My Planner Journey + Giveaway

The month of April marked one year of this blog and while I wasn’t making as consistent posts then as I am now, I still wanted to celebrate my one year blogging-versary. If you saw my post on Instagram for my one  year,  I announced that I would be doing a giveaway and that time has now come. When I decided I wanted to do a giveaway I immediate knew what I wanted to giveaway–planning/blogging products that have been a part of my one year journey.  I thought the perfect post to giveaway those products would be one talking about my planner journey. So read below to hear about my planner journey and see the end of this post for the giveaway details.


IMG_5064My first memory of having a planner was in middle school when they handed out a school branded agenda (I am sure my parents had to pay for it) but I remember how I was excited by it. I was the kid that loved stationary shopping and I loved having that agenda book. I would write my tests and assignments but it was also a place to write notes to friends and doodle (even my 13 year old self knew I loved to decorate planners 🙂

I couldn’t find mine but this one is very similar

Between that time and entering of high school I knew I needed a ‘real’ planner and the first one came with a FiveStar binder. It was a green soft binder material planner and it made me feel so important. I no longer had to use the school issued one and it made me feel like I had a ‘life’ to organize. Later in my high school career I upgraded myself to a black leather filofax type of planner that I carried everywhere with me. I used it both as a planner and a journal during my high school days, writing in it whenever I had a chance. I am really surprised I didn’t keep either of these planners and wish I did to look back on now.


Enter university life–the time when you think I would have actually purchased a nice planner but nope I used the ones that came with our welcome week pack. Again it was a school type agenda book with smiling university kids faces all over it. But still I was excited every year to get a new one and used it everyday to keep track of school. Does anyone remember the different folds people would do for their planner pages to show what page they were on, from just bending the top corner to bending the whole page and reserving on each side to create arrows, I am sure I tried them all.



After finishing universities and moving overseas to teach I still didn’t find myself using a planner. I was substitute teaching at various different schools and if there was a time to be using a planner, this time of my life would have been it, but instead I used a notebook. I wrote each day in it of what school I was going to, the headmaster’s name, the directions for the train, etc. but still no planner.


I wasn’t very consistent with this planner

It wasn’t until I started an HR position that required a bit more formal planning that I found myself back into a planner and I can’t even remember where I got it, but it is pretty easy to see from the colour-why I picked it.



I compIMG_5068leted that planner and it was time to find something new and this time I found myself in Chapters/Indigo and they hadIMG_5069 so many to choose from. The brand I picked would be my planner brand for the two and half years. The Orange Circle Studio Do It All Planner with it’s practical planner stickers attached inside was that planner. A vertical planner reminiscent of  the Happy Planner & EC Planner with it’s divided lines and sidebar lead me down the rabbit hole of vertical planners.

IMG_5058In 2015 I jumped ship from the vertical planner back to horizontal into a Eccolo World Traveler planner mainly because of it’s cover. I fell in love with tIMG_5059he quote and at this time was looking to change up my planner style. It was in this planner that I found the world of washi tape and dollar store stickers. I first moved from using colour coordinating pens to separate work and home life to using colour coding for tasks. I would choose two weekly colours. I don’t know why I didn’t jump from this planner into a Happy Planner but instead I made a stop over to the Whitney English Day Designer.

One of my Monthly spread in my D.D made up of Washi Tape, Dollar Store Stickers & my first every Etsy Sticker Purchase (xmas countdown stickers)

I ordered the DD offline cheap because the season was almost over and decided to try a page per day for my planning life. I loved the DD and still do but I had found the world of etsy stickers and although was incorporating them into my DD I was itching to do something different. So I took the plunge and bought the Happy Planner.  I still had my Day Designer, but purchasing that planner is what created this blog. I wrote my first blog post that week and fell in love with both the Happy Planner and blog writing. I had already created my Instagram account and had been slowly adding planning photos to it.  From here my planner journey is shown throughout my blog posts.



The Happy Planner really turned the switch for me into planning and blogging and although the Happy Planner was what I consider my start of my blog, I didn’t stop my love of planners with the Happy Planner, I just added more planners to my life. One of those planners being a Webster’s Pages Planner.

plannerchoiceI love both my Happy Planners and Webster’s Pages Planner so I thought it would be nice to give you the option to choose. So you can choose between an undated A5 Happy Planner or a personal sized Webster’s Pages Planner. (The Webster’s Pages Planner comes with all it’s inserts plus 2017 calendar pages if you want them, I know some people like to use custom inserts, I have yet to try those).

giveawaystudyThe world of Etsy Planner Stickers is another reason I first got into decorative planning and therefor into blogging, so I also wanted to giveaway credit to one of the first Etsy shops I ever bought stickers from–The Studyholic. If you look back it one of my first few photos on IG, it is a photo of her Easter Kit and it was the first weekly kit I had every purchased (and I used it as a weekend kit for my Day Designer) This shop is also part of my planner blogging journey because I am on her PR Team.

giveawaypastelsAnother part of my planner/blogging journey has been my friend Kristen. One day searching through planner youtube videos I saw one from Kristen. She was the first ‘plannergirl’ I found that wasn’t following the typically planner layouts and buying planner sticker kits. I loved watching her videos and seeing how she planned her weeks. Not only does Kristen create awesome planner and lifestyle content but she has an etsy shop ‘Pastels Paper’ where she sells Flat Lays and I was super excited when she asked me to be part of her PR team for her shop. Flat Lays are super important when creating blog posts but I also love using them in my Instagram feed. So I wanted to include flay lays in my giveaway. But I didn’t want to choose for you, so instead I will be giving away six custom flay lay photos that way whether you are a blogger or you just want some photos for IG you can have choice in what you get. They also make great desktop photos for your computer.


