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My Thoughts On MAMBI’s New Planner Girl Planners


Hi all,

So I wasn’t originally going to do this post, because A– these planners are only available in the US (all on the Mambi Website, some in JoAnn and some in Hobby Lobby) and B– because I don’t have that much to say on them. (Editing Victoria is saying never mind this because apparently I had a lot to say after I got writing) But since I did a post of the other 12 month Mambi planners being release, I figured I would do a quick post on these ones.

So I am going to link another blogger’s post about these planners she goesinto much more detail on the planners and accessories and has a lot of photos. HappilyEverAfterEtc

So if you haven’t heard Mambi did a Facebook live on October 4th showcasing their new Planner Girl Planners. If you follow Mambi you would have seen a couple promo videos for this release. I saw a few comments on these videos with people getting frustrated that these videos were showing more of the ladies that work for Mambi then the planners themselves. If you haven’t seen the videos, think fashion shots and girls carrying planners. I tend to stay out of the comments of these videos because the people in them frustrate me. Obviously that person doesn’t understand marketing. Those videos were to get people curious and excited to see the planners, not to showcase the planners. The showcasing of the products are done through the flip through videos. But maybe they don’t follow Mambi releases, or they just like to be negative.

Anyhow I am getting completely off topic.

Ok. So onto the planners

There are four different ‘girls’ each of them with two classic sized planners and one mini planner plus a ton of accessories for each planner. The two classic sized planners are the exact same on the inside but have different covers and some cases different colour discs.

These are just four of the classic size, as you can see there is a girl associated with each. 

Release Date

October 16th


Everything will be release on the Me and My Big Ideas online shop, but some of the releases will also be available at JoAnn & Hobby Lobby. (check out the post I linked above to find details on these, they confuse me with all the different release places)

The Girls

Glam Girl


Day Dreamer

Goal Getter

What’s New 

Each of the girls are a different theme and unique elements that aren’t part of the typical happy planners.

Starting with the part most people are excited about, Metal Discs. Even better then that they have coloured metal discs.

Glam Girl- Silver & Pink

Trendsetter- Pink


Day Dreamer- Rose Gold(blush) and Mint


Goal Getter- Gold & Black


Here are the covers for the mini– there is only one mini for each girl


The Layouts

This is also where Mambi has changed it up.

Glam Girl has the typical vertical layout but with lines. And while I feel like they haven’t stepped out of the box with this planner I do think it suits its name very well. Best out of all four.

Trendsetter has changed it all up and is a monthly planner (if I lived in the US this would be one I would consider since it is so different then what Mambi has offered in the past) One page has three habit trackers down the side, checklists, places for notes, ect that definitely makes it more functional. It also has pages with 31 differnt checklists each with 6 lines that you could use one section for each day or combiner however you want to list. (I am a list maker at heat, so of course this one would speak to me) There are habit trackers, note sections, and checklists. I don’t understand why they kept the currently pages in this one the same as the typical planners. They have created all these new pages and yet leave that one that same. The bright colours are a cool vibe, but from the name trendsetter I thought this planner would have been more chic.

Day Dreamer is the for those who love pretty. The related accessories have pastels, florals, and bicycles. It is very pretty. It has changed up the monthly dashboard, which I appreciate. These planners have a horizontal layout. Honestly as pretty as this one is, and I do think it’s pretty, I think it is the most boring of them all. Where the others kind of step out of the typical Mambi box this one steps back in the box, in my opinion. They do have a place for a photo on one spread, and a place to write more currently stuff on another, and notes on another, but I think a lot more could have been done with this one.

Goal Getter– These planners like the trendsetting ones have a bunch of added pages. They have a place to set up your goals and a bunch of prompts to help you work towards your goals. They have a page for your top achievements. They mentioned in the video using this by taking a photo of something you achieved. I see this neutral planner for a person who doesn’t want to scrapbook things up, but I think because it’s the Happy Planner they still try to keep that scrapbook side going. They changed up the weekly view with hourly. I do like their hourly layout, with the top three at the top of the page. For an hourly planner I prefer my Day Designer, but I think could be a good planner for someone who schedules appointments and meetings and doesn’t need much space. The neutral dividers and font is what I was wishing the new neutral regular planner was going to look like.


