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MAMBI Happy Memory Keeping Sticker Book Collection Review


It wasn’t my plan to purchase all of the Memory Keeping sticker books from Me and My Big Ideas, however I purchased one for a gift and then when the $10 sticker book sale came on at Michaels I picked up the other three without realizing that there were only four in the collection. (There is an original memory planning sticker book that I don’t have been it is also not part of this memory keeping collection)

Since I have all four (soon to be three after the gifted one goes) I figured it was a good opportunity to share my thoughts on them all. But definitely grab a coffee, tea, or whatever you want to settle in with because this one is probably going to be a long one)

Firstly lets start with the disclaimer that these are my first purchases in the Happy Memory Keeping line and I plan to use them in my planner mostly rather then memory keeping purposes. However I have made scrapbooks in the past, so I am not green to the memory keeping world, but if you are looking for a review based strictly on these being used in the Memory Keeping Planner, I will be reviewing based more on the stickers.

Ok. So lets get into it. As I said there are four books:

(Click on the name of the book to be taken to the Mambi site with all the photos in the books, I have included photos down below but not of every sticker)

Dates and Holidays (2601 pieces)

Everyday Memories (606 pieces)

Floral Memories (578 pieces)

Holidays (738 pieces)

Dates & Holidays 

IMG_8605 I purchased this one for a friend that has an undated mini planner. But after looking at it, I think I might need to get one for myself for the undated planner I plan to start in January. It gives you many options for numbers whether you want to go colourful or just black. There are the bigger numbers in both. In the smaller numbers you get just clear black but these are perfect for the mini planner daily pages. It gives you a bunch of different font versions for the months that can be used on the tabs along with cute font month names for your monthly or weekly pages, however the larger font ones might be harder to fit in the mini planners.


You get a sheet of the holidays (both in gold and in colour) which include most of the American holidays. It does not include Canadian holidays which even though I wish it did I can understand how they can’t include holidays for every country.

There are six pages of quotes and seasonal related sayings.

Two pages (same stickers on both pages) of the boxed title stickers (day off, note to self, reminder, appointment, etc.


  • Gives you many options, colour, font, size for the numbers and months but you definitely would have to plan out how you want to use them if you wanted your planner to be cohesive and have enough stickers to do the whole year.
  • I like the seasonal related sayings they are cute
  • I think this would be great for someone with a student planner. They could use the cute numbers and month names to cover up their current planner ones and with stickers like the vacation and holidays it would be perfect for a student.


IMG_8610I really don’t like the two pages of boxed title stickers. They don’t ‘fit’ in this book and I think they seem like a cheap way mambi added in some extra stickers. I think they may be there to bridge the gap between memory keeping planning and planning in general because I can imagine in a memory keeper (in the scrapbook sense) that I would want to memory keep a note to self, a reminder, or an appointment.


Floral Memories

IMG_8613This book was the one I kept picking up and putting down in the store. I had looked at it when they were regular priced and didn’t LOVE enough of the stickers for me to spend $30 (yeah that’s right, they are 30 bucks in Canada) but at the $10 mark I knew I could justify the price for the pages I loved. Which are the floral ones.

It’s not that I don’t like the full boxes because I do, it is just that this book has a lot of memory keeping stickers in it (which I am not blaming it for, that’s what’s meant for, but for me wanting to use them in my planner, I wasn’t sure I would get the most use out of them)

IMG_8614The book has photo corners- which are super cute and now just looking at them I am thinking I could totally use them as cute corners for full boxes, or I love to dress up envelopes that I give cards in, and these would be great for that.

IMG_8616Includes multiple pages and styles of with who, what, when, where stickers- which I never see myself using. Word stickers like ‘Just no’ ‘lots of snuggles’ ‘the details’ which would be cute to use with photos but won’t be used in my planner most likely.





But the book has a ton of big florals, tropical decor, and beautiful bright coloured quotes and script which is ultimately what made me purchase this book.


  • Super bright florals and pretty gradient colour word stickers. Also I am liking the square stickers and the long list looking sidebar stickers. I think they could also be cut and used as cute bottom washi.


IMG_8618Not a fan of the who, what, where, when stickers. Even for memory keeping I think they are not great. They again look like cheap stickers thrown in. I wish Mambi would commit to doing some of these stickers well and in line with the others in the book. (but I know this is what helps them keep the cost of making the book down)

Everyday Memories

IMG_8622Firstly this is my favourite book of the four, but secondly this book confuses me. I don’t tend to look at the names of the book on the cover, it is usually the cover that draws me in. So when I started flipping through this one in store, I thought it was the seasonal book. It starts out with some spring type stickers, even has four leaf clovers for St.Pats and candy hearts for vday. Then you get some summer stickers with cute pinic stickers. Next some snow flake, winter, christmas stickers. Then it goes to fall stickers (it is missing halloween and New Years stickers to really be a holidays book). But really the book is super seasonal based which reads very holiday to me.


