If it’s not pastel pinks it is pink, navy, and gold all the way for me (they were my wedding colours) So of course I had to get this kit. My birthday isn’t until September, but I will be saving this kit for it.


Since I have gotten into personal sized planning, I wanted to try her kits. So I purchased three. They are both pretty summery, so I will hold on to these until then.


Oliva & Norra


I love this shop’s icon stickers. I had seen the breakfast ones on her IG and knew I had to have them. So I decided to pick up those and a few others. I had never had birthday balloon stickers before so I thought I would give those a try. I got the insta pic ones to use for my mid-week spread, then I threw in the sick day stickers because I have been sick more times this winter then any other year and thought they would make my planner cute on a sick day.



Sprinkle Of Glitter Co

If you haven’t tried stickers from Sprinkle of Glitter Co yet, Ā you definitely need to. Her paper is amazing and the colour quality on the kits are beautiful. I bought the Easter Kit but delays at the post office made it late, so I will definitely be saving it for next year because it is so adorable. The pastel pinks and glitter…need I say more. I also picked up a succulent kit. I have been obsessed lately so this is like the third succulent kit I have picked up.


How cute are these little fox that came as an extra. I don’t tend to use cutesey stickers but they are pretty adorable.




The Studyholic

In case you didn’t know I am on The Studyholic’s PR Team (ps. Use PBD15 for 15% off your purchase) and I got sent these stickers for being on the team, but I can honestly say if I didn’t get sent them I would have been making an order from her shop. The Studyholic was one of the first shops I ever purchased from when I started planning. She has re-formated her kits so they include glitter headers. Her kits so many stickers in them, that I can use them for a couple spreads. She sent me three full kits plus headers and checklists. Her colour scheme options for her headers and checklists are gorgeous. I love the scheme called Pastel Clouds


It’s Just Paper Co

Another shop that is often in my mailbox is It’s Just Paper Co. Ā Her kits are huge and I can use them in multiple spreads. This time I purchased a monthly kit- June, which is new for me but it is a beautiful blue sparkles and floral.


I wanted to try out new kits from Sonya- her personal size and her mini kit- so I purchased one of each. They are both summery as well, so I am waiting for the season to hit.

Another succulent kit–but how gorgeous is this one!! Mint and pink…have you seen the photos of my office..I love mint and pink.



I have bought a few of her mystery kits. They come with tons of stickers and come with extras. I purchased her March and April kits. She posts on her IG when she will have them up for sale and they usually have a hint to what the theme is. I somehow didn’t notice the hint of the butterflies, and while it is a pretty kit- I am not into butterflies so I have passed these stickers onto a friend.


The April kit is more up my ally. It is so summery and pretty. I now have a ton of summer kits so I am now waiting for summer to get here. I am obsessed with this bow clip from Berry Sweet Plans. Also the Popsicle stickers are adorable. I love that her kits come with the deco stickers. I think they are fun to add in, plus since I am a white space planner I get multiple uses out of the stickers.


Allycat’s Shop

Another one of my very favourite Canadian shops and she had a 50% off flash sale. I went a bit crazy but I love her stickers. She is super sweet and has great customer service. She was sick so her orders went out a bit later then planned so she threw in extras, which was super nice of her. I had ordered one kit without glitter headers and date cover ups and she threw those in. Plus she threw in cute mailbox icons. Her icon stickers have always been some of my favourites.

I got two kits. No suprised that they are both floral kits. Ā It’s a small thing but I love the font of her numbers for the date cover ups.

I also ordered two mini kit pages. These are perfect! I ordered pink and blue and I am definitely going back to get the other colours. I am excited to use these. I love that they come with the weekend header and the check lists. Using these are a few stickers from my mambi book and washi tape and they are going to make and awesome spread. I also purchased more checklists (I love them) If I don’t use anything else in a spread I always use checklists. I thought the reading list stickers would be perfect to go in my monthly sidebar to try to motivate myself to read more. I may even try them out weekly and try reading three times a week. I used to read a lot more often then I do now and I really miss it.


I also picked up two sheets of balloons–like I said I haven’t used balloons before and honestly I had forgotten I ordered them from Olivia & Norra so I now have balloons for a while. I love little page flags and make them out of washi in my personal planner often, so I picked up two sheets of flags. I was excited to see the contact lens cases because I can never remember when I put in my lenses. I wear monthly contacts and always forget. How cute are the little desk stickers. I am going to use them for when I tidy my office–which happens every other day since I never put anything back to where it belongs after I use it.

As I said I went on a bit of a spending spree, but I did get a lot of summer kits so I should be good for a while. Definitely check out these Canadian etsy shops. These ladies do a fantastic job not just on their stickers but also customer service. I have linked their shops down below, just in case you want to check them out.

Simply Ginger CoĀ 

Olivia & NorraĀ 

Sprinkle of Glitter CoĀ Ā (she is closed at the moment but will be re-opening)

The Studyholic

It’s Just Paper CoĀ 

Allycat’s ShopĀ 


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