How I Store My Washi Tape


Since last week I did a follow up post on my sticker organization system, I figured this week would be a good time to talk about washi tape storage.

When I first started planning I went a bit washi tape crazy and couldn’t go shopping without picking some up. I think I spoke about this in a budgeting post or planner supplies I didn’t need post, I will go back and find it and link it.. here

The more I get into planning the more particular I am when buying washi tape, and I don’t buy every roll that catches my eye. And although I don’t feel my washi collection is huge I continue to pair it down and declutter so I don’t have tapes in my collection I don’t use.

Ok onto the organization.

Firstly my home office where I do all my planning gets sun pretty much every hour of the day and I couldn’t believe how badly the sun fades everything and when I use to store my washi tapes on my bookcase I noticed how badly they were fading. I was looking for another method of storage when I came across these containers in Michaels.


They are saying online they are $10.49 but I feel like I paid way less that that for them. I started out with one or two of these containers, but I am now up to three. I would like to stay at the three containers because one, they fit perfect on my storage unit and two, I don’t use washi enough to have cases and cases of it.


The containers are actually meant to be for storing beads. They have removable plastic dividers which work awesome for dividing out my washi tape.


There are a ton of grooves for dividing out the tapes, but unfortunately not always were you want them, but I have been making it work.

Speaking of dividing. What is my system for each box?

Since I love colour coordinating planner spreads and seasonal living I knew I wanted to organize by colour. It becomes a bit more difficult when a washi tape has more than one colour or design but I usually just put them with the colours I know I will most likely use them with.

One box has Purple, Blue, & Greens


Another has Pinks, Reds, Metallics, Florals, and all my word washi


The third box is seasonal washi (except for the current season/holidays)


The current season/holiday I keep in this glass container


I like to keep the holiday/seasonal washi out because I tend to be using it more, and I also think it looks cute displayed. Once the season is over I will switch it out for the next season. I tend to hide them a bit on my shelf so it doesn’t suffer sun damage.

The Pros Of Theses Containers

  • I like the size of them, they are large enough to fit a good amount of washi.
  • For the most part the washi fits well inside them (some smaller rolls move around a bit, but generally they all fit well)
  • The dividers help to keep them in line and with the three sections there are multiple ways you can organize
  • Containers stack nicely on top of each other and are easily tucked away.
  • The containers have really secure closures on the front of them, so even if the container gets flipped upside down it won’t open. IMG_9748

The Cons Of These Containers

  • Like I mentioned although there are a lot of dividers for this container, sometimes they are not in spot you want them to be and washi ends up shifting.
  • The front of the container has a plastic piece that cuts in which doesn’t allow for some washi tapes to fit in that space. So I have to put my smaller washi rolls there.
  • The front on the container also doesn’t have any divisions, so that is why I typically keep my larger stashes in the front. IMG_9744

So that is how I store my washi tapes. My container method is working for me right now but every once in a while I get looking at some of the cool methods on pinterest and think about changing it up. I have even purchased the dowel to make this one before, but I don’t have the right space for it.

Click here to go the blog post from Scattered Thoughts Of A Crazy Mom

How do you store your washi tapes? Do you use a storage container method or something more creative like the photo above?





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