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Fresh Sugar Lip Beauty Box Review


Hello Lovelies.

Not only is this a review but it will also be a sort of first impression because this was my first time trying out the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments. If you are here from my September Liking, Loving, & Leaving post you already know how I feel about this lip balms, but I will be going into a deeper review of them here and if you haven’t read my September post yet you can find it here.

I wanted to try these lip treatments for a while now. I hear a ton of people rave about how fantastic they are, and you would think for a person who suffers from constant dry lips I would have tried them sooner, but I am finally trying them out.

The kit includes six of the lip treatments in this adorable tin, plus two coloured pencils (that yes I called lip liners on my Instagram stories but luckily found out the difference before I tried to put them on my lips) and yes now I realize how stupid I was since the tin they are packaged in has cute little hearts that look like they have been coloured in, it makes sense that they would be coloured pencils.


Lets start with that tin, since I am a packaging junkie. Not only is the tin decorated super cute, but it is also really nice. I love the flip lid with the two magnetic closures, I also love how it stays standing up when it is open. Not that I am complaining because I definitely think this tin is cute with the hearts and easier to display or use throughout the year with that decor, but as a holiday release it would have been cute for it to have holiday packaging, but again it is nice that it is just cute for year round use. Also I appreciate that the branding is on the bottom.


Now onto the more important part, the products

The Claims:

They claim to help dryness, dullness & uneven texture, plus loss of firmness and elasticity. While I don’t feel like I have used them enough to common on the later, I do feel like they are super hydrating & have helped with texture on my lips.

Now in all fairness this is only the beginning on fall so talk to me when I am in the dead of Canadian winter, and I may have changed my mind, but I am loving them right now.

The Shades:

This set comes with Rose, Honey, Clear, Poppy, Tulip & Berry and while the shades are not a vibrant as shown on the Sephora site I do think you get a good selection of shades. However some of them such as Poppy & Berry swatch pretty similar for me. But since these are on the sheer side, it will all depend on your pigmentation in your lips on how they will look. Right now my go to shade is Poppy. There are 12 shades and 1 clear in this line, but I feel this kit does include a good range of those shades.


Left to Right: Tulip, Rose, Clear, Poppy, Honey, Berry

The Size/ Value:

Each of these are 0.07 oz/ 2.2 g while a full size is 0.15 oz/ 4.3 g and cost $29.00CAD. The box set of 6 cost $54.00 claiming to be an $87.00 value. But is it? It actually is. Because if you break down the cost per gram of both the full size and this kit size, the kit size is $4.09/g while the full size is $6.49/g.

So since I like all the shades this kit is a value for me. Even if you just like three of them you still have a better value then just buying the on individual.

Shade: Honey

The Formula:

These treatments are all beeswax based formulated with many different seed oils that provide hydration. The large quanities of oils are what causes the product to have the slip that it does and makes it glide on smooth and sheer. Even as sheer as these are I do find they do have more pigment then most tinted balms I have used in the past. Since this formula is made up of a lot of oils they are super soft and I have read numerous reviews that they melt quite easily. I have noticed even in a warm room they can go a bit softer and you can’t press down to hard during application or I see these breaking. Speaking of heat, they do have SPF 15 in them so they do offer a bit of protection from the sun.

Shades Top to Bottom: Berry, Tulip, Poppy, Clear, Honey, Rose.

The Application:

I have talked about this throughout but they glide on nicely to the lips. I do like the look they give. They make me feel like I am put together and are quick to throw on when I am running out of the house and don’t want to fuss with lipstick. I do see these as my go to in the winter as long as they keep up with the hydration.


(Top: L To R: Clear, Rose, Honey. Bottom: Tulip, Poppy, Berry)

(The sun annoyingly changed for the last two photos)

The Packaging

We talked about the overall container that they came in, but the product package themselves I have likes and dislikes on.

IMG_9760Firstly I think they look super cute. I like the smooth metal texture of the packaging and how it matches the colour of the shade inside. It took me a bit to get used to the twist out packaging. I thought the cover would just pull off like may lip balms but it has a twist to it. I do feel like the twist does give it that extra security for when being thrown in your bag. I talked above about the softness of the formula and I do find when screwing it up and down you have to be a bit gentle with it because of how soft it is.


IMG_9727The part of the packaging I don’t like is how easily the coloured metal gets scratched. I have not carried any of these with me outside the house and somehow a couple of them already have scratches in them. I don’t know if it is from my nails, or what but they seem to easily get scratched.






I don’t have much I don’t like about these. They are a bit of high maintenance for when it is hot outside, I can’t just throw them in my bag. But at the moment with winter coming on that isn’t a super bother to me.

Even though these are called a treatment, I consider them more like a basic lip balm. Not that they aren’t good, they are, and they are hydrating. But I have put the clear on as an overnight ‘treatment’ and it doesn’t last or make my lips feel super soft in the morning. However they do sell a Advanced Therapy Treatment Balm that sounds more like an overnight balm. I am currently using Aquaphor at night and I find that stays on all night and I feel more hydrated in the morning.

Like I said I am loving these to quickly throw on my lips the mornings I don’t want to deal with lipstick. I love the colour they give and the hydration of them. Will they be hydrating enough in the winter? I will definitely let you all know.

Other Sets Available 

Some of these from Sephora are labelled new, but all (except the sugar sweet mini) are considered ‘Limited Edition’ although those words could make me go on a rant, but I will save that for another day. (clue: Brands that claim Limited Edition and leave the products out all year round for years and years) All of these include the 2.2g size of the lip treatments (even the Sugar Sweeties on that makes it look like you get a larger size of that Rose shade)

As far as value for the sets with just the lip treatments the Pretty In Pink three for $30 means each are $10 (easy math) same with the seven for $70 in the Sugat Lip Seduction kit. While the kit I purchased each work out to $9 (ignoring the pencil crayons) I think the kits that have the array of products like the Prep N Paint and the Entourage kit are awesome for trying out this brand. They both come with the most popular shade Rose but also have the lip scrub, lip serum, and other goodies. I am thinking the Prep N Paint kit might make it into my cart soon, since it includes the advanced therapy lip balm and I really want to try the serum.


Have you tried these lip treatments? What is your favourite shade?





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