Hyped Makeup & Beauty Products I’ve Never Tried

This would typically be when I would be writing my monthly favourites post but I have had a crazy week and am behind on that post (look for that next Sunday). So instead I thought I would do a post on hyped makeup and beauty products I have never tried. I feel like with as many beauty products as I buy, I should have tried them by now, but for some reason or another I always put them back down or take them out on my online shopping basket. So below our hyped up makeup and beauty products that have never made it to my collection.  

lauraLaura Mercier- Translucent Loose Setting Powder– This is one that I constantly take in and out of my Sephora online basket. The price tag is honestly what keeps me from trying this powder. $47 Canadian compared to my Maybelline Matte & Poreless powder at $7.99. It is hard to make the jump.  I’m no stranger to high end products and prices but I still can’t seem to checkout with this setting powder in my cart.

beccaBecca Shimmering Skin Perfector– These highlighters have been hyped to the max for the last couple years and yet I still have not tried them. Partly because I haven’t really gotten into the highlighting game but also because they are almost $50 and come with so much product I would probably never get through it before it went bad, since I don’t tend to glow it up on a regular basis. I wish these products would come in smaller sizes, because even if it cost was higher per ounce of product, I would rather purchase something I know it wouldn’t take me years to get through.


Stila Stay All Day Liner This liner is a ride or die liner for many people in the makeup community, but I have yet to try it. I really love my Kat Von D Tattoo liner, so I have never made the jump to the Stila one.



Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation I have heard many good things about this foundation. It is suppose to have amazing coverage and be very long lasting. I have always been very curious to try this one, but I always seem to have another foundation on my list ahead of it. Also I tend to try to use CC creams for daily wear so I don’t go through foundations quickly. This one has been on my list but somehow never makes it out of the store.

loiltaKat Von D Everlasting Lipstick in Lolita and Lolita 2 Up until a couple weeks ago when I got the newest Sephora Lip Favourites Kit I could say I haven’t tried any of the everlasting lipsticks, however that kit include one. But I still have never tried Lolita and Lolita 2 which in my opinion is one of the biggest hyped lipsticks of all time. People were going crazy over it, then add in a colour variance scandal and it was hyped up even more. I am not a huge liquid matte lip fan (thanks to my constant dry lips) so I never jumped on the Lolita train, although I was tempted once or twice by the VIB Rouge only exclusivity.

shadeAnother Kat Von D hyped product was/is her Shade + Light Contour Palette This is another product I haven’t purchased because just like my lack of highlighting I don’t tend to go crazy with contouring. I usually contour a bit with some bronzer. When I decided to try out full contouring, I decide to buy drugstore instead. I purchased the Nyx contour palette which isn’t my favourite and mostly sits on my shelf.



Nars Blush  I love blush so it surprises me that this one has never made it home with me, but I have never tried the Nars Blush and the most hyped colour- Orgasm. It is supposedly a very universally flattering colour and has been super hyped and now even has its own collection. This blush has probably seen the inside of my online Sephora cart more times then I can count, but still has never checked out.

milaniBecause Drugstore products are cheaper, I do for the most part try out all the hyped products. But one hyped product I have never tried are the Milani Baked Blush. A colour that is super hyped up due to Kathleen Lights is Luminoso. I think I may have checked it out once in a store, but it had a bit too much shimmer for me. I have heard really good things about their blushes, and will probably eventually pick one up. However I love my Tarte blushes and don’t think they will compare.


Bioderma Micellaire Water–  This product has been hyped on youtube for a while now and is apparently great for taking off mascara and other makeup. However I have been so in love with my Clinque Take Off The Day Cleansing Balm that I haven’t tried this one out yet.



Beauty Blender. I have never tried the ‘real’ beauty blender. I love beauty blenders, my favourite being The Real Techniques brand. But I must say that every time the ‘real’ one comes out with a new limited edition cool looking beauty blender (like the pink marble gorgeous) I always put it in my online cart but never check out and always wonder if I am missing out.


macThe last product(s) I am going to talk about or I should say whole company. MAC. Besides maybe trying a lip product or two while my friend shopped which I can’t even remember the type or names of, I have never tried MAC products. By the time I fell in love with makeup outside the drugstore, Sephora was around and I just always tended to shop there and never really found myself in MAC. I am sure I am missing out on tons of great products but I always seem to gravitate to Sephora.

Although this is not a list of all the most hyped beauty products, these are the ones I tend to think about purchasing but never follow through. I would love you to comment with products that you hear hype about but never have tried. Also let me know if you have tried any of the above products, and whether or not I need to make the dive and purchase them. 





2 thoughts on “Hyped Makeup & Beauty Products I’ve Never Tried

  1. I have the NARS dup (orgasm/laguna) and its one of those products that nearly everyone has! I really like it, because like you said its a good universal color (so is laguna)

    Milani also makes really good blushes I have some baked ones and the ones that are rose shaped, and they’re all nice and very affordable.

    I have some MAC products, mostly lipstick which I think is their strongest product, and I like them, but I’m not “OMG I GOTTA HAVE THEM” I think theres better options out there that aren’t overhyped like MAC

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