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One Brand Review- It Cosmetics


I don’t know the first time I heard of the brand It Cosmetics but the first product I heard about three years ago was their CC+ Your Skin But Better. After searching the brand and finding it on The Shopping Channel I was honestly a bit skeptical. I equated TSC to as seen on tv type products and late night shopping for no scratch pans. But going to the website I saw that TSC has really upped their game and have tons of makeup and fashion brands.

Anyhow back on track. I purchased the CC cream and fell in love with it. Only problem living in Canada it cost me almost $100 for it by the time it got here. Skip ahead a couple years (and a couple tubes later) and It Cosmetics are now available at Sephora!

Over my couple of orders from TSC I had looked at other products from IC but never committed to buying them. However being available at Sephora has given me the opportunity to try out some of those products.

*note all claims of products taken from

The Brand

Co- Founded by Jamie Kern Lima who teamed up with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to develop makeup that helps improve your skin.

“IT stands for Innovative Technology and they’re all about about helping you find the right solution to all your skin care problems. These products are packed with cutting-edge, high performance skin-loving ingredients that help you look and feel great.”(Beautylish)

So let’s start with the product that got me interested in the brand

IMG_8903(1)Your Skin But Better CC+ Colour Correcting Full Coverage Cream 

Wow that is a long name and that isn’t even all of it. + Anti-Aging Hydrating Serum + SPF 50 UVA/UVB.

The Claims 
  • This color-correcting cream provides full, flawless coverage and protects skin with SPF 50+ UVA/UVB broad-spectrum physical sunscreen.
  • Clinically shown to increase hydration, smooth texture, and enhance brightness
  • Never creases or cracks and instantly camouflages skin imperfections including dark spots
  • Infused with an advanced antiaging serum
  • Diminish the appearance of wrinkles and pores to create a more radiant, supple, and flawless-looking complexion.
My Thoughts 

IMG_8397This has been one of my go-to foundation like products since I first tried it out. Although it has the name of a CC cream it is like a mix between a CC cream and a foundation. It gives me nice medium coverage (not full like the claims), that evens out my skin tone and keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day.  It probably could be built up for a higher coverage but I do find it creases in my lines and can end up showing my pores a bit more if I put too much on to get more coverage. It has a nice hydrate semi-dewy look to it although I do add powder.

I love that it has SPF in it, but am confused on the instructions when it tells you to re-apply after 2 hours, since I use this as a foundation and set it with powder. Speaking of setting. I need to set this product. It does take an extremely long time to dry down- I’m talking like 10-15 minutes before it feels like I should put powder on it. If I don’t powder it does slide off my face.

I like the smell but have read that the citrus smelling ingredients are irritants and can’t irritate the skin. I don’t see any irritation on the surface of my skin but who knows what’s happening underneath.

Going back to the sunscreen, it does have physical spf in it, so you will have flashback with this product.

I love that it is in a tube with a pump, it makes it so easy to get the right amount of product.

Skin Care Benefits

It is formulated with Collagen, Peptides, Niacin, Antioxidants and Sun Screen. However like I said it does have potentially irritating ingredients such as Citrus and Eucalyptus oils.

Shade Range

They have seven shades from Fair to Deep. I wear the Medium shade but it is a little dark for me in the winter months. However since it can sheer out a bit when applied with my beauty blender, I find that you can get away with the shade being a bit off.

Price/ Value

$49.00 (Canadian) 1.08 oz/ 32 mL

Born This Way Foundation 1 oz/ 29.57 mL $49.00

Smash Box Camera Ready CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 1oz $50.00

I think the price of this is comparable to other CC creams and foundations. I do find that the drugstore Garnier BB Skin Renew Cream ($19.99 for 2 oz) is a pretty good substitution if you are looking for a drugstore product. I actually switch between these two quite often but the Garnier is for combo skin and doesn’t have a wide selection of shades.

