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September Liking, Loving & Leaving


September was a rough month for me. I was put off work at the end of August due to a back injury which seems to be repairing itself through physio at a snails pace, and has definitely been effecting my mental health which in turn I think is really causing havoc with my skin. All that to say I have a whole lot more on the leaving list then I do on the liking and loving this month.

So lets start with the liking

Like I said it was a rough month and most products I tried I either completely hated or am now completely obsessed with. There wasn’t much that fell in the in between.


A couple products that did make the liking list are a couple It Cosmetics products I spoke about in my one brand review.

IMG_8027Bye Bye Redness– I have continued to use this product. I have been trying it a bunch of different ways, with primer, without, with different primers, with different setting powders. Lately I have been wearing it with no primer, tapping a thin layer on my skin focusing where the majority of my redness is, then I put on a light layer of Your Skin But Better CC Cream with a beauty blender and sometimes use a bit of the Bye Bye Pores if I feel like I need it to really last the day. I find the Bye Bye Pores powder looks nice at first but then looks heavy close up and shows my texture- so I try to skip when I can.

IMG_8905I have also continued using the Bye Bye Undereye. This stuff amazes me with how much it can cover with such a small amount, but I still haven’t perfected the application with this one, since I find it doesn’t do a great job at correcting my redness/blue under eye issues, I have been playing with a colour corrector underneath, but I am still liking this product.

If you want to see more detailed reviews of the It Cosmetics products definitely check out my other post One Brand Review- It Cosmetics


Although it was a struggle this month with many products I did find some loves.

First up the Tarte Blush from Sephora Insider Beauty Gift. It was my Birthday in September so I picked the Tarte set and while the lipstick hasn’t made my list this month I am obsessing over the blush shade- Paarty. It is such a pretty light pink shade. This shade looks pretty with so many different looks that I can’t stop grabbing for it.


I can’t remember if this next product was featured in my post on Hyped Up Beauty Products I have never tried, but I finally purchased a Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. I actually purchased a Holiday set of six of them and I LOVE them. I have used a few of the shades so far and I am loving them all. They are so hydrating, and make my lips look amazing. I love how easy they are to throw on and look put together without having to worry about lipstick. I haven’t tried out the darkest shade (purple toned) but I have been working my way through them. I will be reviewing this kit and I will make sure to link it when I do. So far my fav as been Poppy (fourth shade in from the left)

aquarAs the weather changes I know my lips are going to go super dry, that is another reason I piked up the Fresh lip treatments but I have also changed up my nightly lip balm. I am using the Aquaphor Healing Ointment every night on my lips and I love it. It has a vaseline like texture but it stays on my lips throughout the night and leaves them so moisturized in the morning. It is my goal to really take care of my lips this fall and especially winter so I can get more use out of my lipsticks.

IMG_8025Another product from my It Cosmetics Haul that has made the list is the Tightline mascara. This is a definite must product for me now. I love this mascara for my bottom lashes. I have very very sparse lower lashes and it does such a good job at defining them. Because of the small brush it gets right to the root of my lashes and separates every lash. I have been using it for over a month now and it has been super consistent. I sometimes will use it on my upper lashes if I am looking for a more natural look, but it is my everyday lower lash mascara.

IMG_9257Final product on the loving list and another product I will be doing a full review on this month is one that was suggested by a friend on IG (check her out @tammylee22) Essence Eyeliner Pen in Waterproof. This stuff honestly blew my mind. I am a dedicated Kat Von D liner user. Whether it was Tattoo liner or Ink liner, I was dedicated. But this Essence liner works soooo well and is under 4 bucks. I wore it the other day with no eyeshadow and had not a bit of transfer to my lid. Once I do my full review I will link it here.


boscia.jpgIn my Summer post I talked about how my skin had become more oily so I had switched to the Boscia Thermal Black Cleanser and while I like it, I still don’t find it has really helped my skin. It doesn’t lather up which I am used to with cream cleansers but it also seems to take a lot of product to really get my face cleansed. The cleanser heats up a bit and while it feels nice, I don’t think it is benefiting my skin.  With winter coming I think I should be able to go back to my milk cleanser and continue to my search for a cleanser for sensitive combo skin.

I am in that terrible cycle with my skin at the moment. It is a mess of different acne (some cystic, some texture bumps, so regular pimples), gross texture, dry spots, oily t zone and just dull this past month. And the worst it got the more I tried to find products to cover it up, which then just lead to the circle of break outs all over again.

So I spent September trying out different foundations and unfortunately every one of them in on the leaving list. I can’t say whether it is the foundations fault or my skin just hating me this month, or a combo of both, but these are the foundations leaving this month.

IMG_8722Fenty Beauty Foundation- If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a post of me raving on this foundation. My first impression of this foundation was amazing, but two hours in it started to look like hell on me. Then the next day when I tried to apply it, it was like a different foundation. I think it I was because the first time I applied it I was in my bathroom in soft white light and the second time I was in daylight and daylight definitely will show off imperfections.  I also tried to use the primer under it and it still didn’t help. This foundation dries down super quickly and you have to work in small sections of else it becomes very difficult to blend. Not only did this shade dry down a different shade it then oxidized a couple shades on me. So after four days of trying I gave up on this

IMG_8355Tarte Rainforest of the Sea– When I picked out this sample from Sephora I thought it would be perfect for me. It claims to be lightweight, full coverage, and hydrating. Although I didn’t hate how this looked on my skin it just did not blend into my skin well and sat on top, and didn’t give me full coverage. Also because I am so used to having dry skin that I always pick hydrating products, I think this was a bit too hydrating for my now oily skin. It made me very shiny but using blotting papers too the foundation off.

bornthiswayBorn This Way – I thought this foundation was going to be the answer of what I was looking for. I wanted a medium coverage product that would still look like my skin. I struggled with this foundation. I would like to try this foundation again once my skin improves, but it highlighted all my texture and just seemed to sit on top of my skin. My skin also seemed to get really oily with this foundation as well.

elixirCovergirl Healthy Elixir Foundation– This foundation I put on my face for a few minutes and took it right off. The scent of it was way too strong and I couldn’t imagine leaving it on my face all day.



antiageThe final foundation I tried this month was the Garnier BB Skin Renew Cream the anti aging version. I have been using the regular version of this product off and on for the past year and liked it, but it had started to make my skin dry so I figured why not try the anti aging one thinking maybe it wouldn’t show texture as badly. This stuff is so thick that I found it really hard to blend out on my skin. The regular version is so light weight that I was expecting a similar texture, and once I saw how thick it was I knew it wouldn’t be for me.


Like I said, I am in that terrible cycle of trying to cover up bad skin with multiple products that are just making it worse. I should have known better, knowing that I have sensitive skin. My goal for October and November is to try to get my skin back on track.

How was your September? Did you find products you loved? I would love to hear recommendations. Also if you struggle with combo sensitive skin I would love to know what you use for lightweight light coverage foundation.





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