How to Enter:

  1. Comment below what planner(s) have been part of your planner journey or what your favourite planner has been so far. (also include your IG name so I can contact you if you win)
  2. For an extra entry follow me & share my giveaway post on Instagram @planbydesigns

Giveaway Ends Midnight (Pacific Time) June 1st. (Open to Canada & US residents only. Must be 18 or older to enter)

Good Luck Everyone!!!




39 thoughts on “My Planner Journey + Giveaway

  1. Hello, I’m using a simple planner I buy here in philippines. Because I can’t afford those happy planner. It’s so expensive here. But hoping to have a happy planner. Because I’m so inlove with them so much. Thank you for this opportunity!

    IG: Lovelysinigayan

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    1. Unfortunately my giveaway is only open to Canadian & US residents because of the cost of international shipping but if I come across an international giveaway for the Happy Planner I will let you know. Sorry.


  2. Wow!! I don’t have a long, interesting planner past like you do. Lol
    I got my first planner in high school. It was a planner with the comic strip character Ziggy. The whole planner was done in black, white, and aqua. So I bought aqua pens to fill it up!
    After I graduated, I didn’t try planning again until 2014. I bought a BlueSky horizontal planner and 3 rolls of washi tape. I just couldn’t find my planner peace.
    Then in 2015 (20 Years after my first planner success), I found Erin Condren planners. I decided to try a vertical layout to see if that would work better for me. I started to buy stickers on Etsy, and the rest is history.
    I also now use personal size planner is for on-the-go with Sew Much Crafting Vertical inserts so I can still use the same stickers.
    And that’s it!
    I’m @planner_mac_amber on IG.

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    1. Not only do I have a bit of a planner obsession but I have a pen obsession too! Matching aqua pens to your planner that sounds exactly what I would do. I have never tried the Erin Condren just because of the cost for them and shipping to Canada but they are definitely a fav of many. Do you have any suggestions on Sew Much Crafting Inserts? I really want to try some.


      1. I’ve heard so many Canadians say that the Erin Condren planners are way to expensive to have shipped to them. ☹️
        As for the Sew Much Crafting inserts, you can get the vertical inserts and it’s very similar to having an EC vertical. I don’t do horizontal planning, so I’m no help there.
        Oh, I will say that the SMC insert paper is thick, but fragile. Once you put a sticker down you can peel it back up without some kind of ripping of the page paper.
        Hope this helps!! 🙂👍🏻

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  3. The first planner I purchased was from Plum Paper last July, I was never in the whole planner world before that and even after. It was just something to keep track of my appointments because baby brain hit me hard. This year I purchase my first EC planner and have ordered numerous stickers from etsy while I patiently wait for the planner to arrive. I have big plans for this planner and hopefully it will help keep my hectic life a little less of a mess.


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    1. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the EC. I have never crossed in the EC world because of the price & shipping to Canada, but so many people love her planners. Hope you share your planner spreads on IG!


  4. I’m very new to the IG world & even newer to the planning world but I’ve always loved stickers! For the most part my planning history always consisted of one of those $2 planners/Calender’s that fit in your bag lol I know have a 2016-2017 Happy Planner that was generously gifted to me I really like but it’s going to run out in December & i think if prefer something a bit smaller 💛🌻💛ty for the awesome opportunity I’m looking forward to reading your blog as often as I can oh I almost forgot my IG name is Becka’s_Bows /Rebecca Campbell💛🌻💛

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    1. The I love the planning IG world. The planning community is full of really great people & it is awesome to connect with people who share a love for planning, so welcome! Glad you are liking the blog & I will definitely look you up on IG


  5. I currently use mini and classic HP for Planning and a Heide Swapp memory planner which is my favorite because I can go back to a certain date and look at pics and memories for that specific day.

    My Ig. @927jen

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  6. So funny, cause my Planner obsession started with the same type of “Planner” we were given in middle school! I actually found an undated school planner at my grandparents house (made for school aged) and have been holding onto it to see if my niece might be the type who likes to have one. Haha. I don’t want it to go to waste!

    Aside from that, I’ve had a multitude of planners. Mostly whatever I could find at Target and Walmart. Sometimes I even used blank journals ( before bullet journaling was a thing). I have somewhat of a pen and paper/notebook/journal obsession, so always grab the cute ones.

    Now, I’m currently in a Happy Planner and love it, though I have a bullet journal I use for some trackers and positive mental health layouts. Thanks for sharing this awesome giveaway!


