Planner Products I Regret Buying & Am Wasting

Hi all! I am back this week with a planner related post. I am been trying to de-clutter and organize my planner stuff lately, and have come across some products that made me think “Why did I buy this?!’ So I thought today I would share my planner products I  regret buying because I am wasting them! And if you have been with me for a while you know I hate waste!

Now should I start off with that disclaimer that I see a lot of people do…these opinions are just my own and in no way am I trying to disrespect products that you happen to like, or are good quality, these are just products that haven’t worked for me or I don’t like….and so on. Really I am not trying to offend anyone these are just my thoughts 🙂

Number Uno (1)- Washi Tape

Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE washi tape. So when I say I regret buying Washi I don’t mean all of it. When I first got into this planning life, I thought I needed to buy every roll of dollarstore washi tape that I saw. I have a bunch of rolls of washi that are not my style in the least, but I bought because it was washi tape and I wanted to have washi tape to plan. It was really my first planner supply item I purchased.


From left to right:

Paper style washi tape- bought because it was at the dollarstore and looked cool. It is completely useless and doesn’t stick well. I should throw it out, but I keep thinking I will use it for something.

Holiday Washi Tape- again from the dollar store and while it is cute, and I have used it, the cute characters really aren’t my style, yet I keep buying. The penguin one on top I hate to admit hasn’t even been used.

The third photo is an array of a bunch of washi I bought, when I first started out and thought I needed a ton of washi. Some of it is dollar store, some walmart, and even Martha Stewart. All I don’t use.

Fourthly metallic washi- If you have seen my spreads you know I love glitter and metallic but again the dollarstore got me with these. They were cheap and I thought they were cool, but hardly have anything on the roll and I am pretty sure they are meant to be used as gift wrapping tape..which now that I think about it might be useful next Christmas.

Number 2- Recollections Planner- In Gold


Ok…so I am sorry if I am giving you die-hard Recollections people a heart attack, but I have now purchased three of the binder type recollection planners and although I like them I regret going on a buying spree and buying the Gold one just because it was a good deal. I loved my mint one but the blue and the gold I bought on sale and I still to this day haven’t used the gold one.




Number 3- Mass Amounts Of Etsy Planner Stickers should notice a trend here. I tend to overbuy and then regret it later. I have done that with Etsy Planner Stickers. Not recently, but in the beginning I would buy kit after kit of stickers and now I have a stack of stickers that I am not in love with but feel like I have to use up just so they don’t go to waste. Mostly these are weekly kits. This past Christmas season, I purchased so many Christmas kits that I didn’t even have enough weeks to use them up. I was so mad with myself, because I hate being wasteful and I hate overspending.

Number 4- Happy Planner- Pocket Inserts

IMG_4840Now I am sure there are a ton of people who love these pocket inserts, and I really thought I would use them. Maybe I would more if my Happy Planner was more on the go with me. But I do not use these. Another reason I probably don’t tend to use them is because personally I do like the patterns.


Number 5- Happy Planner Extension Pack

IMG_4842This here purchase was a purchase of impatience. I couldn’t wait to start my Happy Planner so I purchased the add on pack so I could start it sooner. I used two months worth and told myself I would use them again for something but never have. I know I wanted to start my HP really badly, but I wish I didn’t have four months of wasted pages.


And finally…number Six- Happy Planner Covers

IMG_4841Now these aren’t so much a waste because I will use them eventually (or at least I keep telling myself that). I am even thinking of make the flamingo one into a notebook. But why I thought I really needed extra covers, I don’t know. I never get the urge to switch it out, maybe I like my current cover too much, who knows. But these are definitely a purchase I could have went without.

So those are my my planner supply purchase regrets. It is hard for my to call them regrets because each one of these items were part of my planning journey, and have made my planner style what it is today.

I love reading what other people have purchased and later decided wasn’t for them, so comment down below with the number one thing you thought you just had to have, but now realize you don’t.





5 thoughts on “Planner Products I Regret Buying & Am Wasting

  1. I had the same issue. Overspent and impulse shopped. Now I’ve cut all my planner spending until I actually use up some of my stash. I’ve also done a huge washi destash that I gave to my 11 year old niece, it was a win-win. Sometimes it’s difficult to pass up such cute things though 🙂


    1. Agreed!! Washi Tape has always been my weakness but I try not to impulse shop it now. With all the money I have spent on ‘cheap’ washi tape just because it was cute and cheap I could have spent it on great quality that I would actually use. Those darn dollar stores get me every time 🙂
      I have a couple nieces who would probably love to take some of washi tape off my hands. Thanks for the idea!


  2. I’ve gone overboard with a lot of planner supplies as well. Im part of a planner swao grouo now so the stuff i don’t love anymore I can pass on to others. I’m awful for buying too much washi and pens. Those are my weaknessss.


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