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May Beauty Loving or Leaving


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I love watching/reading other people’s favourites lists, so I thought I would start to do my monthly favourites but also include any products I have tried and haven’t worked out for me. Each month the list will vary in length depending on what I am loving or leaving.


Photo: Sephora Website (I forgot to take a photo of mine lol)

Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid in Peach– So this is one of those products that is a come back for me. I had purchased this a while back and thought it was just ok. For some reason one morning I grabbed it and used it under my eyes and it was amazing! I don’t know if it is my tan after vacation or that my Khiels Midnight Eye Recovery is doing it’s job and just making my under eyes easier to cover up. But whatever the reason I am loving this product right now. It goes one smoothly and doesn’t crease. This morning I forgot to set it and still didn’t crease all day.

Yet another Urban Decay product on my list- Naked Palette #3. I had been favoring my Tarte Palettes over the past couple months but this month I picked up my hardly used Naked Palette and am loving it. My quick morning eyeshadow routine right now is to put Strange all over my lid first. I then top the lower part of my lid with Limit. I then use Burnout on the inner half of my lower lid and then buff some of Nooner into my crease. I throw a blush topper I am currently using from Wet&Wild on my brow bone and done! Super easy the first three shadows I put on with my fingers and just use a fluffy blending brush for the crease colour.

FullSizeRender (12)Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Powder (220 Natural Beige)– This month I decided to purchase this powder in an actual shade, up until now I had been using just the translucent as a makeup setter.  I love it. My makeup routine for work has been super simple lately. I have been trying to get out of the foundation every day routine and this has worked perfectly for that. Luckily this time of year I can wear powder without problem, but in the winter my dry skin is probably not going to love this.

FullSizeRender (13)Maybelline Baby Skin- Instant Pore Eraser– If you have been following my Instagram you know I have been in the search for the perfect pore blurrer. I have yet to find what I am looking for but throughout my search of high end and drugstore this one is the one that I keep going back to. I will be writing a post on all the products I have been trying in search of the perfect pore minimizer.

FullSizeRender (9)Nars Velvet Lip Glide (Bound)– So no surprise this is on my loving list. I can’t get enough of the lipstick. Everything from the colour to the texture of the product I love. I wish it did have a bit more of a lasting power but I love it too much to care. (If you want to see more details on this product check out my review of  the Sephora Favourites lip kit I bought this in)


Ok these next two favourites are what I consider beauty products even though they may not be your conventional makeup/skincare beauty products.

FullSizeRender (8)Vitamins- I am working on getting a vitamin routine down. I have been struggling a bit this year with my health, throughout the winter I caught so many flu and colds that I got really upset with myself and depressed about being sick all the time. I felt like I was eating better and really trying to take better care of myself but I still couldn’t stop getting sick. I think part of the reason I was getting sick was because my sleep quality was going downhill. My friend Brooke suggested I try vitamins for sleep, more specifically Valerian. So picked some up along with some other vitamins that I had been using on and off and I created a vitamin routine. My sleep is getting better. It still isn’t where I want it to be, but I am considering adding in some Magnesium as well, as I have heard that can help as well.  So while they aren’t a specific skincare or makeup product, I can say that I don’t know if it is the vitamin C, vitamin D or maybe the sleep I am getting from the Valerian but my skin this month has been doing much better.

Another product that is not a conventional beauty product that I am loving are Essential Oils. I have been using the Blend Oils from Eden’s Garden this month and am really liking them. I originally got them for the Good Night & Anxiety Ease blends but I have been loving the Uplift and Sunshine Spice for my office when I am working. I am just really starting my journey with Essential Oils for beauty and health so as I learn more and try more, I am sure they will continue to show up on my monthly love lists.

FullSizeRender (7)

Ok now onto the Leaving side of the list.


IMG_4953No surprise for the item on the top of the list. The Hylamide HA Blur cream did not work out for me. It pilled on my skin when I tried to put other products on top of it and it just didn’t do any better of job then my Baby Skin one but was twice the price. I go more into detail on this product here


Next is another Pore Blurring product (I told ya I have been trying out a bunch) this one though I tried a sample of and really liked. The Estee Edit Pore Vanishing Stick. I tried a small sample size and really liked the product, the centre part that has the coloured correcting cream seemed to be enough colour to correct some of my redness while the white part seemed to fill my pores. I don’t know what they made the sample of but it doesn’t seem the same in full size. It pills on my skin when I try putting anything over it, yet it doesn’t blur my pores to wear along. I also feel a little weird about stick products. Even though my face is clean when I put it, I still feel weird about rubbing it on my face each time.

Those are the only two leave products for the month of May.

What products are you loving or leaving? I would love to hear below.






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  1. I like this concept of “Love it or Leave it”!! Thanks for sharing! I love your content and I’m looking forward to future posts!
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 Mena from 🌷


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