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E.L.F Foundation Serum Review

IMG_6397Even though I did a quick review of the e.l.f Foundation Serum on my Instagram, I still wanted to do a more detailed review of this product, since I now have been using it on and off for a couple months now.

When I first saw the this product in Walmart I was definitely intrigued. I had been using products like IT Cosmetics CC+ Your Skin But Better and the Garnier Skin Renew Beauty Balm and with a quick looked it seemed to be a similar type product.

It claims to create a flawless, natural look with a lightweight, vitamin-infused foundation.

So I purchased the light/medium and took it home to try out. I have now tried it in a variety of different ways,  many different primers and powders. I have tried it without those both, and with and without setting spray.

So my thoughts:

Price & Size: You get 14ml of product and I paid $9.97 at Walmart. Which is pretty expensive in comparison to my Garnier product that is $14.27 for 60ml. The Maybelline BB Cream is $8.96 for 30ml. So I do find the e.l.f one is a bit overpriced for what it is.

Coverage: 2/5 for coverage but I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing, I like lighter coverage for most days. It has a very thin consistency. When you shake it up (as it suggests you do before application) you can hear the very liquidy consistency of it. I now have two shades of it, and the fair/light shade is definitely more liquidy.  It says you can build up to a fuller coverage, but it is no where near full coverage. It doesn’t have coverage like the two products mentioned above, but there is something about the finish of it I really like.

Application: 3/5  Because of it’s thin consistency it spreads well across the skin, but does take some work to blend out. I have applied to with both my fingers and a beauty blender and find that a combo of both works the best. I will spread it across my forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose and pat in, and then use the a beauty blender for the second application. I then wait a bit for it to set up. It has a very luminous finish and if I go in right away with my powder I end up moving the foundation around. So I tend to do my brows and then go back to powder and set the product.

Primer: 3/5 This is a product that I find works best with a primer, but it is to find the right primer with it. I find that if I don’t use a primer it can tend to stick to certain areas, but if I used a primer that is too smooth (like the e.l.f poreless primer I tried with it on my instagram review) the foundation seems to slide off. I found a primer that has more of a texture to it (such as the Estee Edit primer) and it works the best so far with it. Days that I don’t use a primer it seems to wear down faster during the day.

Wear Time: 3/5 This product definitely don’t last perfectly throughout the day, but I would say you can get a good 5+ hours out of it, if your skin isn’t on the greasier side. I have drier skin, so I think it helps for it to stay on a bit better. (Just judging from the day I have used more luminous primers)

Colour Range: 2/5 There are only three options to choose from and at my Walmart there were only two Fair/Light and Light/Medium, the e.l.f website does show three with it being Medium/Dark. I had originally picked up the light/medium and although I was making it work for me, I found the tone of it quite orange. So I have since purchased thed fair/light which I mix the two and it works perfect for my skintone. I thought because these formulas were so thin, they would be more forgiving with their colours, but because the formula tends to sit on your skin they are not.

Sunscreen: 2/5 They have a SPF of 25 which really isn’t that much for your face. Compared to the It Cosmetics product that has 50+. I would have liked to have seen at least a 30. Also it suggests you reapply every 2 hours, which if you use this like a foundation and set it with a powder, makes it impossible.

Packaging: 2/5 So the packaging is pretty cheap. If you shake up the product like it suggests, without holding on the top then it flies off across the room. Yup definitely have done that a couple times now. However the top hasn’t broken. The pump is ok. I find the lighter shade tends to spurt out funny sometimes.

Overall Options: For me I would rate this product a 3/5, but only because I don’t mind the lack of coverage (I actually like it most days) and because the colour range works for me. Buying two shades to make one isn’t ideal but because of our seasonal weather here, I am much lighter in the winter and a bit tanned in the summer, I usually need two foundation shades anyhow. I like the finish it leaves on my skin, and even though it takes a bit longer to set, it gives me the ability to work with the product a bit more, just in case I haven’t done a stellar job at my blending. What lacks for me in this product is the wear time. I wish it could last me a bit better throughout my work day, because even if I didn’t set it (which I can’t imagine how you couldn’t) I wouldn’t want to reapply though out the day.

If you have tried this foundation serum, I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Or if you have a go to bb or cc cream, I would love a recommendation. 



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