Updated Planner System

IMG_7172So this is going to be a short post (well that is my plan, but we’ll see, I tend to ramble a bit). The year is half gone and my planner system has change up, so I thought it was time to write an update. Here is a link to my last planning system.

Lets start with the fact that I have purchased more planners this year, then I have any other year, but lets leave that for a story for another day.  But I must say my current system is my favourite so far, but I don’t think it is complete perfection yet.

IMG_7162Lets start with the work planner. I welcomed back the Day Designer into my work life and am loving it. I have previous posts on why I left the DD and even why I returned to it. When I switched back to the DD I switched to the Mini version and love it. It is the perfect size for my work, and I don’t feel like I am wasting half a page. Plus since this is my work planner only I don’t feel the need for washi, stickers, or any embellishments, so pulling out my planner in work meetings is much better now. Also here is where I am going to sound super cheap, but I bought this planner with only a few months left in it for $2, but instead of paying $65 plus for a new one, I am changing the dates on this one, which was super easy. I thought it would bother me, but it doesn’t at all. And once they mark the new ones down a bit, I will pick it up. Although I love the planner I do not think the paper quality or the coil quality is worth $65.

IMG_7166Next in my line up is a planner that one I have an on again off again relationship with, and that is my Mambi Fitness Planner. I started in January lasted maybe till March, and have jumped back in for July. I wish this planner was undated so I didn’t have to waste pages, but I guess it is a planner you are suppose to stay on track with. I am using it more for a food and exercise log and not as a planner.



IMG_7163I found a love for Personal Planners this year, and have purchased quite a few but none have been my favourite as much as this pink from Filofax. I love this planner and how bright it is. I don’t want fall to come because I want to use this longer. But hey I am a seasonal lover, so I will have to switch. Although I think this planner is my favourite, it is too small to keep all my plans.

IMG_7164But I love this planner and wanted it to fit in my system somehow, so it has now found the perfect spot as my carried planner. My main planner which I will talk about next is my Happy Planner, but it is not practical to carry, so instead I carry this one. Which sometimes can have duplication from my HP but since it is with me, it works perfect for my work schedule, my shopping lists, ideas on the go, etc. Plus I throw a bit of washi in it and it looks cute.


My Happy Planner. I love the Happy Planner and have continue to use the same neutral one I started the year with, just changed out the cover for spring/summer. This planner still keeps my daily to do lists, appointments, plans, bdays, etc. It is also the one that gets featured the most on my Instagram. My planner spreads are continually changing shape, but I still love this planner.



IMG_7168Finally the last one is a new addition and also a work in progress. I was using my personal planner to plan blog and instagram posts for my two accounts, plus PR teams I was on, but I was finding it again too small and the horizontal layout wasn’t working for me anymore. I made a notebook out of Mambi covers, rings, and different paper and I was keeping track of blog post ideas and such in it.



I saw a spread Planning With Kristen did with her Happy Planner where she wrote down the side her categories and I liked the idea. So I pulled out my Happy Planner extension kit and decided to try it out. I love it!!! It works perfect. I can divide my two IG accounts and have a section for my blog and use the side bar for PR. I am still playing around with the layout, but am liking it so far.



I am thinking about combining my two Happy Planner systems into one planner. I haven’t figured out how I want to put it together yet, but when I do I will be posting it on here. I want to have one monthly spread for everything, but two weekly spreads, plus divided for note pages, etc.

How is your planning system working for you? Are you using the same system that you started the year with?

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