Finding Your Planner Style- Tips For Testing Planners Without Breaking Your Budget

finding your planner
Photo Credit: Kristen Iness @Pastels Paper. Check her out on her Etsy Shop and IG 

The new school year is upon us, or for some has already started. I don’t know if it’s the teacher in me or my many years as a student that has me conditioned to think of September (not January) as the beginning of the year. This is the time of year of school shopping for new pens, stationery products, and of course a planner. (School shopping is like my Black Friday..I’m obsessed).

With sooooo many options of planners how do you pick the right one? Do you buy a bunch and try them out, wasting the ones you don’t like? That can get super expensive. If you want to hear my tips on how I try different planner styles without buying them see below.

PrintablesWelcome the world of Pinterest. If you haven’t spent many hours of your day sucked into the world of pinterest maybe skip this one for now if you are just starting back at school because you are about to loose hours of your life and you may not have time for that.

But Pinterest is a great resource for finding printable planner sheets. There are so many free printable planner sheets and full printable planners on Printable planners that it’s easy to get lost looking through them all.

Quickly searching ‘Planner Printable’ gives me many options. Plus it gives you ides of what to add to your search. 

You can search vertical layouts, horizontal layouts, plus sooo many more. Print a few out and try them and see how you like planning your week. Does it have enough space. Is it functional for you. Tip: Take your plans from one of the busiest week’s lately and try to put them into the planner sheet.

Also you can look at planner sheets like budget planning, habit trackers, goal planning, etc and decide if those are things you want in a planner.

What happens if you don’t have a printer?

Well 1. You could go to a library or a print shop and get them printed off for a low cost.


Make Your Own

I admit this does take some work and can take a bit of artistic skill depending on how you pretty you want it to look. But you can grab a sheet of paper, a pen, and ruler and copy ones that you see on Pinterest (Now hold on you probably read copy and link that to plagiarism, but I don’t mean copy and sell it or show it as your own I mean copy down the structure of it just to try it out. If I was going with this method I would write in the bottom corner the source I got it from) But remember you are using this method to try out different styles of planners not to copy someone’s design and pass it off as your own.

Maybe you are artistic and want to create your own layouts.

What if you want to try more popular planners like Erin Condren, Happy Planner, Day Designer? 

The Day Designer website actually has free printable planner sheets that you can try their planners.

This shows just some of the printables available on the Day Designer site. 

Well again if you don’t have a printer you could draw out on paper the Erin Condren vertical planner, there are many places online where you can find out the sizes of the boxes. Same with the Happy Planner that is almost the same layout.

You can also modify the size of the sheets so you can decide if you like personal size or A5 planning. If you want help deciding if A5 or Personal is for you check out my post Choosing Between Personal & A5 

Once you have tried a few different planner styles and find out what works best for your lifestyle you may decide you want to purchase that certain planner, or maybe you create your own from printables. That’s one of the many things I love about planning, it’s a personal experience of what works best for you and how you can plan a more productive life.



3 thoughts on “Finding Your Planner Style- Tips For Testing Planners Without Breaking Your Budget

  1. These are good tips! I actually did both (look for and use free printables and make my own planner sheets) when I wasn’t sure what kind of planner I needed, or wanted something specific that didn’t exist in other planners! Another point is to look for discounts/clearances/sales! I bought some planners for very good prices, including the one I am using now (check out my blog).

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