They are putting out a ton of accessories for these new planners. They have colour coded the top of the packaging of the products to the planners to make it easier, although you could use in other planners.

The accessories could be a post in their own, so definitely check out the blog post I linked above to see photos of them and all the details I am just going to briefly talk about them.

They have Sticker books, sticky notes, dashboards, pocket folders, carrying cases, clip in pen cases, pen loops, note pages, washi, half sheets, elastic closures, magnetic bookmarks, plastic clips, envelopes, sticky tabs, and I am sure I have missed something.

But holy cow they are putting out a ton of accessories I now understand the lack of accessories and changes with their other planners. It is obvious that they have spend their time on these planners and developing the matching accessories. After seeing this launch I am surprised they are releasing as many ‘new’ regular planners as they are but it definitely makes sense of why some of those planners , ei The Neutral planner saw little changes (and by little I mean a cover change).

IMG_9904Mambi didn’t however create every type of accessories for each planner, which is understandable but I was so confused by the end of the video of what was coming out for what. I am sure a lot of people were happy to see that they are coming out with sticker books for each planner in both classic and mini. The sticker book I was most interested in was the one that goes with the Goal Getter as it has sidebar stickers that have habit trackers in them, and have a place to write your focus for the week.

My overall thoughts and opinions

Like I said I now understand why the other planners from Mambi seemed very similar to their other releases. It is obvious their efforts were being put into these planners. Since these are just trial planners to test the market with I can understand why they have done a limited amount of them and still had to do their regular planners–I just wish there would have been a bit more put into the regular ones.

However if we are just talking these planners alone. I think Mambi has stepped out of their box a bit to create some parts of these planners. I think there are creative pages like the one in the trendsetter planner and even some of the goal planning sheets in the goal getter planner are great. I think some of these pages could have been offered in the extension pack without creating planners around the extra pages, but these ‘special’ planners I am sure are going to do well for them.

I like they have changed up some of the layouts. The lined vertical is something that a lot of people have asked for as well as the hourly. I think they could have done a bit more with the day dreamer planner and pushed a bit further with its theme, whether it was a creative writing space, or a space to write your wishes or dream journal. I know they have the space spaces on the weekly, but the other planners have the extra pages, and I think this one could have gone there. Something to push it a bit more out of the box.

I love the trendsetter planner. Of all of them I think it is the most unique. I like that it is monthly, and if it was available in Canada, I would purchase it and add an extension pack for the weekly.

Also this is the smallest, pickiest thing but I am going to say it anyhow–why would you make different colour discs on three of the four different girl classic planners, but on the Trendsetter just do pink. Like I said small detail but details like this drive me nuts.

I don’t know how I feel about the names of these planners. The Glam one definitely suits it’s name, but I feel like the trendsetter is a bit off. When I heard trendsetter I definitely thought of something more trendy, but I see they have included a lot of unicorn images with the accessories, so maybe I am getting too old and don’t know what’s trendy.

Overall these releases make me excited and hopeful that Mambi will continue to step out of the box, keep taking into consideration some of the suggestions their customers are making, and start to recognize that there are many different types of planner girls, and that we all don’t plan the same way.

All these releases make me think, imagine what Mambi could create if they only released planners once a year and skipped over those 18 month planners. (sorry had to get that in there)

What do you think of the new Planner Girl Planners? Are you planning on picking one up when they release or are you sticking with the regular planners?



5 thoughts on “My Thoughts On MAMBI’s New Planner Girl Planners

  1. I agree with everything you said!
    I really like the layout of the trendsetter planner. I wish they would incorporate some of those functional pages into their weekly planners. I saw the two note pages and screamed “WHY CANT WE GET THESE IN THE WEEKLIES!” I don’t get the name either, it doesnt stream trendsetter, just screams bold bright colors.

    I think the goal getter planner makes no sense, in terms of how its set up. I think if it were just a monthly planner with the same goal dashboards that would make more sense. Then create a standard hourly planner. You know me I always think MAMBI makes no sense sometimes LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree if any planner should have been monthly it should have been the goals one. I think they have thrown in some random different pages to test the waters, when really they had the opportunity to do a whole lot more with these planners. But hopefully people will buy them and then they might start to change up their regular planners to be more functional.


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