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The Trendy Word Hustle & How It’s Not Helping You Be Productive.



Its been awhile since I have written a post on productivity. My last few posts have been geared towards the planning side and reviews of new products coming out. So I am switching it up today and I want to talk about the importance of taking care of yourself and creative burn out.

I think I may have talked about the idolization of ‘busy’ in a past post, but lately I have been noticing how that word has now been replaced by the work ‘hustle’. Busy is now consider for those who are just doing a bunch of tasks and have too much to do, but Hustle, hustle has been giving the glitter stamp of approval that means not only are you working on a million things but you are moving towards something and that something is big and full of sparkle. Whether it is talking about a ‘side hustle’ or just the word appearing in glitter on the side of mugs, prints & stickers in the stationery and lifestyle world, somehow it is no longer popular to be just busy, we need to hustle.

Wall Print

Which if you look at the definition of hustle


Do we really want to be hurriedly or unceremoniously forced in a specific direction?

When did this word become so trendy?  What happened to words like ‘work hard’ ‘do your best’ ‘good things come to those who put in the work’? Guess they aren’t trendy enough.

I think this word is being thrown on us and can make us feel that if we aren’t pushing towards our goals every second of the day, then what are we doing?

In a world full of social media where it has become dangerously easy to watch, compare and perceive how much further ahead others are getting , sometimes you are left with the feeling that you we will never get that far unless we ‘hustle harder’.

How can it not be trendy when they throw the word on glitter mugs.

But what happens when that hustle ends up burning you out?

Do you really want to burn out your creativity because the world has decided that the word ‘hustle’ is now trendy and that if you aren’t hustling through life then you aren’t getting anywhere? Knowing your own pace and being realistic with yourself is really important when avoiding burning out.

Being your most productive, creative self is finding the balance of working hard for your goals but staying in touch with yourself to know when you need to give yourself some grace and take care of yourself.

That is why I schedule self-care into my daily and weekly life. Right now, I won’t lie I am lucky enough to have space in my life to have a self-care routine, but even allowing yourself a few minutes daily can make a big difference in your overall health and well being.

Self-care is going to look different for everyone. For me it’s painting my nails and putting on a face mask every Wednesday night and giving myself the Ok that if I want to watch a movie and do nothing at all that evening, then that is ok. My daily self care is putting down my phone in the evening and reading before bed. I feel like my best self when I spend time reading each day. I love to read and I don’t get to do it as often as I want, so those 15 minutes reading make me feel great. Maybe for you it is a workout routine, or a bubble bath. Whatever it is, pick one thing that makes you feel reinvigorated and work it into your weekly or if you can, daily routine. I look forward to Wednesday nights as my time, and it makes working hard all day and week worth it to me.

I don’t want to hustle through my life. I want to put in the hard work to get the things I want in life, but I don’t want to be so burned out when I get there that I can’t enjoy them.

What does your self-care routine look like? Do you make time in your week to take care of yourself?







5 thoughts on “The Trendy Word Hustle & How It’s Not Helping You Be Productive.

    1. Agreed!!! I don’t know when we as a society decided that working all the time and being ‘busy’ and ‘hustling’ was more important than taking care of ourselves and having balance. Idolizing a busy lifestyle rather then a balanced one.


    1. I so agree! It is easy when you have a busy day to have that ‘important’ feeling. I think it is about changing that feeling of ‘oh I am cool & important because I am super busy’ to ‘How awesome am I for being able to handle all that I have to do, while also finding the correct balance’

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