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Shopping The Planner Boss Collective Sale- How To Not Get Overwhelmed & Overspend


Hi all.

So it was in the plans to do a post on the Mambi New Releases of the Happy Planner, but the PBC sale has been on my mind so I have decided to do both this week. This post will be going up first as the sales starts soon (Friday Sept. 22nd- Sunday 24th) but once I have the Happy Planner post done I will link it –> My Thoughts On The MAMBI 2018 Planner New Releases

Ok. So lets start with what the PBC Sale is, just in case you read the title and saw the word sale and got excited but haven’t heard of it before.


It was started by two shop owners ( Vanessa of That Moxie Chick Studio and Ashley of Sunshine Sticker Co). It is a sale that planner shops apply to be part of. Each sale has a new group of shops and the sale happens three times a year (January, May, & September). They start by announcing who is in the sale at the first of the month and then start adding each shop’s discount with corresponding photos to an IG account and Facebook Group. Also all the shops use the same discount code (not all the same discount amount) which makes it so much easier when shopping to not to have to remember codes.

Although this is my first time shopping this sale, I have in the past shopped other sales and black friday sales and I have learned a thing or two (or three, four, five, you get the idea) when shopping these sales to one be organized so I don’t have fifteen Christmas kits and two stay on budget.


Lets first talk about that pesky budget thing. Unless you are one of the people who have unlimited funds to spend on planner supplies, then you are probably someone who wants to get the best bang for your buck while picking up stickers and planner stuff that you love. So how do you do both.

For me I give myself a budget and a splurge (which is really built into my budget). I decide how much I afford to spend or want to spend. For me I don’t want to spend over $150. Ideally $125 and the other $25 is called my splurge money. So if I get to my $125 and have everything I want then I am good to go, but that $25 is to go towards that kit that I keep putting in and out of my shopping cart because I really don’t need it, but it’s just so pretty, and I don’t want to spend the money but I really like it. It’s there so I don’t have to beat myself up for going over my budget, when really it is built into my budget. Make sense? Or am I alone in that in and out cart scenario.


Once upon a time I shopped for stickers without a budget and without a plan. Want to know what that got me? A box full of sticker kits that keep getting pushed to the bottom of the box because I have found others I like better. It got me 8 Christmas kits last year.
I have now started sorting my sticker kits seasonally (because if you read my blog you know I love the seasonal living life). I don’t think I could every plan out on a calendar what kit I will use each week of the year, but I do like having them grouped in seasons and it tells me where I need to fill in.

So next I look at what kits I need. It looks like this


From there I can judge approximately how much a kit will cost and add it up. If I was way higher then what I thought in my head I wanted to pay, I would see if I could do without any or wait for another sale.

Top pages are the sheets I keep my sticker kit collection organize on and the bottom is my planning sheet for the sale.

OK now we got the budgeting out of the way, lets talk about the fun stuff. How I shop the sale.


Step 1

I start by looking at the IG page of Planner Boss Collection and seeing what shops are participating. They add more as the month goes on, so I usually wait till the last week before the sale before I really start looking.

This is what the page looks like. It is an amazing set up with shop items on both sides of the shop’s logo. It gives you a good representation of what kind of products the shop sells.
Step 2

I start visiting Etsy Shops and writing down ones I am interested in with their discount code plus what they charge for shipping (very important for budgeting) I keep in mind what I am looking for-the gaps in my sticker collection. I can easily narrow down shops by their themes (cutesy, classic, modern, etc) and also by their shipping and discount value. (As you can see above in the IG photo–it is easy to tell the theme of each shop)

Step 3

I put items in my basket that match what I am looking for and also ones that might not match up could be a splurge item or something that I realized would be good to have. Could be an icon (right now in my basket I have a period tracking icon. It wasn’t on my list but when I saw it, I thought it might be cool to have) I usually start doing this Monday-Tuesday ish

Step 4

Once I have some items in my basket I write down on paper what they are and what box they tick for me. Is it the Halloween Kit or a kit that could be used any time of the year.

This is my working copy for kits and stickers that are in my shopping cart. I will then cross off and add as the week goes.
Step 5

Thursday is when most shops will have up most of what will be going in the sale. So this is the night I get out my list of what I have in my basket already and see if there are any new kits that have come up that I might want to swap out or add. Some shops don’t have their stuff up until Friday (so it is a good idea to be a part of the Facebook Group to know these) I try to get everything I want into my cart so I just have to check out on Friday. But I try to keep that splurge money for Friday just in case something pops up.


  1. If you are trying to limit your spending, make a budget and make sure you follow it. It is so easy to go overboard on these sales.
  2. Check the discount value and see if it is a true value–what I mean by this is, of course a discount is valuable but if the discount is the same as that shop typically runs every couple weeks then if you don’t see anything you absolutely have to have at that moment, you could always spend your budget on a shop that is running a larger sale. I find this out but looking at the shop’s IG account and seeing how often they run sales. I have yet to come across a shop that isn’t offering a bigger discount then normal, but I also haven’t looked at every shop.
  3. Check shipping costs. Shipping depending on where you live can be expensive. I have seen shipping costs $18 or more dollars for Canada. I look at the shipping before I even look at the shop’s products. Plan it Beautiful which is on my list is $10.15 shipping to me that is getting quite high. So if I find a shop that has similar artwork or another kit I like just as much that will serve the same purpose, with less shipping I will buy it. However PIB has such nice stuff and its from Australia so I may give in for that shop.
  4. Join the Facebook group- it is private-so they will need to accept you into it, but it is a wealth of information. You can say what kind of sticker or product you are looking for and shops will comment if they have it, or other members who have seen it will help you out. It’s a good community.
  5. Visit the Planner Boss Collective Website  there is soo much good information on there, plus you can shop by category and country. This also helps with tip number 3 because shipping is definitely cheaper in your own country.
  6. Know your timezone for when the sale starts (It starts Friday 22nd @ 9am Eastern Time)
  7. I like to shop more then once (but not checkout). I like to add things to my basket as I go along in the week and then check back the day after I put it in. This keeps me from impulse shopping. I know you may think this would make you spend more, but if you can still to a process shopping for your needs, then it definitely helps me stay in budget.
  8. Some shops will have extras or specials on top of their discount code, so make sure you are checking the IG accounts of the shops you are interested in. Sometimes these are special freebies for the first so many orders.


Hope you found this post helpful for shopping the sale. I would love to hear what everyone else is thinking of picking up during the sale or if you have a method of how you like to shop, I would love to hear it in the comments.

I have also linked the shops that are in my shopping cart right now below, just in case you are interested in checking out the shops that are on my list. But definitely check out the IG account because there are sooooo many more great shops.

The Studyholic 

Cricket Paper Co

Eclectically Emily 

Plan It Beautiful 

Pretty On Paper Co 

Zoe K Creations 

Sew Much Crafting 

The Sticker Genie





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