  • I love this book. Like I said it is my favourite out of the four. The page of all fall related stickers are some of my favs from this line.


I feel like if Mambi wanted to do just a seasonal sticker book, they should have left it at all seasons and left out the holiday parts so that if someone doesn’t celebrate the traditional holidays they could still use this as a seasonal book and not have the waste of stickers.

Also this page of flags reads really cheap much like the Noted and Day Off stickers from the first book.


Holiday Sticker Book

IMG_8633This book has some super cute stickers in it. Some of my favourite holiday stickers Mambi has come out with yet. I love the little ‘Draw Names’, ‘Holiday Concert’, and ‘Secret Santa’ stickers. In comparison to the old sticker book (1557 Seasonal) I find the many of the Christmas stickers in here much more tradional/country Christmas like. However those little reindeer stickers make me soooo happy. & I like the religious Christmas page as well. (I did a comparison post between the two original holiday stickers –> here)



I find the layout of this book a bit strange. It starts with Christmas but has a New Year page in the middle of Christmas pages. Then goes on to Fall & Halloween, and has a school related page before Valentines Day. This book seems to have gotten put together wrong, but it’s not a huge deal, but strange. This book does give you more Birthday stickers then their previous books but oddly enough again it has a bunch of birthday pages with Fourth of July in the middle. The stickers I don’t understand in this book are the two pages of Florals. They are meant for the spring side of the book, but I think they are a waste of two pages that could have given you more spring related holidays like St.Patricks Day which you only get one small sticker for. Plus on the Easter Page you get two of those floral stickers again. The book ends with summer stickers with a random St. Patrick’s Day sticker on the bottom of the page.


  • This book does have really cute Holiday Stickers in it. Those deer seriously are so adorable. I like the mix of the traditional Christmas with the mix of cutesy. I like how they have added in a lot more birthday related stickers as most people like to celebrate birthdays through both their planners and as memory keeping.


  • I feel like if Mambi wanted the Everyday Memories book to be as seasonal as it is, they could have made this one completely Holidays. It does has sticker quotes that are repeated through both these books, but this has been something Mambi always does. I know it’s not a super big deal, but they Type A person in me wants these stickers to be in order of the seasons they are in.

Overall Thoughts and Opinions

I love the majority of the stickers that have come out in these books. I think the creativity behind some of the icon stickers (yes I am talking about those deer again, but also the tea bags, the tropical florals, the Santa snow globe, etc) are so darn cute. I don’t have every sticker book, but these books don’t seem to be repeats of any of the others and have unique stickers (although not unique quotes)


If I was someone who was into the memory keeping/ scrapbook world I think a lot of these stickers would be great for doing those types of spreads. They have focused the majority of their stickers on events and activities that people like to keep memories of. As a planner girl looking to add more stickers into her collection to do cute spreads I think these stickers are great for that too. Are you going to use all of them? Probably not. I would suggest picking them up on sale or using a coupon for that reason, but I do think they are a good value.

IMG_8654Warning to those who have the regular sized Happy Planner- I didn’t realize when I picked up the stickers (because I was distracted by the cute icon and quote stickers) that the boxed stickers are larger then the regular size happy planner boxes. (They are about 5/16″ wider and 1-1/4 longer”).





My opinion on the line overall. I think there is a lot of overlap with these books. Like the dates and holidays have holiday related stickers in it, but not enough to really do a full holiday spread, but if you get the holiday book then you have duplicates of the same type of stickers. Same with the Everyday Memories and the Holiday book, you don’t really need both for the holidays but each have some unique cute stickers that make you want both. I guess that is how Mambi makes you buy them all, but I do wish they were themed a bit more. The Holidays, Dates & Holidays, and Everyday memories all seem to focus around the seasons and holidays, then you get a random floral book thrown in. Which like I said I love the florals they are they reason I bought the book,  but I think they could have thrown in a book completely for school/university related stickers or a sports book. I think because Mambi is bridging that gap of planning but on the memory keeping side, they didn’t want to take the books too far towards scrapbook and tried to keep them planning related too.

What are your thoughts on these sticker books? Have you picked up any yet? Which is your fav so far and what is your favourite sticker? Do you love the little reindeer as much as I do?

Hope you are having a great day!






6 thoughts on “MAMBI Happy Memory Keeping Sticker Book Collection Review

  1. Loved this post. Your dislikes about the seasonal one are the same dislikes I have. I even told someone “did they have a blind person put this together” It has always bugged me that MAMBI starts with Christmas in their seasonal books, it should start with NYE, Day, St Patricks day and so on to stay in order.

    I didn’t understand the random school page sheet in there either, very strange. All the stickers are great but they way they’re are in these books is strange.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wouldn’t even mind if they started it with school stickers–since School feels like the start of a year, but this book set up made no sense to me.
      I think they are trying to put something in each book for everyone or a enough of certain type of sticker that you want the book. I wish they would be a bit more streamlined


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