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Summer Liking, Loving & Leaving


Since I was going to be super late posting my July Liking, Loving, Leaving, I decided to put July & August together and name it my summer Liking, Loving, Leaving.

Each month that goes by this year seems to past faster then the prior one. I don’t know where the summer has gone and it hard to believe that fall is soon on it’s way. I have some new products I have been playing with this summer, as well as rotating through some of my makeup stash.

So here are my summer choices for liking, loving, and leaving.




Mellow Cosmetics Blush In Bronze-  My go to make up look lately has been a quick look. I throw on some tinted moisturizer, use my blush for both blush and in my crease for eye shadow and then a quick coat of mascara. This blush has good pigment, doesn’t kick up a lot of powder, and has a really silky texture. Plus since it’s pretty neutral it is very hard to go ham with it. I got this blush a while back in an Ipsy bag, back when I wasn’t really into blush, but since blush has become one of my favs, and this one is one that I seem to go to those mornings I sleep in and need to be out the door. The other go to makeup look the past two months has been from a Tarte mini palette, check out the Loving portion of this post to see that product.



Benefit Brow Zings – I ran out of my favourite brow pencil (L’Oreal Brow Stylist) and while waiting to get out to the shop to pick another up, I started using my Brow Zings again. I forgot how much I liked that product. The wax/powder combo works well to tame and shape your brows like it claims. As much as I like this product I like the Brow Stylist more, so I have picked up another since.


IMG_8021I debated whether to put this product in liking or loving, but I think I will have to continue to use it a bit more and see how my skin reacts before I say loving. I switched out my cleanser recently. Just as I was getting ready to write a post of my holy grail skin care routine that was working for months for me, I was hit with crazy breakouts and bad cystic acne again. I have been using the Philosophy Purity cleanser for a looong while and it was working so well for me but when I started to get the cystic acne back I decided to try a heavier cleanser. Heavy foam cleansers usually strip my skin and make my dry skin drier, but I had this sample of Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser in my sample drawer, so on a whim I decided to try it out. I really like it. It has an odd warming sensation when you first rub it in your fingers or on your skin, but after a few times of use I actually came to liking the feeling of it, and it goes away in seconds. The warming is suppose to open pores up, but for the seconds that it is warm I am not sure it does, but I am liking what it is doing for my skin. It is suppose to overtime minimize pores, so we’ll see. This cleanser creates more foam or soapyness then the purity but isn’t drying to my skin. I did purchase the larger size and I will be doing a full review on this product coming soon.

FullSizeRender 2No surprise this next one is making the list, but it isn’t on my loving list. L’oreal Lash Paradise. I like this mascara. It gives me nice volume and stays in place for the most part. But so far I am not over the moon with it. I find after a week or so of using it the tube has gotten messy, it pulls out way more product then it needs, so I always have to wipe away the excess before using or it glues my lashes together. I do like this mascara and may buy it again, but I will probably continue trying others before I repurchase. If you want to hear my first impressions and read my comparison to the Better Than Sex mascara (although I am sure if you are part of the beauty community you have probably read or tried yourself this summer, but if not check that out here)




Nivea Shower Lotion– I am obsessing over this stuff this month. I hate body lotion. I hate putting it on after I shower and feeling all greasy and gross, so I have a bad habit of buying new lotion thinking the new scent, or new formula will make me want to use lotion and then they end up sitting in a cabinet. So I didn’t have high hopes for this stuff. But I love it. It is so easy because it goes on in the shower and is quite hydrating. I don’t know if it will be enough for my skin in the winter, but in comparison to my no lotion, anything is better 🙂


abhAnastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss- Vintage 

July’s go to lip was Vintage by ABH. I had been using the shade Kristen that I got in a Sephora’s favourites and was loving the formula so I picked up the shade Vintage as a deluxe sample from Sephora. I am loving the shade. It is described as a vintage rose and it is so pretty.


invisabobbleAnother beauty product love this summer are the invisbobble- or well my local drugstore’s dupe of it. I picked it up a whim (those counter displayers get me everytime) I was doubtful it would keep up my super thick hair, however it does. It has stretched out because I have to wrap it around three times to keep my messy bun up for the day, but even stretched out it doesn’t seem to effect it’s ability to hold up my hair and it doesn’t leave a single mark in my hair like regular elastics. As for less split ends and healthy hair, meh I don’t know about that, but I definitely don’t seem to be loosing as much hair when I take it out in comparison to that annoyed hair ring around regular elastics. But I would say save the money on the officially brand and try out a dupe.

Clinque’s Acne Solution Spot Treatment Gel 

IMG_8022As I said before I have been struggling with acne this summer, so I pulled this product back out.  Clinque’s Acne Solution Spot Treatment Gel. This stuff is a miracle worker for me for acne spots. Although I do have a love/hate relationship with it. Firstly it does clear up a spot within two-three days and by the first day you notice a ton of redness gone. But because it is drying up the spot, it dries out your skin and for me who is super dry like the desert, it turns my acne spot into a dry spot. However once I used it and knew the dryness effect I just use a heavy moisturizer the days following. I put it on at night after my toner, warning it does sting especially if you have an open breakout. It contains salicylic acid, so be careful if you know your skin doesn’t react well to that.


My go to eye shadow palette this summer has been the Tarte Pro To Go Palette I am obsessed with this palette. It is beautiful. I fell in love with the mini version of the Tartelette palette so when this one game out, I knew I had to have it to. I usually rotate through my palettes but this one has been so good to me that I have been using it throughout the summer. The shades are so buttery and the shimmer shades are gorgeous. I chose to include the photo from the Sephora site because my palette is well used and doesn’t show the beautifulness that are these shades. I love throwing that berry shade dominate on my lid and the light brown shade drive in my crease. I know typically a lot of these palettes are set up for you to use the line across as you guide for shades that go well together, but I think with these shades you can’t go wrong with paring any of them together.LeavingEssie Polish- In Grenadine & Bikini So Teeny


If you watched my struggle on Instagram Stories with a certain nail polish you know how frustrated I was trying to get this nail polish to work. Essie nail polish in Splash of Grenadine & Bikini So Teeny . I bought two Essie polishes thinking they were suppose to be a great brand, and I have one of their polishes that worked well, but these shades have no pigmentation, and after three coats I could still see streaks. I did three thin coats, letting dry between each and even then the third coat wouldn’t dry properly and just made a mess of my nails. I have since picked up another shade because I loved the colour too much (and the discounted Winners price of $5.99) and I am happy to say it went on much better, although I still had to do three coats.

IMG_8087Maybelline Master Prime- Blur +Redness Control (This product was originally in my like category, however while editing this post I think I have narrowed down some breakouts to this product so I have moved it to the leaving, but my review of how the product works still is true)– I purchased this a while ago but wasn’t blown away, however I brought it back out into the rotation one day and I don’t hate it. It is a good primer. Makeup applies nicely over it, and it doesn’t keep it in one place. The blurring effects aren’t major although I would say it does mattify my skin. However it does nothing or very little for my redness. Redness is a struggle for me, but even on parts of my face that have just a bit of redness this doesn’t do much to help. It falls into the likes because it isn’t a bad product and it applies well, but once it is gone I won’t be repurchasing. (I won’t be continuing to use it due to breakouts)

So those are my products I have been loving for the months of July & August. I would love to hear what products were in your summer makeup bag that I should try out and ones that are ending up in the trash, so leave a comment below.





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