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One, Both Or Neither–Me And My Big Ideas Seasonal Sticker Books


I have been really liking my sticker books from Me And My Big Ideas lately. I think mostly because I have been really enjoying created my planner spreads with different sticker elements and not just sticker kits. I definitely am not giving up my sticker kits, but I like changing it up.

IMG_5569So when I heard Mambi had come out with some new sticker books I definitely wanted to check them out and since I am definitely a seasonal planner lover, I picked up the newest seasonal sticker book. I vaguely remembered looking at the original one at some point and knew I hadn’t picked it up because I for some reason remembered it being very heavy into the July 4 but whatever the reason I decided to pick up the newest one.

I didn’t look at it in the store and when I got home and finally opened it, I must say I was quite disappointed. I was surprised to open up to school stickers, but then thought that some people consider the year to start in September so that didn’t bother me. Till I flipped the page and it was the exact same page of school stickers again, followed by a page of all pencils.

I went through the book and although the book has seasonal stickers to me it read more like a school sticker book with lots of weather related stickers. So I got on IG and aired some of my frustrations with the book and was told that it was a seasonal sticker book for teachers. I pulled out the sticker book to double check the cover…nope didn’t say teacher on it. However if you go onto Mambi online the sticker book is called Value Pack Stickers- Seasonal-Teacher. Why this isn’t reflection on the cover of the book I have no clue.

Now some of the stickers are cute. The page of just florals are really pretty. And the seasonal stickers are nice I was just expecting there to be more of them.

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Shout out to Maggie (IG: maggiemoffre_11) who showed me some of the original book which was definitely more of what I was looking for.

IMG_5659So back to Michaels I went and I returned the #2 and purchase the OG. It is definitely more of what I was looking for. It has a sheet of bucket list stickers for each season (in vinyl), has two different pages for spread type stickers of full boxes & headers in seasonal colours, and also has two pages of different icon & decorative stickers. The last pages of the book are a sheet of Birthday stickers & some weather stickers (Mambi–what is with the weather obsession?) Oddly the book also has a Mothers Day sticker but no Father’s Day?

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*** Some of the photos in this slideshow have a bad reflect on (sorry)

So if I returned the new book you can guess that I didn’t  think I need both books. I think the second book could be for you if you are teacher, or even just like the stickers and will get use out of them but for me I would have wasted more then I would use. As much as I liked some of the seasonal stickers in that book, I know I would use less than a quarter of the stickers in that book. I also do on occasion substitute teach and for me I can’t image what I would use some of those stickers for. There are pages of stickers that made no sense to me, a whole sheet of apple stickers, black and clear weather stickers, pages of letters and numbers. There are sheets of positive reinforcement sayings but as a teacher you would blow through those two pages quickly.

I think Mambi should have put out a new seasonal book and put the teacher type stickers in the two teacher sticker books they put out. I didn’t find any of the seasonal stickers in the book were teacher related, to me they could have had stickers that said ‘Winter Break Plans’ with snowflakes our something seasonal around it. Thanksgiving Break with pumpkins. If you are going to make a Seasonal Teacher Sticker Book then you should at least make your seasonal stickers teacher related.

Overall I just wished that Mambi would have properly identified their new book as a Teacher sticker book. It would have save me the time knowing that the book wasn’t for me.

Also just for all you out there that aren’t from the US there are only two July 4th type stickers in the original book, so I have no clue what I was thinking when I first saw the book 🙂

Comment below if you have either of these books and which is your favourite. Also I would love to hear you overall favourite sticker book. I get overwhelmed by the choices and would love to pick up a couple more.


4 thoughts on “One, Both Or Neither–Me And My Big Ideas Seasonal Sticker Books

  1. MAMBI seems to be very inconsistent with their sticker books. The teacher books have so many quotes which is nice, but im sure a teacher needs function. Same with the productivity book, first page is quotes LOL!

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