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Hobbry Planner Review


I welcomed a new planner this past week. I was given it as a gift and immediately fell in love with the cover, so  I traded out my Day Designer that I use as my work planner for this Hobbry 17 month planner. I probably wouldn’t have been so quick to trade out my DD if it was new, but I was recycling the 2016/17 planner that I got for $2. Read more about my Day Designer here –> Welcome Back Day Designer..It’s Nice To Meet You Again.

keychainFirst off Hobbry wasn’t a brand I thought I had heard of, but after looking up the brand on Indigo I saw that I was familiar with some of their stuff, and the key chain that I have been toting around all summer is theirs. They have some really cute stuff & are Canadian!

So on to the planner.

Firstly it’s an 17 month spiral bound planner and retails at Indigo for $26.00. Mine is called the Mint Geo but there is also one called black marble.

The Size: 9″ x 7.5″

mintThe Cover: It’s made of a heavy cardboard that I hope is going to stand up to traveling to and from work with me. It isn’t nearly as heavy as the day designer. It has rounded outer corners but does not have any corner protectors. The rose gold metallic wording and accents on the cover are probably not going to last as I already see marks in it from the couple days I have used it. I just hope it doesn’t flake off.

The Coil: The coil is rose gold to match the accents on the front cover. The coil is your typical notebook coil weight and can bend easily.

The Layout: The planner has a horizontal layout with a split Saturday and Sunday.

IMG_7781When you open the planner there is no welcome page but just a blank mint page. I like how clean and plain this is, perfect for my work planner. The first tab is for important dates and notes and it contains a 2017 and 2018 calendar, 2018 Holidays with spaces underneath to write your own dates. Then you get four or five note pages.




The dividers are the same paper weight as the rest of the planner, but they have laminated tabs. Each month there is an inspirational saying and I really like the mix of fonts on these. I like how simple and elegant the planner is. The 2017 tabs are longer so that when you start the 2018 portion you are back at the top of the planner.


IMG_7791Monthly: I like this layout, the boxes are quite large and it looks very simple and clean. It has grey marble behind the month and side bar but nothing over the top. You also get the calendar for the month prior and after.



IMG_7792Weekly: The layout is horizontal and has lines which is perfect since I am terrible at writing straight. I really like the marble space with the day of the week. This past week I was using that space to write in meetings and other things that had specific times with it. I am not a fan of split weekends but as a work planner it will be ok since I don’t work many weekends. At the end of the weekly layouts for that month there are a couple note pages, which I would like to find a good use for these.

Paper Weight: I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the paper in this planner. Because I am used to Happy Planner paper I found it to feel quite thin, however using my Bic Intensity which is quite a wet ink, it did not bleed through. There is a bit of shadowing but nothing major.

IMG_7793Overall Thoughts: I like how simple this planner is. There is nothing overly complicated with it, no extra planning sheets or welcome pages, which makes the planner quite thin and lightweight. I also love the aesthetic of  this planner. The mint, marble and rose gold are gorgeous together and all the font choices pair well with it. I feel the price is worth the planner. I know there are cheaper planners but planners are getting more and more expensive and I think the price matches the quality. My only concern with this planner is whether or not the covers will be able to withstand being thrown in and out of my work bag, as they are not as strong and heavy as my Day Designer.

Overall I think it a great planner if you are looking for a simple, pretty planner. It is great for someone who is looking for a professional looking planner, but also has a balance of fun with the quotes and fonts.



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