How I Took My Mess Of Left Over Stickers & Turn Them Into A Custom Sticker Book

I have been struggling with the organization of my stickers for a while now. If you follow my blog you may know that I hate being wasteful, so I don’t throw out the left over stickers from the Etsy sticker kits. Well not throwing out any of the stickers, left me with a big pile of sticker sheets all with random stickers on them.

IMG_6342When I started in this sticker planning world I used a set of pink nesting boxes. Over the weeks of planning, they boxes go organized with new kits in one, seasonal stickers and washi in another, and the third box held any left over sticker sheets & icon sticker sheets. As I got more and more into the icon sticker sheets, and had more and more left over sticker (because I tend to be a white space planner) the third box was filling up quickly. Not only was it filling up quickly but I wasn’t using the stickers in it, because it was too much of a hassle to pull out all the stickers and sort through them.

I had tried a few different organizing systems, where I would put all of one type of icons in one plastic sleeve, and even started to organize left over stickers back into there original kits thinking I would have a better chance at using them if they were all together. But this system wasn’t working.

So a few months ago I decided I was going to get a bit more organized, and organized one of the shops I frequently purchase from left over stickers. I took all the left over stickers off the page and organized them by sticker type, headers, boxes, icons, etc. It took so long and I wasn’t sure how I wanted to set it up, so I did the one shop and forgot about it.

Cue last week when again I was flipping though pages and pages of stickers to try to find one that I could use in my spread. I then decided it was time to try to make my stickers more accessible.

The beginning of the project…when I thought it was only going to take me a couple hours. lol 

At first I was just going to do the circle icons and leave the rest of the kits alone. I kept debating in my mind, because some of my left over sticker kits had enough to do another spread, and I didn’t know whether or not to separate them by sticker type or leave them as the kit. I worried that if I separated them by sticker type, I would be missing out on a chance of putting a spread together from not seeing all the like stickers together. However after I got started, I decided I was just going to go with it, and although like any project I had my doubts along the way, I am happy with how it turned out. This week when I planned my spread it was so much easier searching for the sticker I wanted. I know it will get much easier as I go, as I learn my new set up.

Lots of sticker borders

The pages the stickers are stuck to are pages from the actual sticker kits. I just removed all the stickers off of them and the surrounding borders and re-stuck stickers to them. I was considering buy full sheets of sticker labels and just taking the labels off, but decided to use what I had and it worked well. Also I had looked at purchasing the half size page protectors that fit the individual sheets better, but they are expensive and this in my opinion works just as well.

First I did all the circle icons, which probably took the longest. Working by sticker group I flipped through the sheets pealing off each classification of sticker and sticking it the page I wanted it on.

Much easier this way.

At one point I cleaned off my desk and layout the sticker piles so I could easily sort through the stickers and I wish I would have started with this method, it made it much easier to find the sheet I needed.

Every night when I finished I would put the sticker pages in heavy books to weight the stickers down onto the pages. This definitely made a difference with getting the stickers to adhere well to the pages.

I mistakenly stuck these half boxes to the wrong side of the sticker sheet. The book method saved them.

After I organized all my left over stickers, I also decided to organize the pages of icons and checklist sheets I have purchased on there own. I wanted these with the left overs so when I go through the binder I am looking at all that I have. The only stickers I didn’t organize was some of my seasonal sticker kits, which I am still debating on since I could still use a red icon no matter the time of the year.

IMG_6149Next I decided how I was going to organize the binder. I started by taping the sheets to coloured paper, which I have tried to colour code–until I ran out of green paper. I also ran out of dividers but I have to wait until I get to a place to pick up the exact ones, because they have to match 🙂

So below is my organization system (I haven’t written on my dividers yet, because I want to spend a couple weeks using this system before I decide if I want to change it up. Also I haven’t added washi strips or little things in yet and haven’t decided if I want to because I don’t often use little things)

If you want to see photos of the set up, see the slideshow below.

  1. Headers- To Do, Today, Little Things, Rescheduled, Cancelled any headers are in this section.
  2. Checklists- I have both the flag style checklists and the box style in this section
  3. Fullboxes
  4. Halfboxes
  5. Quarterboxes & Appointment Stickers- I have also put the movie marquees in this section because often I use them for appointments and stuff, but I am not sure if I am going to keep them here.
  6. Sidebar- Here I have the stickers I tend to use in my sidebar whether it be habit trackers or day of the week stickers.
  7. Icons- Bills/Pay Days
  8. Icons- Bdays & Hearts
  9. Icons- Selfcare, shopping, bath, nails, etc.
  10. Icons- Cleaning
  11. Icons- Food & Exercise
  12. Icons Productivity & Lazy- coffee, don’t forgets, planning, desks, computers, reading, social media, meeting, lazy days, etc.
  13. Odds & Ends Icons- Travel, cars, water plants, sick days, etc.
  14. Page Flags – Tear Drops- Circles Etc. (Thinking of moving this up to after the quarter boxes and appointment stickers. I feel like it might fit better there.
  15. Circle Icons (Can’t decide whether to put the corresponding circle icons with the regular icons they match, ex. circle dollar icons in the bills/pay days section. I feel like they might get more use this way.
  16. Weekend/Days of the Week
  17. Decor


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So those are my 17 sections at the moment. Sounds like a lot of sections when you list them out, but I am thinking about putting a main divider between the add on stickers (icons, weekends, decor, etc) and the main parts of my spread like the boxes and headers. But for now I to use it as is and see how it goes.

I would love to hear if how you organize your sticker collection. Do you have a sticker box like I did?


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