IMG_8027Bye Bye Redness 

  • Color-infused skin care product that works as a skin-calming cream and completely cancels redness from view
  • Delivering long-wearing, color-correcting full coverage
  • Rich in antiaging ingredients—it camouflages any red-toned skin discolorations including rosacea, broken capillaries, blemishes, skin irritations, sun damage, scars, age spots, and more
  • Perfect for all skin types, this soothing, cutting-edge, super-blendable cream provides perfect coverage that never creases or cracks and makes your skin appear supple, even, and youthfully radiant all day long
  • One universal shade works for all skin tones.
My Thoughts 

I struggle with redness. My naked face is just naturally red, especially between my eyebrows and my chin. But I also have a bit of redness to my cheeks. If you look at my before photo it may not seem that bad, as I am sure others have it worse, but for me it is something that I have always tried to cover up or correct with makeup. This product was on the top of my list when IC came to Sephora.

It has really good reviews so I had high expectations. I don’t want to say I was let down but more I should have know better, because you can’t have a high coverage product that looks natural. Or at least I haven’t found one. For me I have to wear this product alone, because if I try to wear it and a foundation it is super super heavy looking.

Does this product cover my redness? Yes.

Does it look like I am wearing makeup? Yes

This formula is super thick, so it only takes a very small amount to cover my face. I like to use my clean fingers to pat it into my skin, and then use my dryish-damp beauty blender to blend it out. I like that it does neutralize my redness and the finish is semi-matte so I can wear it alone.

I do wish it was in better packaging. Being in a jar means every time you open it, air is getting in and breaking down the ingredients. Plus I find the jar really messy to have to dip your finger into. For the high price, I think they could do better with their packaging.

I find I can get the same coverage from the CC cream as I do this, but this isn’t as luminous of finish so I could use it for the days I want a semi-matte look. I am worried about it drying my skin in the winter.

Top is the CC Cream(Medium) and bottom is the Bye Bye Redness- for sheen and shade comparison.

Skin Care Benefits

It is formulated with collodial oatmeal, aloe, avocado oil, and green tea which are all soothing to the skin.

Colour Range

This comes in what they call a universal shade for all skin tones. I don’t know how that would work as this is definitely a medium tone product with peach undertones. I don’t see how if you had fair or deep tone skin that this would at all blend and from some of the reviews I have read on

Price/ Value

$42.00 (Canadian) 0.37 fl.oz 11 ml

IMG_8029Bye Bye Pores- Poreless Finish Airbrush Powder

  • Optical Blurring Technology™
  • anti-aging, skin-perfecting powder utilizes real silk to make your pores disappear
  • hydrolyzed collagen to smooth away the look of wrinkles
  • Loads of antioxidants and skin-loving ingredients give you a shine-free, airbrushed finish
  • The universal translucent shade goes on completely clear and works on all skin tones.
My Thoughts

I have always used drugstore powders. I mainly use the translucent powder from Maybelline and have even tried the NYC loose powder that was hyped up a while back. But I have never tried the higher end powders like the Laura Mercier one or the Kat Von D, until I purchased this one. (I also got a sample of the KVD with this order, but that is a review for another day)

However I am not a fan of this one. After my first application I thought it looked nice, but then close up I noticed that it left quite a white cast over my face. I used the puff it came with to apply it, and pressed in into my skin, and even used a powder brush to brush away any excess, but it still left a white cast on my skin. I also hate how small the container is and I am not talking from a price stand point. It is really hard to get the right amount of powder out. I tried putting it on the cover and getting it from there, but it just made a mess. It also made around my eyes look quite dry.

Price/ Value

$32.00 (Canadian) 0.23 oz 6.8 g

I do not find this product is a good value for me mostly because I don’t like it and my $10 Fit Me Powder works better on me.

However keep in mind that

Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder is $38.00 for 0.67 oz

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder  is $47 for 1 oz

Tightline Waterproof 3-in-1 Black Primer, Eyeliner, & Mascara

  • Peptide-infused lash prime, eyeliner, and mascara, all in one
  • game-changing formula that’s clinically shown to be waterproof even after 12 hours of wear
  • Unlike most other mascara brushes that leave the first 1/3 of your lash roots bare, the groundbreaking skinny wand starts coating your lashes at their actual roots
  •  Create a beautiful, lash-lengthening effect
  • Lays down black pigment between each and every lash for instant tightline eyeliner definition and the look of a fuller lash line.
  • Unique wand also allows the ultra-conditioning formula, infused with hydrolyzed collagen, proteins, biotin, jojoba, saw palmetto, chamomile, aloe, açai, amino acids, and antioxidants, to nourish your lashes from root to tip for revolutionary lash-changing results.
My Thoughts 
In this close up you can see how well it separates my bottom lashes & makes me look like I have lashes. 

