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Six Things You May Be Doing That is Interfering With Your Productivity

As you all know productivity is a big part of my life. I am always looking to find ways to be more productive. I have a busy work schedule so when I am home I want to make the most of the time I have. Don’t we all? So I am always reflecting on what makes me productive and what gets in my way. I am in the middle of a 14 Day Productivity Challenge from Planning With Kristen- so productivity is even more on my brain.

While looking at what was interfering with my productivity, I came up with six common issues that I struggle with, and maybe you do too. So I have decided I am going to tackle one of them a week and blog about my experience. I am sure some weeks will be harder then others but the ups and downs are what it’s all about, right?

Also because I only blog once a week for my planning & productivity side of my blog, I may add in other planner related posts along my way for those of you who love the planner topics more šŸ™‚

So for today we are going to start with the list of common things I am doing that is causing my productivity to fail!

FullSizeRender (5)
This is screenshot of my morning alarm system šŸ™‚

Snooze! We have all had those mornings where you hit snooze more times then you can count because your bed is so nice and cozy and warm but if you are hitting snooze every day you are missing out on creating a good productive morning routine. I am definitely one of those people. I don’t press snooze but only because I have three alarms on my phone set for the morning. I have even gone as far as to name them. I was hoping the makeup thing would make me want to get out of bed sooner but nope.




Photo Credit: Kristen Ā @ Pastels Paper

To Do Lists- Not making a proper to-do list or making one but not looking at it. I talked about this in my postĀ Planner Struggle: Why Your Planner Isnā€™t Working For YouĀ but if you are writing down a to-do or writing in your planner but aren’t looking at it, you are setting yourself up for failure. Although I tend to look at my planner more often then not, I still have those days when I get super busy or lazy and don’t. I love to-do lists so I will be challenging myself to innovate the way I use them and see if I can be more productive.

pexels-photo-29781 (1)
Photo Credit: William Iven @ Pexels

Distractions- of course we all have distractions whether it is a bad smartphone habit or going to the break room more often then you should and getting tied up talking to co-workers. Whatever causes your distractions we need to find ways to limit them if we want to be productive or at least try to plan out our distraction time. For me my distraction is my smartphone. I can open up Youtube to put music on while working, decided I need to look up lyrics, see something in the lyrics that makes me wonder about the artist, look up the artist and see they have a cat, then look up cat breeds Ā and all of a sudden I am watching an hour worth of funny cat videos and just like that an hour of my life is gone.

Photo Credit: Chevanon PhotographyĀ @ Pexels

Health- This I believe should be the number one thing I work on. If you are not living a healthy lifestyle I believe it is hard to be productive. I am a natural ‘lazy’ (I hate using that word, because it seems so negative). It’s not that I don’t like to accomplish things and I am a definite go-getter which is a strange combo I realize, but I can easily fall in the trap of hanging out wasting time. My husband is the opposite he wants to go, go, go all the time. I want to find that happy balance. To be productive I think I need to be the healthiest form of myself and to be more healthy I need to get my body moving more. Moving your body and creating a healthy lifestyle can do many things for your productivity by giving you more energy that you require to power through that to-do list.

happinessMentality- Ever have those days where you can’t get out of your own way? and it feels like you are going to be in a bad mood forever? I think we all have those days. I am a pretty naturally optimistic person which I am thankful for every single day. If I wasn’t as optimistic as I am, I think my overthinking and anxiety would really put me in a bad spot. I think part of being productive is being positive. I feel like I can be much more productive when I am having a positive day. Finding ways to start each day on a positive note and looking on the brighter side is going to be my challenge for week five.


A photo by Sarah Dorweiler. unsplash.com/photos/kjERLXaHjXc
How could I not include this cat in a chair šŸ™‚ Ā Photo Credit: Sarah Dorweiler @ Pexels

Sitting Down This one might seem a bit silly to some, but if you are like me then maybe you will understand. I have a bad habit of coming home from work and sitting down. Which doesn’t sound like a bad thing right?After a hard day at work we all deserve to sit down right? Well sitting down for the twenty minutes before getting up to cook dinner, or sitting down while cooking dinner is the most unproductive use of my time. I am terrible for wasting those 5-10 minute parts of my day. I could be using that time to do those small five-ten minutes tasks- throwing a load of laundry in or vacuuming the floors. By wasting those few minutes, it means I am not getting to that stuff till after dinner cleanup and more likely the longer I sit, the less likely I am going to do those tasks. I guess this one kind of goes hand in hand with being more active but for me those free minutes after getting home from work set the tone for the rest of the evening.


So those are the six things I am going to work on in the next six weeks. Maybe if you struggle with any of these, maybe you will join me by challenging yourself to work on one bad habit a week and see the difference six weeks will make.

(Photo Credits: I am loving learning photography and taking fun photos for Instagram and my blog posts. However one week’s like this one when I can’t seem to get the time or the right photo I am thankful for those who share their wonderful photos for people like me to use. So thank you!! Also if get too busy or are unable to use your own photos remember to credit those who work so hard at creating those images)


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