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Update On My Etsy Sticker Book Organizational System & How I Organize My Sticker Kits

sticker bookBack at the end of June I blogged my experience of creating a custom sticker book from the stickers left over from kits I had purchased. It’s been three months now using that book so I wanted to do an update on some changes I have made to it, my experiences with the book, how it’s working for me, and whether I would suggest you trying this method.

I also want to talk about how I am organizing the sticker kits I have yet to use and how that method is has helped me not overspend or be wasteful.

If you haven’t checked out my original posts you can see the sticker book here, plus lots of photos of how I set it up –>How I Took My Mess Of Left Over Stickers & Turn Them Into A Custom Sticker Book

If you read my sticker book post you know I had divided the book into sections, since then I have re-arranged a little bit, but for the most part that system is working for me.


First change I made was the binder. That zigzag one was way too much. I changed to this pretty pink one. I am going to decorate the front of it eventually. Just waiting to see if I am going to separate into two binders.





Another change I made was moving the circle icons to their corresponding section. So my garbage can icons got put in the Cleaning/Maintenance section and the present icons in the Birthday section, etc, etc. I originally was keeping the circle icons separate as I prefer to use the cut out icons but I found it was a pain to search through the circle ones separately if I couldn’t find the right cut out one, and it wasn’t make the book as simple as I wanted it.


However I use the circle icons more often in monthly spreads so I wanted them separated somehow so I kept them on the yellow paper as their backing. Now when I am in that section I can quickly flip to the yellow pages if I want a circle icon.

Lets Talk Colour Coding 

I love colour coding so I definitely wanted to add it into the book. It also saves me time when searching the book. I didn’t notice until I had it put together that the plastic page protectors stuck further out then the dividers, so it is harder to see the divider and the label on it. Colour coding has helped with this.

I have the book broken into two sections (soon to be three–I’ll get to that in a moment)

Section 1 are my stickers that I use as the structure for my planning—headers, half boxes, checklists, appointments, flags, trackers, sidebar, etc.

Section 2 are my fun stickers- so the icons that fill in my spread—birthday balloons, cleaning stickers, reading, happy mail, etc.


But in both of these sections I have broken them further down by colour

Section 1 is Pink & Blue– the pink are stickers I always use first when creating a spread my headers and checklists. The blue stickers are the other structural stickers that I add in next, such as the full boxes, half boxes, weekend stickers, appointments, flags, etc.

Section 2 is Green & Yellow– like I mentioned above the yellow are the circle icons and the green are the others.


So looking at my binder from the side I can see what section I want to be in by colour. Which makes it so much faster when I am looking for a sticker. If I am already using a sticker kit and have the main structure of my spread done, then I don’t need to look in the first section.

My Thoughts On My Set Up

Saving Time

I am in love with this book. Every time I go to get a sticker from it I am reminded of how easy it is and it makes me happy to see myself use up these stickers. This week I had a vet appointment and a friend’s Bday. The kit I used this week didn’t have a pet or bday icon. Before the sticker book I would have had to look through a bunch of stickers in my boxes of left over stickers to see if I could find a circle paw print icon that matched the spread. For the bday balloon I would have first looked for a cutout icon but if I couldn’t find on through those sheets I would have had to look through for a circle icon off an old kit.

Now I flip to that section in the book and I can see all my options of stickers to use. It has been especially nice when I am not using a sticker kit at all and wanting to create my own spread. I can easily flip through and find what I need.

It is so much easier seeing all of one type of sticker all together. When I want a page flag, I can flip to this page and know if I have one that will work for my spread.

I can’t image going back to looking through an unorganized pile of stickers.

Saving Money 

I believe this book is also saving me money. I didn’t realize until I had this book together how many cut out icon stickers I was unnecessarily buying. For example bill due and pay day stickers. I bought sheets of these on their own, but I have so many left over from kits from week’s that I didn’t have a payday or bill due. It has made me realize where I have overspent necessarily. I still will buy extra pages of fun icons once in a while, but I can first look through that section in my book and see if I have stickers that I should use up first.

