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Katy Kat Eye Mascara Review


I finally put aside my L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise to try out one of my recent mascara purchases, Covergirl’s Katy Kat Eye.

IMG_7841When I tore it out of it’s package on a Monday and put it on, I was thinking about how mascara can change as you use it. First impressions aren’t always lasting impressions when it comes to mascara. So I decided to use it everyday and keep track of my thoughts on it.

Day 1: Have I mentioned sometimes I buy makeup products based on the good deal they are and don’t really look at them. This was the case with this mascara. It was on sale and had a coupon so it was under $5 and since I am still in the search of my holy grail mascara, I decided to give it a try.  That’s why when I pulled the applicator out of the tube I was surprised to see that it wasn’t just a straight applicator. The brushes are swirled around the applicator making some sides more flat and the opposite side more fluffy.

IMG_7844I applied to my first eye and it went on ok. It didn’t clump and seemed to give a bit of volume, and it was pretty dark. However my luck ended on the first eye because on my second one it clumped my lashes together, and I had to really work the formula through to try to get them to separate. But because of the shape of the brush and the wet formula I had to get a lash brush to really get them apart.

Day 2: Again I had good luck with my first eye, but the second still had the same issue. Plus I was finding it really hard to get into the corners of my eye. I had to wipe off a lot of excess product and slowly build up. However I did notice the day before how well the product stayed on my lashes. My curl stayed all day and it didn’t flake or smudge off, so I want to try to see if I could get this mascara to work for me.

Day 3: I pulled out the packaging to see if there were any directions on how to apply it. However after reading the back of the packaging I was no further ahead then when I started. The packaging said nothing of how to apply it. But with the shape and contour of the brush, I knew there had to be a better way of applying it then just pushing the product up through my lashes.

Day 4: I examined the brush a bit more and decided to try to turn the brush as I pulled i through my lashes. This actually seemed to work. Turning the brush put a bit too much product on, but going through my lashes multiple times it seemed to pull off the extra. Until I got to my second eye. I know my lashes are a bit more sparse on that eye, so I tried to wipe away the excess and slowly coat my lashes, and this seemed to work better.

Day 5, 6, 7: By the last three days I was getting a hang of how to apply this mascara, and even my second eye was starting to come around to it. However it was never consistent on these days. Some days I was able to get it to look great, others I would have too much product and my lashes would clump.

Final Thoughts

IMG_7846As someone who changes mascaras every couple of days, or layers different ones most days, it was hard to stick to one product for the week. I wish this mascara was more consistent. I have no complaints on how long it lasts, how well it holds a curl, and it does not smudge or flake on me one bit. My complaints come with how much effort I have to put into putting it on each morning. I had to make sure there was the right amount of product, wiping away some, or else it glued my lashes together. Figuring out the right turning movement while applying this mascara took some time as well. I like mascaras that I can quickly coat my lashes and go, this one takes a bit more time. However for the fact that it doesn’t smudge one me, it may be worth the extra time. I am going to continue to use it, because I haven’t found it to change since I opened it, and most times I find mascaras can change consistency between that one and two week mark. For the price and the size (10.5ml), if you are looking to try out a new mascara, I would recommend this one to try out.





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