Sephora Spring VIB Sale

FullSizeRender 4 If you are a makeup lover you probably know that the Sephora Sale just recently had their VIB sale.   I have been watching tons of haul videos on YouTube and decided to share my haul via my blog. I love seeing what other people picked up during the sale. For the week before the sale I watch YT videos of recommendations, but usually  end up using the sale to pick up products I use throughout the year.

I always end up doing two orders. I end up putting a ton of stuff in my cart and then have a mini heart attack when I go to check out and see my total, which always leads to me dumping things from my cart. Then later in the week I always give in and go back and get more stuff. It is so hard to resist when you know Sephora only does this twice a year.

My First Order

This order was a mix of things I use often and a couple treats.

Firstly I picked up to skincare products that I love. If you want to see my skincare routine, check out my last blog post here Planning My Skincare Routine

FullSizeRender 7Ole Henriksen Truth Serum. I picked up the 30ml size. I get nervous buying the largest sizes of skincare because my skin is sensitive and changes often. I have in the past bought extras of skincare products and then end up not using them. So I bought the smaller of the two sizes.




takeoffClinique Take Off The Day Cleansing Balm– If you read my skincare routine post you’ll know that I am in love with this stuff and it has been repurchased many times. I would have purchased two but I have heard that there is an equate version of this at Walmart and I want to try it out and see how it compares. I love Clinque but at $38 if I can find a cheaper dupe I will be buying it.

FullSizeRender 5Another repurchased product is the Sephora Collection Super Norishing Lip Balm. This was already on sale for $5 and saving another 15% on this, I wish I would have bought two. I assume Sephora is replacing this product with something else, as the first time I purchased it a couple months ago it was on sale as well. This lip balm was one that when I first tried it, I hated. It is very waxy and I didn’t like the feeling. However I kept using it because I know sometimes my first impression isn’t my last impression, and now I love it. It is super comfortable and glides on easily. It doesn’t have a bad taste and although I don’t find it super hydrating for the Canadian winter climate it is perfect for spring/summer. I will be doing a whole post on lipcare as I struggle with extreme dry lips.

FullSizeRender 6A new product for me, but one that was on sale was Formula X Nail Cleanse. It was on sale for $3.00 and is suppose to cleanse your nail before applying nail polish. Since getting rid of my gel nails I have wanted to start doing a better job at keeping my nails done and I am hoping this makes a difference for my nail polish. It looks like Sephora has cleared out this product and it is no longer available, so if I like it I will be going on the search in other places for it.




FullSizeRender 2Lastly in this order and my treat of the order was the Tarte Tarteist Treats Eye & Lip Set. I bought this because I wanted the Tartiest Pro to Go palette and was going to purchase it alone, but for a couple dollars more I could get this set that comes with a mini Glossy Lip Paint and the Lash Paint Mascara. I had used the Lash Paint Mascara before and while I never chose to buy the full size I did enjoy the mascara. I love tarte’s mini sets and have bought a few over the past couple years. I used this palatte last night for my eye look and am in love already.

Second Order

FullSizeRenderWhen I did my first order one of the items I took out of my cart was my go to moisturizer – Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation. I have been thinking of changing to a heavier moisturizer for a while now. But knowing that we are now going into spring/summer I know this moisturizer will be good for that time, and I will re-evaluate in the fall/winter. So I splurged and got the largest size, hoping it will last me a while.



FullSizeRender 8While I was search skincare products I came across Deceit Hylamide HA Blur. While the name sounded chemically scary to me the reviews interested me. Many comments compared it to Benefit Porefessional and Estée Edit’s pore filler, and other high end ones but better so I was intrigued. As I mentioned in my last post, I am trying to get my skin to the point where I can feel more comforable with less makeup. So I have been using just pore fillers and translucent powder lately and have been loving the look. So I figured I would give this one a try.


So that was my haul. I like using the sale to stock up on products I typically use and help save myself a bit of money on them by buying during the sale.

Did you buy anything during the sale? I would like to hear what you picked up.




3 thoughts on “Sephora Spring VIB Sale

    1. It really is amazing. Sephora did sell a small travel size version of it too that came with a decent mascara for under $15 which would be a great way to try it. I will let you know how the Equate brand works out for me.


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