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Benefit Bigger & Bolder Brows Kit Review

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Benefit brows

I was on the Sephora site one day checking out the sale products and I was really surprised to see some of the Benefit brow products on sale. When Benefit had their release of what seemed like a hundred different brow products, I wasn’t super interested in trying them out. I had used the brow zings before and it was one of my favs but then I switched to pencils and loved the Anastasia Brow Wiz and my fav drugstore Loreal one so I didn’t feel like I needed to try out something new.

But I am sucker for a sale, especially when I know the hype around these products. The regular price was $46CAD with a value of $80 and I purchased it on sale for $23 (Which all the full sized products included cost more than that individually)

The kit includes:

Ka-Brow – Cream-Gel Eye Brow Colour w/ brush (Full Size)

Ready Set Brow- 24-HR Brow Setter Shaping & Setting Gel (Half Size)

High Brow- Highlight & Lift Pencil (Full Size)

Stencils & How To Booklet

Read below to see my thoughts on each product in the kit. At the very end of this post I have photos of the products on my brows at first application and after wear.



IMG_8045Packaging/Brush- Firstly the brush included is useless. Like completely useless. Which sucks because I think it is super cool how it lives inside the cover and you can turn it around, connect it into the top. But this turns out to be also gimicky as you can’t hold the brush comfortably in you hand with the top connected. But back to the brush- it sucks. It has too much give to it and isn’t nearly dense enough to hold product. The packaging is cute and the plastic top does feel well constructed. The bottom is good quality glass that feels sturdy and well made


IMG_8046(1)Formula– I like the gel-cream. At first when you try to use it, it has almost like a film over it that you have to get past to get the product to pick up, but once you are past that it does seem to work well. It is almost like it needs to warm up a bit to get it going. It applies easily and is easy to build up intensity.

IMG_8438Colour- The kit only came with two colour options, so I picked the medium brown but it is pretty light. I can make it work, but when I went to look at the Ka-Brow product on it’s own there are more colour options and this one is considered a light to medium(03) and I think a medium to dark(04) would be more for me.




Packaging/Brush- Again cute matching packaging. I do appreciate how everything in this line matches. I like how this product can stand up on it’s own, which seems like a small thing, but it helps when it standing up in my makeup organizers. I really like the brush. It has one side with longer bristles and shorter on the other. You are suppose to use the longer side to apply the product and the shorter to sculpt and shape the hairs and on the tail of your brow- and this works really well. The brush also has a good amount of flex to it.

Formula- This stuff holds! It is really easy to go overboard with it and it can go really crunchy, but after playing with a couple times I got the hang of it. The only brow gel I had ever used was the Milani one and that one doesn’t have the hold and is more natural. This one holds my brows in place all day and really helps to keep the top brow hairs held down in their place and keep them in shape. The formula does have quite a strong chemical smell but after applied I can’t smell it at all.

Colour– Clear


High Brow

IMG_8039Packaging/Brush– This is a basic sharpenable pencil. I like the thickness of the pencil, it is comforable in the hand. Again the top matches the plastic design of the other products in this line.

Formula– This stuff is super creamy. It glides on super smooth and blends out so easily. It gives a good highlight to my brow and I can also add shadow to make it even bolder. It does a good job of holding onto powder product. I have put it on my brow and then used a powder shadow over it to give it an even bolder look. It is so creamy and blends so well that I have to be careful not to over blend it or it just disappears.

IMG_8040Colour– Very pink. This shade starts out very baby pink but then blends out to a more pinkish/white shade. It doesn’t have a lot of shimmer or reflectiveness to it, it is subtle, but like I said you can add to it to bold it up. Depending on your skin-tone will determine how much of highlight it gives. Fairer skin tones or someone with pink/peach undertones may not have as much of a highlight. This product does only come in this shade but they do a luminous one as well.


IMG_8038I have played with these but I don’t think they are for me. They give you two stencils that each have two different looks on them. Two for straight brows and two for more of an arched brow look. I have tried to put them on but I find the brows to be really big for my face. However this kit is meant for bold brows and these stencils would create very bold brows. The holder holds the stencils but they sometimes decide to pop out if you are pressing to hard or trying to get the right angle. It takes a bit of practice to use. When I did try to us it I ended up using a brown pencil to stencil the brows on, just because I found it easier to get the line under my brow on while holding the stencil. Overall I find this added piece gimicky and not useful. However if you were completely new to brows or you have the right shaped/sized face for these you might find them helpful.

IMG_8035The booklet shows you how to use the stencils and the products included. I never read the directions till the second time around, but they were helpful, especially for knowing the different sides of the brow brush.


I think it was a really good value for the sale price. You get to try out three of their brow products two being full sized. I will definitely continue to use the products, but I am also not totally blown away by the products either. The only product I see myself replacing when it is finished is the setting gel. I really like the brush on this product and how it holds my brows in place. The brow cream-gel colour is good, it works well but I think I am still a pencil gal. I would have rather seen them include a good spooly brush as the extra rather then the stencil but that is just personal perference and I can see why they did the stencil.

They also have a soft and natural kit as well as a define and refine kit, each include different products from Benefit’s brow line.

I would recommend this kit on sale, but at full price I would suggest going in store and maybe trying out the products before hand and spending your money on just the one item you like. This set is really only a value if you like all three products. I think I should also mention that this kit does come in a nice tin box, which the inside foam can be removed and you could use it for various things.

The below photos are of me with the products in my brows. The photo on the left is right after application, the photo on the right is after 6 hours of wear.

Do you use Benefit brow products? Which are you favourites? Or if you use a different brand of brow products, I would love to hear your favs below. 




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