I love trying mascaras and I knew since the first time I saw this tiny wand mascara that I had to try it. I have super thin lashes and I have the hardest time getting to the base of them. Also I have almost non-existent bottom lashes and have never found a mascara that I liked on my bottom lashes till now. I love using this as a primer for my top lashes to get really close to the base and then I use another mascara over top. But this is the only mascara I use on my bottom lashes now. It does exactly what it says for the application, I haven’t been using it long enough to see if it is conditioning my lashes. It says on my lashes all day, never smudges or flakes off, but it removes pretty hard as well. But I will say as hard as it is to come off (I use clinque take off the take cleansing balm that has taken off any mascara I have ever used waterproof or not) it doesn’t seem to take my lashes with it.



$32.00 0.118 oz/ 3.5 mL (most mascaras are 7-8ml)

This mascara is definitely expensive since it is about half the size of most mascaras, but because it does something unique for my lashes I find that makes it valuable. However this is my first tube and I have only been using for about a month, so I will see how long it takes to go through the product and if it dries out.

IMG_8905Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer

  • Multitasking concealer covers everything and makes your skin look younger.
  • Waterproof formula delivers highly pigmented coverage that lasts all day without creasing or cracking
  • Infused with antiaging hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, and high-performance pigments
  • Improves the appearance of wrinkles and effectively conceals the look of skin imperfections including dark circles, bags, redness, hyperpigmentation, broken capillaries, age spots, and discoloration.
My Thoughts 

I have been struggling with my under eyes lately. I have a vein under my eye that seems to be coming out more and more each day. I don’t struggle darkness as much as hyperpigmentation especially on the inside corners. I couldn’t believe the coverage on this stuff. It literally takes the smallest, tiniest amount to cover your whole under eye. Does it make my under eyes look prefect? No but it does do a better job than products I have tried so far, and the fact of how little it takes, means this stuff will last a long while. I have been playing with application and I like to warm it up between my fingers and pat it on under my eyes blending with my fingers and then blending outwards with my damp beauty blender. I could probably achieve more coverage just using my finger. I need to try a couple more setting powders because I do find I am not getting all day out of it, but I also have a bad habit of rubbing around my eyes. This formula is moisturizing but can cake up a bit if on too heavy. I switched from my Nars concealer because it was starting to dry my under eye, and this one seems to be doing better.

The photo on the left shows the concealer, as you can see from the peak of the product it is pretty thick in consistency. Also that amount was way too much for both eyes. As you can see under my eyes you can still see the lines but it does for the most part conceal my veins and pigmentation

Skincare Benefits

It is formulated with collagen, antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid (which is suppose to look in moisture and plump) I will see overtime if this is true as I plan to continue to use this product.

Shade Range

They only have six shades with the darkest being deep and warm deep. One the site they do not look very dark, but it is often hard to tell online. They also only have one light shade.

Price/ Value

$32.00 (Canadian) 0.28 oz (Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer $37 0.22 oz)

At first I though it seemed very expensive for the tiny tube I purchased but then I remembered I ordered the smaller version which was $13.00 for 0.11oz  (this only comes in the one medium shade). And looking at the pricing on other high end concealers it seems pretty similar. Plus since it comes in a squeezy tube I can always cut the end to get all the product out in comparison to those that comes in tubes.


I like that this brand takes a skincare standpoint with their makeup but often times because I switch up the makeup I use, I don’t always seen the skincare benefits that take consistent use to achieve.

Like any brand there are hits and misses. I don’t find they have a huge shade range in any of the products. The Bye Bye Under Eye is definitely missing shades that would make it accessible to all, and the Bye Bye Redness isn’t universal. Because of the prices of these products I will definitely be swatching in store before purchasing any more. The winners for me in what I have purchased is definitely the mascara and maybe the concealer I will continue to test it out (check out my monthly favs to see if it ends up there for September) Of course I would suggest the CC cream if you haven’t tried it but again the colour range isn’t huge for the coverage of this product. You would have to work to sheer it out to blend if it isn’t your shade, and then you are loosing coverage.

Have you tried any of the It Cosmetics Line? Were you happy to see it come to Sephora? let me know your fav products or ones you would like to try below in the comments.





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