Who this method may not be for 

  • First someone who doesn’t care about using up left over stickers from sticker kits. Some people are content to throw them away or destash them.
  • Someone who doesn’t want to spend the time getting organized (although I am sure if you are reading this post that probably isn’t you) But this method takes a lot of time to set up (depending on how many stickers you have left over) and it takes up keep. After using a kit I have to make sure to put the left overs in the book–I try to do this every couple weeks so they don’t pile up.

Next Step

I was running out the right colours of paper when making this book so some of the colour paper has stickers stuck to the front and back. When I try to put them back into their plastic sleeve the sticker sheets sometimes catch on one side or the other. I need to take the time to separate them and put each side on it’s own paper.

I am also considering switching to a two binder method, because this one is getting quite large. Thinking of putting section one in one binder and section two in the other—but every time I think of doing this I remind myself that the point of this book is to use up stickers not to continue to build on.  This book is allowing me to use up my stickers because sometimes before I wouldn’t bother searching the pile just for an icon.

I want to create a third section in this book, a deco section. Right now they are just hanging out at the back of the book. A lot of sticker kits are now coming with cute deco stickers and although I like them because I am a white space planner sometimes I find there sometimes are too many for my spread. Also these stickers often come on samplers sheets that are sent with your order. Right now I just have them all on sticker paper in no particular order and I never think to use them. So my next step is going to be to organize them seasonally. A lot of the deco sent on the samplers are seasonal items, so I am going to try to organize them into season.


Speaking of seasonal organization that is how I am now organizing my new sticker kits.

Organizing Planner Sticker Kits

I showed a bit of this on my post on the PBC sale I used the Mambi half sheets of paper to write down what sticker kits I currently have but season. I have five lists: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Miscellaneous (kits that don’t really lean towards a season) I have those papers in the front of my planner so I can look at see what kit I want to use. I am still keeping those kits in my pink boxes but writing them down on a seasonal list is making it easier for me to keep track of what kits I have and if I want to purchase another for that season.

Sneak peak of what I picked up at the PBC sale. I will be doing a post on this.

I cross out the kits I use and the kits in pencil are ones I have ordered but haven’t arrived. Once they arrive I will put them in pen.

The purpose of keeping these list are so I don’t overspend and buy more kits then I need for each season. I don’t plan what kit I am going to use for weeks in advance, I like picking a kit each week, but this method keeps me from overbuying and forgetting I already had a kit similar. I have kits I purchased when I started my planning journey that I have never used because I purchased others I liked more and they kept going to the bottom of the box.

I don’t want to be a wasteful person, I will feel better using what I have, then continually buying and buying the newest.

Another reason I like to keep my etsy kits and leftovers organize– I really like using my Me and My Big Ideas stickers as well. I now have nine of there sticker books and I like to mix it up in my planner and make spreads using those, and also include some etsy stickers.

IMG_8649For the Mambi stickers I have left them in there books for now but I am looking for ways to organize those as well, so I don’t have to drag all the books out when looking for a sticker. My friend Kristen has organized her Mambi stickers onto rings but is in the process of updating her system and is going to be doing a video on her channel about it when she finishes, she always has great ideas so I am hoping to get some inspiration from her for organizing mine. I will link her video when it is up, but for now definitely go and check out her channel —> Planning With Kristen (also she doesn’t just do planning videos, she also does lifestyle, makeup, beauty, productivity, and a ton more) Here is the link to her video on organizing the Mambi Stickers–> here

I would love to hear how you organize your stickers. Do you have a system or are thinking of creating a system? let me know in the comments below. If you are interested in creating a sticker book my suggestion would be to start as soon as you can, the higher that sticker pile gets the longer it takes to organize.

Want to see how I organize my washi tapes check out a post here.






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