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Mid Year Check In: How to Check in With Yourself, Your Goals, and Plan The Second Half Of Your Year

I have been using this set from Molly & Rex for my mid year reflection.

If you are a planner girl like me, you probably check your planner throughout the day, week, and month to make sure you are staying on track. But today I want to talk about my mid-year check in process.

Time passes so quickly, that sometimes it is hard to believe another month has come and gone. With the passing of June, we have made it to the middle of 2017! Whether the first half of the year has been a difficult one for you, or whether you are thriving in 2017, I think we can all benefit from a mid year check in.

July for me has always been a time to pause, reflect,and re-evaluate where I am at for year and really plan the second half of the year to really get the most out the year before we say goodbye to 2017.

I do really like breaking my year down into quarters (January, April, July, October) and doing reflections at each quarter, but mid-year is where I get serious and start to look at changes.

First Step:  Wellness 

IMG_6933Although this is about my goals and planning success for the second half of my year, I also start each of my check ins evaluating my wellness. To me this is mind, body, and spirit. I take inventory of my current state, and decide if I need to make any changes to improve my wellness.

For me I have decided to focus on wellness for the second half of 2017. I am taking sometime to be selfish, and truly work on my mind, body, and spirit.

Second: Looking Back At Yearly Goals  

Next I look at my goals for 2017 (if you are new to creating goals, check out my past posts on goal setting here, here and here ) and I ask myself three questions:

  1. What are my achievements (doesn’t have to be the full goal that I have achieved, could be just partial)
  2. What are my struggles
  3. What is the next step

Using these three questions to work my way through my goals for the year, really gives me a the opportunity for a reset. I urge you to physically write the answers to these questions down,  and not just think of the answers, you will find if you can be honest with yourself and write out your struggles, you will be more likely to pinpoint the steps needed to achieve your goals.

IMG_6913It is important to not get defeated at this point. If there is a goal on your list that you haven’t even began to work towards, don’t put yourself down for it. It may not be the season of your life for that goal yet. Break the goal down into smaller, tangible goals, or extend your deadlines. Try to give yourself the grace you would give to someone else.

Remember: It is never too late to start again. Trust where you are in your journey and be honest with yourself and you will find a way to reach your goals.

Third: Planning System

The Planner Stack I started 2017 with. 

Next I look at my planning system. My goals directly tie into my planning system. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter I have talked about how changes are coming to my planning system. With my mid year check in with myself I have identified some personal changes I want, and the ripple effect of those are changing my planning system. I am currently working on my new system and will be writing a post soon on it.

If how you are currently planning is not working for you, do not force yourself to continue with it. Yes you may have spent a ton of money on a planner, or stickers, or other planning products, but that money is spent, it is gone and forcing yourself to continue with a planner or a system that doesn’t work for you isn’t going to bring that money back, or make you feel any better about spending it. I often hear ‘well I bought all these planners so I have to use them’ No, no you don’t. You can sell them if you want to get some money back for them, but you don’t have to use it just because. Using a planner/planner system that is not working for you is not helping you reach your goals.

I like using process above at my mid-year check in, but I also will use it if I am feeling lost in the process of it all .

How do you like to check in with yourself? Do you do it daily, weekly, monthly? Do you have any tips, let me know in the comments below?


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