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First Impressions: Too Faced Better Than Sex & Loreal Volumious Lash Paradise

FullSizeRenderI had purchased the Better Than Sex mascara a while back because it came as this cute little duo. I put it in my beauty drawer and thought of it from time to time, but always had too many mascaras on the go. So when I heard about the release of the L’Oréal Lash Paradise mascara and how it was supposedly a dupe for the Too Faced one I decided to hold off trying it until I could get the L’Oréal one.

I also wanted to make sure I chose a day that I could try them out all day but not be at work if they went horribly wrong and smeared down my face. So yesterday was the day.

The Price

Too Faced Better Than Sex /0.27fl.oz -$30 (Canadian on

L’Oreal Lash Paradise 8.5ml/0.28fl.oz -$14.99 (I found it at Shoppers Drug Mart for this price but I am assuming it will go on sale or be cheaper at Walmart when it gets there)

The Packaging

FullSizeRender 3If L’Oréal was trying to make sure everyone knew this was going to be a BTS dupe they definitely did that with their choice of packaging. Although not the exact same colour pink, they are very, very similar. Both have a slippery smooth tube with black writing.


The Wand & Brush

Both have the same length and I almost the same diameter. Too Faced might be a tad bit bigger around. But the more noticeable difference is in the shape. The BTS mascara has a hourglass shape, while the LP is straighter with a very slight hourglass shape. The brushes are flexible which make it easy to get your lashes coated. Although because I have shorter lashes I found the thick brush made it hard to get into the corner of my eye.

The Formula 

This is where things get very very similar. I can not tell the difference in the formula at all. They are both a slightly dry formula which I was surprised by for the L’Oréal since my other Voluminous mascaras are more wet. They aren’t super dry to the point that you can wipe off any mess ups right away but it doesn’t take long for them to dry down at all. For this reason when I first tried the mascara I waited too long into between coats (from taking photos) and it was hard to apply overtop of. So if you choose to use either of these mascaras definitely keep that in mind.

Second Coat

These both layer well over top of themselves but like I said, you do have a shorter window of time to layer just because of the dryness of the formula.


IMG_5732Both of these mascaras wore the same for me. Yesterday my left eye which had the L’Oréal on flaked a bit during the day but it was the kind of flakes that brushed off and didn’t leave a mess behind. But strangely enough today I put the Too Faced on that eye and it has flaked on me as well. I don’t know why but those lashes just don’t seem to hold as well as my right eyelashes.

I curled my lashes prior to applying and while the mascaras didn’t initially cause my lashes to fall throughout the day they did fall but that is pretty typical for me.


If you read my skincare routine you know I use Clinque Take Off The Day balm and I love it so much and never have trouble taking off mascara and this one was no exception. Both mascaras came off easily and I didn’t have to rub to get it off.

Overall Impressions

Although I had hear that these products were dupes, I was surprised with how much so. If I wasn’t opening the tubes and applying them myself I would not be able to tell the difference between these two. They wore the exact same on me.

Now impressions on the mascaras in general. They are fine. Because of the hype over the BTS mascara I was really expecting to be wowed by it, but I wasn’t. For me I look for mascaras that give me more volume and these both didn’t give that to me. For a no make up make up look I think they are perfect because they definitely give me that nice separated natural lash. However I will continue to use them because for me that way a mascara starts is not always the way it continues to perform for me. I find around the two week mark is usually when I start to really love a mascara or hate it. So I will see how these go.



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