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No Spend: What To Do When You Have Gone Overboard With Your Spending

This awesome photo came from Pexels. I couldn’t find a person to credit because it was on Pexels from Pixabay–but this piggy is so cute!

First off. For those who have been following me no this is not my morning routine post that is suppose to be the topic of this week. I have once again failed at that because I haven’t made use of those great worksheets & also I came to the realization that I can’t plan a great morning routine without planning a great night routine so I can get enough sleep to get up in the morning. So it is back to the drawing board. If you have no clue what I am talking about and want to catch up, here are my last two posts —>Six Things You May Be Doing That is Interfering With Your Productivity & Why I Failed At Creating A Morning Routine–And What I Am Doing To Change That.

But since I haven’t sorted that out yet. Today I want to discuss; the #plannergirlnospend 

Every week I see girls in the planning community announcing they are going on a no spend. There are all kinds of cute stickers to go along with this. Which in my mind it is really funny to plan a sticker no spend with a sticker. But hey that’s just me. Also every week I see girls apologizing for breaking their no spend, or saying how they had to break it because of a cute planner or a seasonal sticker kit.

My mess of stickers I am in the middle of organizing.

I have been in that spot where you look around you and see so much planner stuff you wonder how to got to this point. That point came to me this week when I was going through the left overs of my sticker kits and I have so many stickers that are just on a sheet wasted. I have started to go through those sheets to organize them in hopes of using them, but during this process I was reminded that I have overspent.




It got me with it’s pink and prettiness and I will not work for me at all.

I also recently have purchased a planner because

A. It was on sale (a great deal actually)

B. It was cute

C. It was pink.

I brought it home and realized not only do I not need it but it won’t even work for me. I only bought it for those reasons listed above.

great deal

So after that long intro, I want to talk about what to do when you go overboard on your spending.

Don’t Panic

It is easy to look around you see all the stuff or look at your bank account and have that holy cow moment where you want to just freak out and shut down. This is not constructive and the money is already spent. Unless you can return some of the products you overspent on, know the money is gone and move past it.

Examine What Went Wrong

What brought you to this point?  If you constantly seem to be in this ping-pong of no spends, you haven’t really fixed what is causing the issue. This one will take a while. You need to know what makes you overspend. Do you buy a lot of products when they are on sale? Do you make weekly trips to the craft stores? You need to know what is causing you to spend the money or else once your no-spend is over you will be back to the bad habits.

Make A Plan

It is easy to say you are going on a no spend but unless you make a plan of how you are going to make it through it, you are more likely to fail. This plan needs to include where you want wrong (the why and how of your spending) and then an action plan of how to correct this. Example: When I am bored and start looking at shopping apps on my phone like Sephora, Indigo, Amazon, etc. I always see something I want. There are always going to be products in these stores I want. So when I am avoiding or cutting down on non-essential spending I put these apps all in a folder together and put them on the last page of my phone so I don’t get tempted to online shop. If you are really tempted, delete them until the no-spend is over.

Essential & Non-Essential Spending- Make your Rules

No spends are different for everyone. Once you know where you went wrong and make a plan for your no spend, you need to determine your rules. Make a yes and no list. Life essentials will obviously go on the yes list but depending on what you are trying to not spend on your no list can be as broad or as narrow as you want. I would suggest starting slow. Determine your worst spend item and start there. If you are buying a ton of etsy planning stickers, go on a no spend for those if you are spending too much at Micheals, do a no spend for that. (This will depend on your bank account and how much of a no spend you need to go on, but starting slow will increase your chances of success)

Do Not Break Your No Spend

I don’t care the excuse. There is a great new one of a time never to be sold again, seasonal sticker kit that is a hundred million percent off. It doesn’t matter. If you break your no-spend you break your trust with yourself. There will always be something tempting you.

If you want information on how to plan on a budget check out my post here –>Planning With A Budget

Have you ever been put yourself on a no-spend? How did it work for you? I would love to hear any tips you have or if you need to go on a no-spend let me know what your struggles are and maybe we can all help each other in the comments.



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