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Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask Review


I stumbled upon these in Shoppers Drugmart this week when I was there to pick up a few other makeup goodies. Although I hardly ever buy drugstore skincare (I can never seem to find products that work for me) I always like to look and see what’s new. These were tucked in on the side of other products as there wasn’t enough space on the shelf for them. I picked up the blue one first but then thought if I was going to try one I might as well try them all (really their $3.99 price tag sold me)

So I wanted to review each of them, but didn’t want to overload my skin with them, so I decided I would try one each week and then add to my review after each.

I should also probably preface this post and let you know I hate sheet masks. I have tried a couple that came throughout my Ipsy subscription and find them incredibly difficult to work with. I have had a the pink Sephora on in my mask draw for I know well over a year because the thought of putting it on makes me always put it back. So why did I purchase these ones? Because I really want to like sheet masks. I hear people rave over them (not these ones, but sheet mask in general) so I assume I am doing something wrong. Plus this boost moisture and with the change in the season I need all the hydration I can get.

Ok enough blabbing onto the reviews:

Firstly these masks were $3.99 at Shoppers and I noticed they are the same price on Amazon. There are three different masks one for super hydration, one for soothing, and one for mattifying however they are all marketed as moisture bombs and all contain hyaluronic acid–which is a moisture binding ingredient (traps moisture in skin) that helps plump and hydrate skin and for that reason is used often in skin care products boasting moisturize.


So having sensitive skin and having a hate for sheet masks I thought it might be best to try the soothing one first that includes chamomile in the ingredients and claims to be for dry and sensitive skin.





  • deliver 24 hour long-lasting hydration
  • helps prevent moisture loss throughout the day (most likely through the hyaluronic acid)
  • after one use- skin looks fresher, feels softer, and soothed
  • after one week- skin seemed nourished, looks rested and revitalized, and seems radiant.


IMG_9247As directed I cleaned my face first and then gently pressed the mask on to my face with the blue side (we’ll get to that in a second) facing out. I then peeled off the blue piece and I adjusted and smoothed out the mask to fit the contours of my face then left on for 15 minutes. You think remove mask and gently massage the remaining product into the skin. No need to rinse.


IMG_9275So the blue part they are talking out is a ‘protective layer’ of such that shows you which way to put on the mask. The blue piece looks like it is perforated but doesn’t have holes all the way through, yet the product does seem to move through it. Also it reminds me of a Ninja Turtle. This is the first time I have used a sheet mask that had this and I found it easier to get it on my face. I could get it positioned on better and I found the mask opened up easier.

No lets talk fit- like every other sheet mask I tried I struggled to make this fit my face. I find the eyes never feel big enough and the mouth is tiny (I didn’t take a photo this time as it was late at night but next mask I will) I felt like the product was getting all over my lips. Finally I got all the parts smoothed and folded the right way and it did stay on my face well.

The Product

It is very gel like consistency that is slippery with a perfumy scent. I find sheet masks and this one to be the same, very thick with product. I feel like they could use like half the product and still get the same results. I found when I took the mask off and like they suggested massaged it in to my skin that it didn’t seem to go anywhere, my skin didn’t want to absorb it. I even left it on without the mask to see if I could get some more to absorb but it wouldn’t so I ended up using a tissue to take some of the residue. It did leave my face feeling sticky, but after putting my typical night cream on that absorbed well it seemed out. I didn’t have any reaction to the product. It didn’t turn my skin red or irritate my skin at all, which I appreciated

Next morning

so I did use this at night and I don’t think I could see myself using this during the day and then putting makeup over because the product does leave quite the sticky residue. I found that some of my moisturizer didn’t absorb in in areas where I didn’t get the mask off such as the corners of my nose and I did wake up feeling a bit oily, however after I washed my face my skin did appear to have a nice fresh look to it. I was say similar too when I use a overnight moisture mask like this Sephora one (which happens to be my holy grail)

overallThough I feel claustrophobic when wearing sheet mask I did like the results of this one. I am doubtful of how much product was getting absorbed into my skin and also think a lot of product gets wasted, but I did like the look of my skin this morning. I would assume in the claims on the back when it says after a week that it is using it daily for that week? But I don’t think I would use this daily. I think this is a great option if you enjoy sheet masks and want some added moisture to your skin. The price is great and if I should happen to fall in love with the sheet mask life after trying the next two I could see myself repurchasing this one as the price is good and it did leave my skin feeling nice. If you have sensitive skin this would be a good one to check out.

I think I will try the mattifying one next which confuses me how something can hydrate but yet make you matte. But we shall see.

Have you tried these masks before? What are your thoughts on them? Do you love sheet masks or are you like me and find them sooo uncomfortable? let me know below.

The Super Hydrating Mask Mattifying

IMG_9773So finally have tried out the second mask. I procrastinated it a bit, which to me speaks to the fact that the other didn’t do much for my face to make my excited to try the next. But also because I have been having crazy break outs since the last one. I am hopeful that it wasn’t this mask, but I suppose I will know soon enough. I won’t go as into detail with the application and the overall brand, since that is all above, but lets get into the claims of this one.


So the claims on this one 

  • Deeply hydrates- delivering 24 hour moisture, helping to prevent moisture loss throughout the day
  • After one use I should feel purified, fresh, balances, and look cleaner
  • After one week I should have mattified shine around the tzone, my quality of skin should improve, and pores should be less visible.

Again I will mention that I don’t know if the week results means using everyday for a week, but I know I didn’t see the weekly results from the last mask.


Same as the last time, although I did find this one a bit harder to get situated on my face. I ended up stretching out the eye holes and mouth to get it to fit better. This one also tended up crept up which wasn’t pleasant. (next time I will get a photo of how small the mouth & eye holes are for me.

The Product

Honestly I could have been putting the exact same mask on as last time, because it smelled the same and the serum felt the exact same. I did however have a bit of burning/heating sensation from this mask and I would say it was my skin reacting to the tea tree oil. But when I took it off, it didn’t seem to be irritated.

After taking this off I did try to rub the remaining into my skin, but there was far too much so I toweled some of it off. It was super sticky but finally dried down on my skin. I did it an hour before bed and when I went to go to bed my skin felt quite dry. I wanted to put on a moisturizer but also wanted to see how this would be in the morning, so I left it alone. As dry as my skin felt (that tight dry feeling) feeling it with my hand it felt super soft.

Next Morning 

My skin looked great this morning. I was a bit on the shiny side, but my face looked fresh and even my skin tone looked a bit more balanced. I expected to wake up super dry, but I didn’t. I don’t feel like it has mattifyed my skin any, but I think I would have to use this a couple times a week maybe to see the results.


So my overall thoughts on this one. I really am learning that I don’t like the actual mask part. I find it uncomfortable, it doesn’t fit properly, it has too much product on it. I don’t know if is just that I don’t like sheet masks, like I mentioned before I haven’t tried many of them. But as much as I don’t like the mask, I do feel like they make my skin look nice. We shall see if I break out from this one. If not expect the third an final review next week.

till then.








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