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  7. Hello. I am into planning eversince i was a little girl because our school always has an assignment notebook back then. We need to write the daily assignments of the day. It continued until present. But i never knew decorating or putting stickers not until i came to USA in 2016. For planners… i just buy the cheap ones haha until here in US… thats the time i tried happy planner. My hubby will kill me for erin condren but i did hear its so nice. Same goes for other planners that i cant afford as currently i dont have work yet. I enjoy the happy planner. I get to remove the pages do my stickers and put them back in. I never had the websters pages one that you are giving away. It does look cute so i am tempted to get that if im fortunate to win your giveaway. But who knows my mind might change haha.
    Ig : @bluepriestess

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  8. I’ve been decorative planning for almost 2 years now. I absolutely love the classic Happy Planner. I love how customizable it is, all of the accessories in the MAMBI line (especially the stickers), and the overall set up of the planner. Currently, I’m also using 3 other planners- the mini Happy Planner, a zipped recollections planner and a Victoria’s Secret PINK planner (as my teacher’s planner). It’s nice experimenting with different layout and being creative with my planner stickers. In the past, I’ve also used a Day designer planner and just inexpensive small, pocket size planners.
    IG @purplenailbandit

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  9. Much like yourself, I have used several different styles of planner throughout my planning Journey. Currently comma I am using an Erin Condren, a classic happy planner, a Webster Pages A5 for special projects, and will be switching to a personal sized Webster pages as a wallet.
    I really enjoyed your blog post. It never struck me how much our planners tell our story.
    IG: silentquiller

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    1. I love my Webster’s Pages for on the go. I didn’t think I would be a personal size planner type of person until I tried them out and now I am addicted to them. They are so cute and compact and so easy to throw in my bag.


      1. Hey! I have somehow managed to create all three sizes 😳 I started with a big then needed larger discs (which come 9 to pack🤔 but need 11 so had to buy 2!) then used extra 7 large for classic and the original mini ones that came with big one to create a mini! 😬 Def not complaining though!!! 😘


  10. I have been planning for a year and half ago and I love to use the EC vertical planner and the personal planner, the design is so perfect and the page is super amazing .
    IG : @Prettyplanss

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  11. I just started planning with an actual planner but in my school days I used to use those Walmart planners!!! 😂 Now I’m using the Erin Condren Life Planner vertical #basic!!! It’s my first Erin Condren and I’m SO in love with it!!! But I want to ‘broaden my horizon’ and try the other planners on the market! Thank you so much for the oppurtunity my ig name is @planneraddictifa

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    1. Walmart has a good selection of planners. I think any planner that works for the person using it, is a good planner. I may have to buy an EC next year just to see. I once saw a half used one in a thrift shop for a dollar and still get mad at myself for not buying it just so I could have seen what they are like.


  12. I currently use 8 Planners for different purposes. Some for planning, journaling, keeping memories for my daughters to have later in life. They have been such a blessing helping me with my memory issues I’ve had since a horrible car accident so many years ago. My favorite Planners are my ECLP, my personal size planner But the one I treasure the most is my Big Happy Planner. In it I write about each of my 3 young adult daughters daily. They won’t see it until I’m gone but I know will treasure the pictures and memories. @Once_in_a_lifetime13

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    1. Aww I am sure they will treasure it forever. I used to journal all the time and it is something I wish I would start again. I love writing and that is part of the reason I started this blog. I just wish there were more hours in the day. Thanks for sharing!


  13. Congratulations on hitting the 1-year milestone! It’s so crazy to look back and see how much your planning style has evolved. 😊 I can totally relate to you, in the sense that you’ve tried several different planners. My first memory of a planner was also the school-issued planners from Middle School and I hated it. Passionately. 😂 We had to get them signed by our parents every night to make sure we were using them. Writing down my homework like that just didn’t work for me. I preferred keeping a “Homework Folder” where I would store all my worksheets, and write down textbook assignments on a post-it and keep it there. It wasn’t until college when I finally found “planner zen” with a generic Staples-brand planner. I color-coded my classes and other events, and it was around that time I discovered washi tape. After that, I used the “spiral-bound lined notebook” method. And now, I’ve moved on to the Happy Planner Classic and I’m totally in love! 😍

    I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for you and your planning style! Thank you so much for this opportunity! My Instagram handle is @organizedpotato. 💖

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    1. Thanks! It is crazy how those school planners were forced on kids. I can understand it was to try to teach organization and planning but I bet it definitely made some students hate the idea of planning. Lucky for me it did the opposite and I am now a part of this awesome planner community!

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  14. I’ve been using a classic happy planner that I won in a contest, but I find it big and clunky. It’s fine for sitting on my desk – I’d like to try a mini, personal or TN to carry around.

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  15. I’m actually new to planner community so I don’t have a long experience like you🙈 but I have 2 planner each for different things. I have a A5 Webster’s Pages planner for my baking business that I have & a A5 Filofax for my everyday going & my bookstagram. I actually like Webster’s Pages planner better because of the pockets it has & the weekly sheets that come with the planner is spacey which I love 😊!!
    Thank you for the opportunity💕
    IG: tashasbookaddiction

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